Saturday, August 23, 2014

Corncob pipes

Are actually one hell of a smoke.

I've been trending more towards smoking my pipes, especially with the Ragin' Mrs. in the vehicle with me.  She much prefers the aroma of a pipe than my cigars, so I try to make her happy when I can.  While I love my briars and my meerschaums, I've recently picked up two corncob pipes and I've been using them as a knock-around pipe for my backpacks or on long trips.  Any trip where there's a risk of damage or loss to my good pipes, I take a corncob pipe.  Hell, they're under $10, so if I lose one or destroy one, I can just order another without crying about it.

And they're not bad at all.  The trick is to get one with a thick bowl, such as this, this or this.  Get a good, mild tobacco blend stuffed in there, light 'er up and you're ready to go.  Now the Mrs. enjoys the car ride as much as I do.

Now I need a good pipe rack for all the pipes I've been collecting.  One for my aromatics, one for my English blends....

Friday, August 22, 2014

Does this make anyone else hungry?

I'm actually drooling....

That's a 22-inch kielbasa sausage with beer cheese, on a loaf of bread.

So.....  hungry.....

Thursday, August 21, 2014

How to start your day off wrong

Have the local Los Angeles fuckheads repeatedly run red lights (in the left-turn lanes!) and then speed through the turn trying to turn left across THREE FUCKING LANES OF TRAFFIC and A CROSSWALK FULL OF PEOPLE, and then give those people who are crossing because THEY HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY a dirty look when they don't get out of your way.

Today is the day that I lost it and began yelling at drivers.  Today is the day when I questioned their intelligence and their parentage.  And I really, REALLY want them to get pissed off and get out of their cars to respond to me, because I will get off my bike and I will break them.  I will break them so that they spend the next six months of their pathetic, worthless, miserable lives drinking their dinners through a straw.   I will break them so fucking hard that every time they see a red light they will curl up in the fetal position sucking their thumb while whimpering "Make the bad man stop!"  I will break them so fucking hard that they will instinctively flinch away from a bicyclist for the rest of their lives.

The reason this city is nothing more than a filthy, polluted, disgusting third-world shithole is because of the people who live here.  This city needs to fall off into the sea and drown all the locals, for the good of the rest of the country.  Fuck Los Angeles.  Fuck this worthless cesspool straight to hell.

Bill Whittle is a national treasure

Dealing with a topic that everyone on the Left refuses to deal with.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A sidebar

Me, speaking to the Ragin' Mrs. while another L.A. yahoo guns his compensation-cycle past our house at top RPMs...

Me:  I don't think I've ever hated loud pipes the way I do here.

Ragin' Mrs:  I don't know, hate is such a soft word......

Yes, Mr. Smallweiner, I get that you have glasspacks on your penis-extension of a car.  I get that you try to pick up chicks by peeling out and screaming down the road after the light turns green.  Doing it in a suburban area right outside my house?

Go fuck yourself.

There are exactly four loud engines in this neighborhood that I don't mind hearing, and they belong to the quartet of WWII planes that take off from the airport and fly in formation to their next heading.  Everybody else can blow me.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Alternate Universe

So, just what it sound like of "Sweet Child O' Mine" was sung by a big-lunged black woman from New Orleans?

'Bout like that, I'd say.

Did Michael Brown deserve to get shot?

I don't know.  Nobody knows at this point, because the full investigation hasn't been released.

However, what we DO know at this point is that the narrative pushed by the Race War Poverty Pimps has been all lies.

They claimed Michael Brown was a "young kid".  He was a 6'4", 290 pound, 18 year old man.

They claimed that Michael Brown was shot in the back.  The autopsy proves all gunshot wounds were on his front.

They claimed that he was running away with his hands up.  The autopsy report proves that claim is a lie.

They claimed Michael Brown was just minding his business that day.  The video that came out, showing Brown and a friend robbing a convenience store and tossing around the poor clerk, proves that was a lie.

At this point, there are still two sides to every story.  The difference is, one side has pushed nothing but lie after lie after lie after lie.  And then that side looted and burned private businesses in their town, all while claiming to want "justice".  Because justice against the po-po involves burning down a private business, right?

Oh, and let's not forget the photos of that "young kid" flashing gang signs for his facebook feed.  Because all innocent young boys flash the Bloods sign.  It's a thing now, so I've been told.  Yeah.  Uh huh.

I still don't know if Michael Brown deserved to get shot.  But I do know that every statement made in support of Brown has been proven to be a lie.  And at that point, I'm going to lean on the side of "Dude needed ventilation" until proven otherwise.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Power Grid and Winter Weather

So, apparently people are worried that the power grid might go down if we have another hard winter, thanks to Obama's EPA closing coal fired plants down and dropping the amount of electricity we can produce.

I say let the winter come, and let the people in the cities freeze to death.  This, after all, is what and who they voted for.  This is the consequence of their actions, and I can't think of anything more fitting than liberals shivering, huddled together while they go into hypothermia, wondering why unicorn farts and rainbows didn't save them.


Holy crap I slept like absolute ass last night.  I don't think I got two hours of uninterrupted sleep.  And I don't know what kept waking me up.

Today is going to suck ass.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Yep. What did I tell you?

Rosemary Lehmberg has been a hard-core drinker for a long, long time.

From January 2012 to April 2013 — 15 months — Lehmberg made 59 purchases of alcohol at various Twin Liquors stores, a rate of nearly one purchase a week. 
She bought 76 bottles of alcohol. According to the receipts, Lehmberg prefers Ciroc vodka. Lehmberg routinely purchased 1.75 liter bottles of vodka, at a price of nearly $60 each. On occasions, she bought more than one 1.75 liter bottle of Ciroc at a time. 
Those 76 bottles add up to 24.7 gallons of alcohol purchased over 15 months. The last purchase in the KEYE-compiled list was on April 2, 2013 — 10 days before her arrest for drunk driving, and the subsequent attempt to abuse her power by trying to intimidate the officers who processed her in jail. Lehmberg purchased vodka on that day. An open bottle of vodka was found in her car during her arrest.

I don't think this list includes cash purchases, but I know it doesn't include alcohol purchased by anyone else, or drinks purchased at a restaurant.  There's a pdf of all the alcohol purchases that Lehmburg made, and they are all Visa card purchases.  I did a quick, non-scientific search for "Cash" purchases and none came up.  If she paid in cash, it won't show.  So this is just the lowest level you can conclude.

Vodka is also one of the favorite boozes for alcoholics because it looks like water and you can mix it with anything; coffee, orange juice, you name it and there's some alcoholic pouring vodka into it.  Although at the time of her arrest, she was chugging it straight from the bottle while driving in her car, so mixing it was not exactly what she had in mind.

Lehmberg is a hard-core boozer, and if this is her first time driving drunk I'll eat my hat.  This is just the first time she's been caught, or at least recorded being caught.

Way to go, Texas Democrats!  You sure picked a winner to rally behind!

If this seems like over-kill to you, please keep in mind that I have seen the immediate, bloody aftermath of drunk driving.  I've seen what it can do to a human being, and to the family that human being is ripped away from due to the selfish, stupid actions of the drunk driver.  So the fact that this DA gets rip-snorting drunk and then behind the wheel pisses me off to no end.  The fact that she's also supposed to be in charge of the Public Integrity Unit infuriates me due to the rank hypocrisy of both the DA and the people who support her.  The fact that the Democrats demanded that Lehmberg keep her job despite being a drunk-driving alcoholic is due only to politics, not any kind of integrity or respect for the position, and the fact that they are using the legal system to attack Gov. Perry over his actions shows that they care more about putting their people into positions of power rather than following the damn law themselves.  This entire episode should show just how far gone the Democrats in Austin, TX have fallen.  The fact that national Democrats are backing off and saying this goes too far should drive that last point home like a splitting maul to the Texas Democrat's heads.