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Monday, August 18, 2014

Power Grid and Winter Weather

So, apparently people are worried that the power grid might go down if we have another hard winter, thanks to Obama's EPA closing coal fired plants down and dropping the amount of electricity we can produce.

I say let the winter come, and let the people in the cities freeze to death.  This, after all, is what and who they voted for.  This is the consequence of their actions, and I can't think of anything more fitting than liberals shivering, huddled together while they go into hypothermia, wondering why unicorn farts and rainbows didn't save them.


emdfl said...

And the best part is that with the grid in the condition it's in, there won't be no load available shifting to bail them out

Gerry N. said...

"Luckily" Da Missus and I won't be affected. First off we live in W. Wash. State and have public hydropower including heat. Even if we lose electrickery we have the woodburining fireplace insert my Sister took out to replace it with Natural gas and have been stockpiling cut endst from a roof truss factory and discarded pallets and shipping skids. Scroo the libtards who voted for His Imperial Hah Yellernesse Imperator Yambama Teleprompter I.

Mark Philip Alger said...

...Except, of course, for the innocent human shields and hostages consisting of the 53% who did NOT vote for this gang of thugs.


Anonymous said...

And in related news, due to the EPA forcing many coal powered plants to close; Texas has barely any margin during the summer months.

We've been incredibly blessed this year with a mild summer. Last year there were rolling brown outs a couple of times. Next year could be a major problem during the summer.

Bob S.

Ragin' Dave said...

Mark - at this point, I'm fairly convinced that it's a matter of when, not if the shooting starts. When the power goes out, and people can't afford to heat their homes, do you really think that the 47% are just going to sit there and wait it out?

Hell, take a look at Ferguson, MO. You've got people flocking there just to riot.

You don't want to be a human shield? Prepare to shoot the people who are trying to hide behind you. Does that suck? Yes. But how else are we going to deal with this?