Saturday, November 22, 2014

Would you like to know where I got some of my best work done?

On a patio, with a gin and tonic in my hand, and a cigar lit.

I was at a "training" event where I had spent the past three days in meetings and briefings and events, all trying to get to a point where I could even begin to come up with solutions to the issues I was facing, and I got more work done in two hours, sitting down with people in an informal setting over drinks and cigars with the right people.

Why am I bringing this up?  Because everyone is freaking out about the GOP heading home early for the holidays.

What, pray tell, do you think the GOP can do with the anti-American Democrat Party still controlling the Senate?  Do you think they can pass a bill and get it pushed through?  Do you want them to draw up their action plan and announce it on TV, thus giving the traitorous Democrats advance notice and time to plan a counter-attack?

I don't care if they're in D.C. or not.  I'm more than willing to bet that they're sitting on a patio with drinks and cigars, getting actual work done.  Let them enjoy the holidays, and then I want to see them tear the Democrat shitheads a new asshole.

Survivalist class today

You can read everything you want in a book, but for me being able to actually TOUCH and SMELL and TASTE the plants in question will stick them in my mind much better.  So the Ragin' Mrs. and I are taking a class to do just that.

I know how to catch and slaughter animals, and I know how to grow a garden.  I want to get better at finding foods.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Reaction to Obama Caesar's Imperial Announcement

The Democrats have been pining for Slavery ever since the Republicans took it away from them.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Emperor's Chamberpot

Obama Caesar has just shit all over every single legal immigrant in America.

I wonder how many of them will be voting next election?

The wages of uncontrolled immigration

Sweden now has 55 official areas where the police cannot go.

This makes me sick to my stomach.  These people's ancestors used to strike fear into the hearts of everyone who saw their sails on the horizon, and now they've given up control to the muslim immigrants, and they're bringing MORE in?  Swedish Ambulance drivers are requesting military grade gear to go into these areas because they're being attacked by the muslims there.

The statement that needs to be repeated is from this report about muslim rapists in Sweden:

Sweden, like the rest of the West, will have to come to terms with the fact that it can either have female equality or Muslim immigration. It cannot have both.

Too bad feminists in America only care about making a scientist cry over his shirt.  Imagine what they could accomplish if they actually gave a shit about women.

Another busy day

So I'm just going to link to this, courtesy of Insty:  My Obamacare Story in 1 Picture.  Nothing says success like a 181% price increase!  And as Insty puts it, this is the reason why Obama pushed off the increases until after the election.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Is what you would need if you had four kids who wanted to go to college.  The cost of college tuition crosses $260,000.  That's insane.

How 'bout this:  No.  There is nothing in college worth putting yourself a quarter of a million dollars into debt.  Especially since half of what gets "taught" in college is nothing more than Marxist indoctrination.  With the exception of the hard sciences, I'm willing to bet that you could get the same level of education off of watching YouTube videos, especially when I read things like this:

First thing I did was I gave my staff preemptive raises so I didn’t lose them. And we’re hiring. Which means I’m reading resumes and honors-thesis writing samples from major universities riddled with grammar and spelling errors….

Emphasis mine.  One of the things I have to do in my job is read essays written by people with Masters degrees.  Graduate level education.  And half of them seem incapable of following basic English grammar that I, in my uneducated state, can manage to piece together.  They are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt in order to get that Masters degree, and they can't write a one page essay better than me with my self-taught writing style.

No.  Just no.  The more I see coming out of the hallowed halls of higher education, the more I'm convinced that the entire system is a scam.

Update:  Yeah, it's a scam.  Can you imagine paying a quarter mil just to sit in class and have this happen?

Finally, on November 14, 2013, the class’s five “students of color,” accompanied by “students of color” from elsewhere at UCLA, as well as by reporters and photographers from the campus newspaper, made their surprise entrance into Rust’s class as a “collective statement of Resistance by Graduate Students of Color.” The protesters formed a circle around Rust and the remaining five students (one American, two Europeans, and two Asian nationals) and read aloud their “Day of Action Statement.” That statement suggests that Rust’s modest efforts to help students with their writing faced obstacles too great to overcome.

Rust is pretty much a liberal moonbat, but his heinous crime was correcting his student's grammar.  Of course he must be punished!

A few weeks later, a town hall convened to discuss the Day of Action’s charge of a “hostile and toxic environment for students of Color.” Professor Solórzano presented his typology of microaggressions to explain the school’s racial tensions. Protest organizer Kenjus Watson read a long bill of particulars justifying the Day of Action. Another black student argued that no reconciliation in the school was possible because Rust had not apologized for his transgressions. Several of Rust’s faculty colleagues in the Division of Social Sciences and Comparative Education attended; none publicly defended him.

Lunatics eating their own.  And people pay money to sit there in this toxic stew of Marxism and idiocy?  Hell no.  That's like paying for people to keep you stupid, ignorant, uninformed and abused.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Democrats try Fake Vote stunt, still manage to fail.

Seriously, there isn't a single thing they've done right on this vote.  Not one.  After years of obstruction, and covering for Obama, the Senate Dems tripped over their own feet again and made sure that Mary Landrieu would lose her run-off election by a huge margin.

Cry me a river.  That cheap tart needs to be removed from office, and I'm glad to see the people of Louisiana doing just that.

Yeah, I said cheap tart.  She was the "Louisiana Purchase" of the Obamacare trainwreck.

If I lived anywhere around Ferguson, MO

I'd be stocking up on ammo.

Lot and lots of ammo.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Whatever, Ebola Nurse

Ebola Nurse:  Stop calling me Ebola Nurse!

Sure thing there, Ebola Nurse.  I mean, too bad you didn't bother to follow quarantine, thus ensuring that your name would be as forgotten as every other medical worker who was exposed to Ebola.  Nope, you had to go tell people to fuck the fuck right fucking off while you did what you wanted even though you had been exposed to a highly deadly virus and might be contagious.

So go for another bike ride, Ebola Nurse.

Anyone remember....

When Rush Limbaugh coined the word "Feminazi", and all the Feminazis went apeshit over been accurately described?


Short version:  Time Magazine had a poll about what word to ban, and the word "feminist" was winning with over 50% of the votes.  So the Feminazis rallied, and screeched, and made horrible hooting sounds, and called their flying monkeys, and Time showed their complete and total lack of spine by pissing down their leg and removing the word "feminist" from their poll.

Things like this are why I haven't bought a Time in well over a decade.

Hey, when the vast majority of the public think that feminists are a bunch of shrill, over-bearing, hyper-sensetive harpies, is it really a good idea to prove the majority right?