Friday, September 09, 2005


Finally, someone is saying it.

Me, I just want SOMEBODY to point out FEMA’s actual failures instead of using a disputed resume blemishes and a lot of showy handwringing to suggest [FEMA Director Michael] Brown’s failures.
Well, yeah.

Protein Wisdom: My third brief conversation with the Ghost of Louisiana "Kingfish" Huey Long

By the way, do you know who directed FEMA's response to the four hurricanes that hit Florida last year? Michael Brown did.

Know what the Left says about that?

In 2004, swing-state Florida voters slammed by hurricanes received lots of help and close personal attention from President Bush. But there's no election this year.
That's post-Katrina, whose link to the full article requires you to subscribe.

I'd love to pay them fair value for the 3 year subscription, but I don't have a dime handy.

And it's not just that they are saying this now, they were saying back then:

Now that Hurricane Charley has swept through Florida, it's a safe bet President Bush will sweep in. Natural calamities present political opportunity, and many crucial electoral votes are in the path of Charley's howling winds.
Charming folks, ain't they?

[ON SECOND THOUGHT:] Maybe it's not a fair comparison, this Louisiana and Florida thing; Florida actually has a Governor who is willing and able to do his job.

These people need a clue

I am about to voice my displeasure to the National Park Service and the Secretary of the Interior once I find the appropriate email addresses, but at least I've sent an insensitive email to the designer of the entry that won this competition for the design of the Flight 93 National Memorial. (See The Valiant Elephant's post below.) The "Crescent" is a grove of red maple trees, and the "star" is a cluster of red and sugar maple trees. Looks pretty conspicuous, even blatant, no? I was pissed when I saw the picture. Here's what I sent:
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 16:35:06 (PDT)
From: "DW"
Subject: Crescent of Embrace
I am deeply saddened by your design for the Flight 93 memorial in Shanksville, PA. You could not possibly be unaware that the crescent moon with a star is the internationally-recognized symbol of the faith of Islam. Is it your intention to honor the terrorist hijackers? Your design appears to be the equivalent of putting a swastika over a holocaust memorial site. I am thoroughly disgusted, and would expect others to be equally disgusted when they discover your plan. If your "Crescent of Embrace" memorial goes forward, it will further victimize Americans. I can only imagine your motivation - perhaps it is to turn Americans into hate-filled terrorists, as you must expect the trees in this memorial to be torched.
UPDATE: Contact information for the National Park Service is here. When I tried to submit an email message from this page, it said "URL Not Found," so I sent a fax instead.

You can call the Superintendent of the Flight 93 National Memorial at (814) 443-4557 or send a fax to (814) 443-2180.

UPDATE 2: (Via Bluemerle) In case you had lingering doubts, this should lay those to rest. Shoot an arrow on the bow of the crescent and it flies along the path of the qibla, which is the imaginary line to Mecca that Muslims align themselves with when they pray. That's right - the "Crescent of Embrace" would point to Mecca.

Who's Idea Was This?!

"Let's Roll!"

When you read those words did you get an image of ordinary folks on board a hijacked airplane moving to overpower the muslim thugs that slaughtered their way into control of the ship and were intent on slamming it into an important American structure? Me too. So who in the fuck decided that a memorial to the heros of flight 93 in a field in Pennsylvania would be best embodied by a giant red crescent?! And WHY!?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Dear God

I can't believe this.

HH: You just broke a pretty big story. I was watching up on the corner television in my studio, and it's headlined that the Red Cross was blocked from delivering supplies to the Superdome, Major Garrett. Tell us what you found out.
MG: Well, the Red Cross, Hugh, had pre-positioned a literal vanguard of trucks with water, food, blankets and hygiene items. They're not really big into medical response items, but those are the three biggies that we saw people at the New Orleans Superdom, and the convention center, needing most accutely. And all of us in America, I think, reasonably asked ourselves, geez. You know, I watch hurricanes all the time. And I see correspondents standing among rubble and refugees and evacuaees. But I always either see that Red Cross or Salvation Army truck nearby. Why don't I see that?

HH: And the answer is?

MG: The answer is the Louisiana Department of Homeland Security, that is the state agency responsible for that state's homeland security, told the Red Cross explicitly, you cannot come.

So part of the reason that the refugees in New Orleans didn't have food or water was because THE FUCKING STATE OF LOUISIANA TOLD THE RED CROSS TO PISS UP A ROPE!

I think I'm going to vomit.

Watched the Red Sox and Angels last night

And during the game the newscasters spoke of certain players who are helping out hurricane victims.

Curt Schilling put up a family of NINE in a hotel. FOR A YEAR.

There was an Angel player who's allowing another family to live in his Atlanta house.

Where the hell are the "compassionate" Lefties who also happen to be outright rich? Micheal Moore? Hello? How many millions did you make on your latest crockumentary? Ol' Babs could put up three fucking families in her house on the beach. Hell, most of the fuckwitted actors and celebrities who howl about how mean Bush is and how nice they are could afford to buy or rent houses all over the South and Southeast for hurricane victims to live in. For that matter, they could rent out entire hotels for a year with all the money they have. That would help these people a hell of a lot more than the carping and bitching we've seen from the Left. Why not put action behind their words? But what do we get instead?

Sean fucking Penn trying to get more photo ops on a sinking boat.

Yeah, that's just what the people of New Oleans need.

Put up or shut up, Lefties. And those on the Left who happen to sleep on beds made of hundred dollar bills? Put your money where your mouth is.

UPDATE: Helo at Drumwaster's Rants has an actual link to the Schilling story, along with a few more details.

The Schillings have pledged to provide housing for the family for a year, and are trying to arrange for the children to attend school. The Fieldses plan to attend their first-ever Major League baseball game, tonight at Fenway Park.

The Schillings have visited the family frequently since they arrived, bringing clothing, medicine and toys, and have called several times to check in, Fields said.

‘’They are beautiful people, God-loving people,” Fields said. ‘’I am very grateful for what he’s done for me.”

Though the Schillings are outspoken advocates for many causes, notably ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, the Schillings made arrangements for the Fields family quietly, and discussed it only after they were contacted by The Boston Globe.

The Schillings are known for charitable work. In 2001, Curt Schilling won the Roberto Clemente Award, given annually to the Major League player who combines outstanding skills on the field with work in the community.

The pitcher said the wives of other Major League ballplayers are also trying to arrange to help families in need.
(Emphasis mine)

That's the difference between those who have class and those who don't. Sean Penn just wants photo-ops. Schilling didn't discuss what he was doing until the Globe called him. Penn is nothing but a publicity seeking asshat. Schilling is a decent human being.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Six foot waves on the street?

The Corner on National Review Online

Where are the helicopters?

Well, Darth Hick, they're right here. Click the numbers at the bottom to see all 29 pictures. Not all of them show "the choppers" effecting rescues. Quite a few do.

"Embarrassing"? - More like "DAMNING"

The fourth report released by the Independent Inquiry Commission, headed by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker.

"The findings of today's report must be deeply embarrassing to all of us," Annan told the Security Council Wednesday. "None of us — member states, secretariat … can be proud of what it has found. Who among us can now claim that U.N. management is not a problem or is not in need of reform?"

And the gloves come off

Something that the Left hasn't quite figured out yet is that their domination over what makes the news is crumbling. More and more news that the Left doesn't want you to hear or see is making it out into the world, due mainly to new technology, and people who are willing to use it.

Thus, when the Left turns en mass and blames everything regarding Hurricane Katrina on President Bush, their cries ring hollow when held up against reports and news coming out of that area. In short, the Bush Bashing doesn't work like it used to. And ordinary people are starting to get pissed off.

Really pissed off.

I said the other day that I found the finger-pointing and blame-gaming before the dead bodies were even cold sickening, and I did and do. But the America-hating Left has decided that the best way to win a debate is to shout down opposing viewpoints; they decided that a long time ago, in fact. And now they know they can count on help from those who, from the best of intentions, perhaps, will willingly spread blame to places it doesn’t really belong just to seem more thoughtful and “serious.” I began noticing the predictability of this phenomenon a while back, and while reticence and thoughtfulness are certainly not bad things, you all know by now that I’m not someone who minds much calling a spade a spade, either. So, as I said, screw moderation this go-round. The disaster in NOLA was all the Democrats’ fault. Full stop; end of story.

And no, I don’t just mean for the obvious, practical reasons. We’ve all seen the Mayor Nagin Memorial Motor Pool; we’ve all heard how Bush nearly made the incompetent Democratic governor cry by demanding she relinquish what feeble control she ever had of her state to the Feds when, after the usual fashion of Democratic “leadership,” she quivered and stalled and refused to order NOLA’s evacuation; we’ve all heard and read story after story of Democrat ineptness, Democrat negligence, Democrat malfeasance, Democrat hubris, and Democrat failure, all occurring in a state and municipality run almost exclusively by Democrats for over a hundred years. We know these hapless and incompetent Democrats ignored their own disaster plans, and that they were the ones legally and ethically responsible for implementing them; it’s a pretty safe assumption that the NOLA and Louisiana authorities, being crooks as well as Democrats (yeah, I know, redundant), probably looted their own federally-matched disaster funds over the years too.

I included all the links in the blockquote to show you that Mike isn't just spouting off trash. Louisiana is a Democrat controlled state, and has been for years. The levels of graft, corruption, incompetance and greed that were exposed by this natural disaster is flat-out disgusting. The level of CYA that the Democrats are trying to accomplish is even more disgusting.

But when you're done reading Mike's wrath, hop on over to Eject Eject Eject for one of the best written pieces on the web.

If I had known, if I had only known, I could have run over that evil, sick son of a bitch Mohammed Atta in the parking lot. I could have been on one of those airplanes. They only had box cutters, for the love of God! Those seat cushions have straps on the back for floatation; they’d make excellent shields against a goddam two inch blade. Ladies, listen carefully…when I say go, you throw your shoes and cell phones and these little liquor bottles and cushions and whatever you can, just throw them right in the face of these cocksuckers and guys, when we get up there we need to kill them, fast, just break their fucking necks, just stomp on their heads until they are dead, because I know how to land a goddam airplane and…and…

Now of course, right at this moment there are people without honor or courage who read that and think this is one big jerk-off chickenhawk fantasy and on some level I guess it is. All I can tell you is that watching that show, I wished to God I had been on one of those planes, asking only that we knew what only Flight 93 knew, and that was the fate that was waiting for us if we did nothing.

Because everybody dies. Even liberals. And all I can say is that I believe in my heart that I would rather die for something bigger than myself than lead a life where nothing is more important than me. I admit freely that were I actually there I might freeze up, and wet my pants, and hide behind a stewardess, because you can never really know until you are there. But my times on the highways late at night, and with the only engine silent at 9000 feet over the South Georgia pine forests and at 400 feet climbing out of Prescott Arizona on Christmas day reassure me, a little, that perhaps I might do okay. Just as well as a common person, a common American person in a crisis – that’s all I pray for.

Much has been said regarding how much more massive an event Katrina is relative to lower Manhattan. But the fact remains that firemen went up the stairs when people were coming down, and one ordinary group of people on an ordinary flight on an ordinary day defeated the very best that the global terror network could put together. Our ladies junior varsity squad whipped the living shit out of their Super Bowl A-team over Pennsylvania that day, and they did it because for one brief shining moment enough passengers on that airplane went Grey.

I'd like to put forth my formal application for entry into the Grey Tribe right now please. And if you don't know what I mean, then you haven't read the essay yet, have you?

Now, much has been made of the fact that Ray Nagin is an incompetent, race-baiting black man, and Rudy Giuliani, who was neither, is white. Also, feminists are upset that people dare attack Governor Blanco because she is incompetent, weak, indecisive, and also a woman. And no doubt there are salivating long-haired, short-cortexed idiots just waiting for this to be over so they can sail into the comments section and tell me what a racist and misogynist I am.

Well, here’s the news flash: Nagin isn’t incompetent because he’s black. He’s incompetent because he’s incompetent. Condoleeza Rice is black. Colin Powell is black. Ted Kennedy, a man well-acquainted with rising water crises is as white as they come. Kennedy is incompetent; Rice and Powell are two of the most competent people on the planet.

This is about tribes, all right: not black and white tribes, but rather a battle between the capable and the culpable.

Print that out and nail it to the forehead of any braindead Leftist who talks about how this is all Bush's fault. And while you're at it, nail a copy of these unpleasant truths about life that the Left refuses to acknowledge:

1) Shit happens. Sometimes you can control how much shit happens, but sometimes you can't. There is no magic hand-waving voodoo spell that stops a hurricane from hitting you. Tornados don't stop because you want them to. Earthquakes don't give a shit if it's your birthday. You can't control it, you can't do anything to prevent it, all you can do is prepare for the aftermath.

2) The responsibility for immidiate action after a natural disaster belongs to state and local governments. There hasn't been any major disaster where the federal government was there and working in under two days. In case you forgot it, the actual labor to help after September 11th came from New Yorkers, not federal workers. The government wasn't there until two days afterwards.

3) There are people in this world who are flat out evil. You can't change them. You can't make them act differently. The only thing you can do is shoot them. Ted Bundy was not going to be talked out of murdering women, and while he is a rather far out example of evil, there are lots of mini-Bundys all over the world. They might not kill lots of women. They may kill only one. They might rape instead of kill, or assault instead of rape. But they exist, and the only way they can be stopped is if somebody steps up to the plate and stops them through force.

4) If a disaster occurs, you need to be able to take care of yourself for three days.

That's THREE days. Tres. 3. 1+1+1. Not one, not two, but THREE days.

That's the message that the federal government itself gives people. If you can't be expected to take care of yourself for three days, then dammit, what fucking good are you? I understand that some people are incapable of taking care of themselves for that long due to injury or illness, but I'm talking about the average joe, the schmuck who lives on the corner who isn't a blind/deaf/mute quadrapalegic with diabetes. In short, I'm talking to 90% of the people of New Orleans. Where was your water? Where was your non-perishable food? Hell, I have a flaming assload of water in my pantry, because I know that not only will I be taking care of my wife and myself, but I'll most likely be taking care of one or two neighbors as well. And I can support those extra people for a frigging WEEK. You don't have to go that far. You just need one gallon of water per person per day. How frigging hard is that?

It's not. But obviously people couldn't even do that much to help themselves out. And THAT IS NOT PRESIDENT BUSH'S FAULT!

Here's a few other questions that I'd like answered:

Why is it that the snipers who shot at emergency rescuers trying to save people in hospitals and shelters are never mentioned except in passing, and Mr. Bush, who is turning over heaven and earth to rescue the victims of the storm, is endlessly vilified?

What church does Rev. Al Sharpton belong to that believes in passing blame and singling out people by race for opprobrium and hate?

(ed. add-on: What qualifies Al Sharpton as a "Revered", anyway? His race-baiting? His poverty pimping? His inciting of murder and slander? Come to think of it, Jesse Jackon is a "Reverend" as well, yet he fathered an illigitimate child while having an adulterous relationship with a mistress while his wife sat back at home. How the hell can he still call himself a reverend anything?)

What special abilities does the media have for deciding how much blame goes to the federal government as opposed to the city government of New Orleans for the aftereffects of Katrina?

If able-bodied people refuse to obey a mandatory evacuation order for a city, have they not assumed the risk that ill effects will happen to them?

When the city government simply ignores its own sick and hospitalized and elderly people in its evacuation order, is Mr. Bush to blame for that?

Is there any problem in the world that is not Mr. Bush's fault, or have we reverted to a belief in a sort of witchcraft where we credit a mortal man with the ability to create terrifying storms and every other kind of ill wind?

Where did the idea come from that salvation comes from hatred and criticism and mockery instead of love and co-operation?

Argh. I'm done for the day. See you all later.

No Good Deed

The New York Times:

HOUSTON (TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2005) -- No one would accuse this city of being timid in the scramble to profit from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
With brio that might make an ambulance-chaser proud, one company, National Realty Investments is offering special financing deals "for hurricane survivors only," with no down payments and discounted closing costs.
Color me learned -- the American Left are not just ideological rivals, they are assholes of stunning proportion.

Austin Bay Blog -- NY Times Libels Houston

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Did Yahoo! help Chinese authorities arrest and convict a reporter?

This post at Right Thinking is tremendous.

The picture here MUST BE SEEN.

How long before that toxic soup ignites? I'd not be surprised to turn on the TV one morning and find a quarter of what is left of New Orleans engulfed.

New Orleans was a mess long before Katrina.

And finally:

Which has no relevance to anything else today; I just find it chucklesome.

A post NOT about New Orleans

Or Democrats, for that matter. Just a few random thoughts. The things that keep me sane, if you will.

There's a hawk that has a nest close to where I work. When I step out for a coffee break, I can sometimes see it circling on the thermals, hunting. There's just something wonderous about seeing it circle, soaring in the sky, never beating it's wings but flying non the less. It's one of the things I look forward to during the day.

I just finished watching "Master and Commander" again for the umpteenth time. It's one movie I never get tired of. Part of it is that I love to sail, although I get to do it rarely. One of my dreams is to sail on a tall ship. It's a dream that's rather far off, as I'll have to learn a hell of a lot more than I know now in order to do it, but sailing on smaller ships has whetted my appetite for it. If you've never sailed, on a ship big or small, do it. There's no noise other than the wind in the sails and water against the hull. Right before I enlisted for the first time, my father, brother and I went on a three day sailing trip on Lake Coeur d'Alene. It's a trip I'll never forget.

I'm running once again. My back has healed up to the point where I can restart some of the activities that I was doing before I screwed it up. It's about damn time, too. I feel like a fat-ass, having not run in a month and a half. I went on my usual route, and I was huffing and puffing up the hills that I had sprinted up two months ago. It's frigging hard to get your endurance back when you lose it, but at least I can start getting back in shape.

Is there a happier face than the one on a dog that's getting it's belly scratched?

I went snorkling on Labor Day. Labor Day. What a weird holiday. You celebrate labor by taking the day off. Anyways, I went to a beach named Cerro Gordo, and snorkled past coral reefs that I've only seen on National Geographic before. Coral, fish, sea urchins, you name it. I swam between two reefs that went down about thirty feet on either side. My buddy Joe dove down and picked up two huge sea urchin skeletons, as well as a starfish that weighed about eight to ten pounds. We let the starfish go, and kept the skeletons. If we had seen any lobsters, we would have kept those as well, but there was nary a langosta in sight.

Have I mentioned that my wife kicks ass? I think it's been a while, so for any new readers I might have, here's your official notice. My wife kicks ass. Just so you know.

Despite all the mayhem in the world, my personal life is going pretty damn well. So just in case anyone is wondering, I'm not negative or raging all the time.

And now it's time for me to hit the rack. See you all later.

IEM to Lead Development of Hurricane Plan for Louisiana

Governor Blanco's new mouthpiece, James Lee Witt, is not exactly new to the New Orleans scene.

IEM Inc., a Baton Rouge, La.-based emergency management and homeland security consultant, announced it will lead the development of a catastrophic hurricane disaster plan for Southeast Louisiana and the City of New Orleans under a more than half a million dollar contract with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

In making the announcement today on behalf of teaming partners Dewberry, URS Corporation and James Lee Witt Associates, IEM Director of Homeland Security Wayne Thomas explained that the development of a base catastrophic hurricane disaster plan has urgency due to the recent start of the annual hurricane season which runs through November.
That's June 9, 2004.

So Witt is out there talking about the lacking Federal response, even though he is one of the people responsible for the plan that left 100,000 people in a position where the Feds couldn't help them for several days. Or maybe it wasn't the plan per se, but the lacking execution of the plan.

Whatever the case, Witt did the studies and crafted the plan. Witt knows the Feds stated a year ago it would take them "several days" to reach those stranded inside the flooded bowl. Witt knows that evacuation was of paramount importance. Witt knows that local and state actors are responsible for the evacuation. Witt knows that people died either because his plan stunk or the Democrats he left it with didn't do their jobs.

Yet today he's heaping the catastrophe on the Federal government as Governor Blanco's mouthpiece.

Once a Clintonite, always a Clintonite.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Are these Caterpillar machines?

Those fuggs at Cat. If they cared as much about breached levees as they do about helping Israel genocide the Palestinians, New Orleans would have been dry by the weekend.

Doomed to repeat it

What a waste.

Those who had the money to flee ran into hours-long traffic jams. Those too poor to leave the city had to find their own shelter - a policy that was eventually reversed, but only a few hours before the deadly storm struck land.
Katrina, 2005?

Nope. Ivan, 2004.

Looting in Kobe

After the 1995 7.2 earthquake hit Kobe, there was no looting. In Japan, looting would be considered bad form. In America, it's considered a product of desperation.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Tell me where I am wrong

Everyone knows the facts now. Few are denying them anymore.

FACT: A panel of local, state, and federal officials concluded last year that once the bowl filled with water, "Residents should expect to be on their own for several days". There is no expedient way to get water, food, medicine, personnel, and equipment into New Orleans once it has been flooded. That's FACT.

FACT: The Mayor and Governor knew this.

FACT: The Mayor and Governor had three days warning that a hurricane that exceeded the protection of the flood control system was headed toward New Orleans.

FACT: By virtue of the State or Emergency declared by the President on Friday, the Mayor and the Governor had the manpower, the equipment, the
, and the authority to help or force the citizens to evacuate.

FACT: Sitting ruined in New Orleans right now are over 200 school buses and 350 mass transit buses. All told, operated by the Mayor's 800 police officers and / or the Governor's 7500 State Police, those 550+ buses could carry about 35,000 people per convoy.

FACT: The Mayor is responsible, per the emergency management procedures of the City, for evacuation.

FACT: The Mayor and the Governor, knowing that the Feds, post-flooding,
b could not possibly help the citizens for three or four days,





PREVIOUSLY unseen footage of Osama Bin Laden taken by a CIA spy drone reveals how close the Americans came to killing the Al-Qaeda leader two years before the September 11 attacks.

The pictures were filmed by a Predator unmanned aircraft and show Bin Laden, in white robes, with a small group of followers at a training camp near Khost in eastern Afghanistan at the end of 1999. The drone was one of the first to be used in Afghanistan by the CIA, but because of bureaucratic wrangles it was unarmed.

The pictures, thought to be the first spy plane footage of Bin Laden to be published, have been obtained from American sources by Al-Jazeera, the Arabic language television station. “We had no doubt over his identity. Bin Laden can clearly be seen standing out from the rest of the group next to the buildings,” said Michael Scheuer, a former CIA officer who headed Alec Station, the agency’s unit which tracked Bin Laden during the 1990s.
So not only did the Clinton Administration fail to fully fund New Orleans' levees and flood walls during The Eight Great Years, they also failed to kill Osama bin Laden, though they had him in their sites on nermous occasions.

CIA videos reveal the missed chances to kill Bin Laden - Sunday Times - Times Online

There was a time...

...when the New York Times didn't like the Corps of Engineers and, in general, flood control.

I think this says it all.

Bush Derangement Syndrome in a nutshell.

Liberals squealed about the President failing to view the damage. Then he viewed the damage. Then they squealed because he viewed it from the air, proving he was an elitist who wasn't willing to eyeball the suffering of the public up close. Then he went on a walking tour and hugged people and personally helped them get aid. Then liberals squealed that he was a filthy, narcissistic opportunist only looking for photo ops.

You have to ask yourself exactly what he could have done that would have pleased them. Since doing the very things they said he should do didn't get the job done, the only rational conclusion--one intelligent people came to years before Katrina--was that NOTHING George Bush could do would make liberals happy.

If George Bush crapped gold bars and handed one to every single hurricane victim, and then he raised the dead and parted the flood waters and turned the power back on and resurrected the Beatles and got them back together and lowered the price of oil to two cents per barrel and invented a cure for cancer while farting Chopin nocturnes and turning the oceans into chilled Dom Perignon and the beaches into caviar, liberals would STILL find reason to bitch.

Surely the public, abysmally stupid though it is, will eventually get tired of listening to the little boys who cried "Bush!"

Bush invades other countries for oil (and then forgets to take it). Bush kills spotted owls, which are vital to our survival as a species. Bush pokes holes in the ozone. Bush is personally responsible for warm weather. Bush creates hurricanes. Bush makes imaginary black people eat dead bodies without even giving them side dishes. Bush was behind the grassy knoll. Bush aggravates your hemorrhoids. Bush knocked down the levees so Halliburton could rebuild them. Bush invented male pattern baldness and stretch marks. Bush is Hitler's mother. Bush puts arsenic in our water. Bush has unsafe sex with aliens at Area 51. Bush had the audacity to wear a flight suit. Bush eats babies. Bush exercises too damn much. Bush hooked his daughters on Jell-O shots. Bush invaded the body of a dog and told David Berkowitz to shoot people screwing in parked cars. Then he tortured the dog to see if it had any oil for him to take.


UPDATE [Tim]: That does indeed say it all. Power Line adds more here. Distilled: the Left have really lost it this time and it is up to the Administration to defend itself. I will add that it is up to Conservative media (including blogger) as well; the Left have their Big Media, we have our citizens' media.

Get ready for another dirty fight.

Chief Justice Rehnquist has died.

Seeing as how the Left thinks that going after adoption records of Bush's nominee's is acceptable behavior, I can't wait to see what kind of dirty tricks they pull on Bush's second nominee.

And seeing as how the Left has sunk to depths previously unheard of in their desperate grabs for power, you can expect them to sink even lower this time around. Remember, when you have no morals and no standards, there's nothing to keep you civilized. And the Left abdicated all morals and standards years ago.

Where my money is going

Check out the link right below the flags of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. It goes to the Instapundit post that links to all the charities and organizations that are helping with the disaster relief in the Gulf Coast.

As for me, I'm sending my money to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. It's a Catholic charity that helps anyone, anywhere, and they have a link on their homepage to Hurricane Katrina Relief.

Honestly, it doesn't matter if you donate to St. Vincent de Paul, or to the American Red Cross, or any of the other charities, as long as you toss your two cents in to help somewhere. We're the richest nation in the world, and right now those riches are needed to help people out.

Let's get our hands dirty and get 'er done.