Friday, September 16, 2022

Of course they fucking lied

 The left cannot tell the truth.  If they told the truth, nobody would do what the Left tells them to do.

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has acknowledged publicly for the first time that the agency gave false information about its COVID-19 vaccine safety monitoring.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the agency’s director, said in a letter made public on Sept. 12 that the CDC did not analyze certain types of adverse event reports at all in 2021, despite the agency previously saying it started in February 2021.

“CDC performed PRR analysis between March 25, 2022, through July 31, 2022,” Walensky said. “CDC also recently addressed a previous statement made to the Epoch Times to clarify PRR were not run between February 26, 2021, to September 30, 2021.”

Walensky’s agency had promised in several documents, starting in early 2021, to perform a type of analysis called Proportional Reporting Ratio (PRR) on reports submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, which it helps manage.

In order to push the jab like good little Pharma Pimps, they couldn't have any kind of adverse information that might make people hesitant to inject themselves with an experimental cocktail with no real testing done on it.  What's the best way to make sure there's no negative information?

Don't even  bother looking for negative information.  You won't have any information to be used against you if you just don't even bother looking for it!  That's what the CDC did, while at the same time promising that they were sure looking to make sure everything was good and safe, yeppers, golly gee gosh!

Fucking firing squads should be assembling right now.  But we all know the Swamp will protect its own, and that murderious fucking shitbags like Walensky and Fauci are going to retire with fat pensions and laugh all the way to the bank.  Until they die, and their final judgement will find them burning in the flames of hell for all eternity for what they've done.

Out early again today

 And gonna be getting back late.  It'll be like this for the next few days.  Training, donchaknow.

Still gonna be fun, bu yeah.  Long days.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

This would suck. Bigly.

I would say that it might also wake a few people up, but I think the people who are going to wake up have already done so, and the rest of the bleating sheeple are going to stay asleep no matter what happens.

If all continues as they planned, railroad workers will go on strike THIS FRIDAY. Yes, you read that correctly. A major strike has been brewing under the radar among railroad workers around the country.
A rail strike would pretty much shut down everything.  EVERY.  THING.  To include all that coal that the power plants need to charge up those fancy electric cars.  And everything else in your house.  There's no way to replace that freight.  You couldn't put enough trucks on the road to cover it.  There's not enough airplanes in the sky to cover it.  If the rails shut down, this country is screwed.

And the illegitimate Biden junta continues to fuck up this country.  On purpose, remember.  Everything that Biden's puppet masters have done to this country has been on purpose.  They hate America.  They hate the concept of America, its founding documents, the rule of law, and most of all they hate you for being American.

UPDATE:  Looks like they pulled off a deal.  Good.  Even Biden's puppet masters understood just how badly they would get fucked if they allowed the railways to shut down.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

The DNC's thugs will come for you

 Innocent?  Didn't do anything wrong?>  Didn't even go to the city that they're accusing you of being in?  That doesn't matter.

According to recent reports, the FBI has been conducting raids on Trump allies, executing search warrants on their homes, and issuing subpoenas to individuals as part of a pressure campaign.

But, now it looks like they’re not limiting themselves to Trump allies, but they’re even targeting Trump supporters who did nothing wrong.

Lisa Gallagher, a Trump voter in New Jersey, has come forward with the claim that the FBI visited her home the morning after Joe Biden’s fascistic speech at Independence Hall in which he declared Trump supporters to be enemies of our democracy.

Gallagher didn’t work in the Trump White House, nor was she present at the Capitol riot, yet she somehow ended up in the Biden administration’s crosshairs. 

Biden's puppet masters are pushing for a civil war as hard and as fast as they can.  Shit like this feels like Germany in the 1930's.  How much longer until people just start disappearing?  You know that's the Left's ultimate goal.  Hell, the people who wrote Biden's rant are probably trying to figure out how many people you can stuff in a cattle car and where they can buy some Zyklon-B, or its equivalent.  

She continued, “In my bedroom, I thought, ‘Am I not coming home?’ So I went outside. I said, ‘Gentlemen, you’re scaring me.’ They proceeded to tell me they were given an anonymous tip that I was at the Capitol on January 6th.”

Tucker pointed out that the FBI had to already know she wasn’t there because they had used facial recognition software to identify those involved and have had nearly two years to determine who was and wasn’t there. Yet they sent armed agents to her home over an anonymous tip? Does that seem right?

Incompetence?  Thuggery and intimidation?  Probably both.  Expect it to get ramped up even more, especially in the run-up to 2024.  

But of course....

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Like pretty much every government agency, the FDA is a bag of shit, dripping rancid filth on everything it touches

 When you take a look at what the FDA has approved for you to consume, versus what it won't allow?  At this point the FDA seems more like it's trying to kill you than help you.

So why is the FDA taking such an over-precautionary approach to vaping, peddling dangerous misinformation at every opportunity? This has resulted in the United States essentially forgoing the huge public health benefits enjoyed by the British population thanks to its establishment’s embrace of harm reduction when it comes to nicotine use.

In light of what’s happening across the Atlantic, why should the American public be deprived of revolutionary reduced-risk nicotine products by the bureaucratic narrow-mindedness of the FDA, its embarrassing bungling of regulating the sector, and its craven capitulation to highly funded prohibitionist groups?

The American public is badly served by the FDA’s incompetence, while the U.K. is actively acknowledging and embracing tobacco harm reduction. Adults who smoke in America deserve better than a regulatory agency that has lost sight of its prime purpose — saving lives, not petty politics.

The sheer amount of crap the FDA allows into our food was the first warning sign for me.  "Oh, this is government approved, it'll be fine!"  Nah.  

And then there's the FDA approval of "vaccines" that aren't in production, are not going to be put into production, all so that the US Government can push the jab by claiming the FDA approved them when they did no such thing.  All politics.  Not a single bit of that was done to benefit you or keep you from getting sick.

At this point, every three-letter agency needs to be torn down.  Farm their functions out to the states.  But there's absolutely no reason to have corrupt, politicized agencies with that much control over our lives.  Burn them all to the ground and salt the ashes.

Monday, September 12, 2022

As usual, the "conspiracy theorists" were right, and the "fact-checkers" were wrong

 I love it when I'm right, but I also hate it when I'm right like this.

Efforts to quash alternative research prevented members of the public from considering this information, which would have allowed them to make better-informed decisions about the Covid jab for themselves and their children. As Hoeg wrote on Twitter, “If we hadn’t been vilified [sic] as ‘anti-vaxxers’ spreading ‘mis’ & ‘disinformation’, how would the conversation around minimizing the chance of this adverse event have changed & how many cases of myo/pericarditis in young males would have been prevented over the last year?”

The bottom line is that the people who were warning that the jab caused myocarditis were right, and the corrupt shitbags in the government and media all screamed and called them liars.  But the screaming fascists are now being forced to admit that the people they were labeling as conspiracy theorists had it right all along.

Don't you think parents would have wanted to know that this fucking jab could give their kid heart issues?  Granted, I would have never jabbed my kid.  Hell, I wouldn't give my kid a flu shot, since that's basically worthless to anyone under the age of 70 and I've never had the flu as bad as when the Army started forcing me to get the damn shot in the first place.

In any case, all the people like me are proven right once again, and the lying shitweasels at the CDC and all the other government assholes, along with their mouthpieces in the media are once again proven to by the untrustworthy bags of vermin excrement they have always been.

Sunday, September 11, 2022

September 11th

 Does anyone really remember what happened?

Maybe not.  It's been over twenty years now.  I'm dealing with kids now who weren't alive when it happened.  I'm talking kids in the Army.  They have no memory of the event because it happened before they were born.

I wonder if a lot of people felt this way about Pearl Harbor.  Did my grandparents ever look at me and say to themselves that I would never understand?

As for me, well...  had September 11th never happened, I never would have re-enlisted.  I would have gone on my happy merry way as a civilian and done I don't know what.   But here I am, looking at my retirement coming closer and closer.  And then I'll go back to being a civilian and doing I don't know what, so we're kinda on the same end point there.

But I can never forget the way I felt when I saw the towers come down.  How do I impart that kind of thing to the kids today?  I don't know.

I need more coffee.

Crap, I'm getting old

 I'm teaching the Basic Rider Course this weekend.  I spent all day yesterday walking on the range.  I'm wearing good  boots, and I'm doing what I've done for years.  Still, last night my lower back and legs were screaming at me.  I figured I'd rub them down with our version of IcyHot and go to bed.  Woke up this morning, and I could barely bend over to pet the dog.

Maybe I'll do a bit more sitting today, rather that nine hours straight of standing and walking on pavement.

I hate this getting old shit.