Day by Day

Thursday, August 21, 2014

How to start your day off wrong

Have the local Los Angeles fuckheads repeatedly run red lights (in the left-turn lanes!) and then speed through the turn trying to turn left across THREE FUCKING LANES OF TRAFFIC and A CROSSWALK FULL OF PEOPLE, and then give those people who are crossing because THEY HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY a dirty look when they don't get out of your way.

Today is the day that I lost it and began yelling at drivers.  Today is the day when I questioned their intelligence and their parentage.  And I really, REALLY want them to get pissed off and get out of their cars to respond to me, because I will get off my bike and I will break them.  I will break them so that they spend the next six months of their pathetic, worthless, miserable lives drinking their dinners through a straw.   I will break them so fucking hard that every time they see a red light they will curl up in the fetal position sucking their thumb while whimpering "Make the bad man stop!"  I will break them so fucking hard that they will instinctively flinch away from a bicyclist for the rest of their lives.

The reason this city is nothing more than a filthy, polluted, disgusting third-world shithole is because of the people who live here.  This city needs to fall off into the sea and drown all the locals, for the good of the rest of the country.  Fuck Los Angeles.  Fuck this worthless cesspool straight to hell.


Anonymous said...

Why are you still there?


Sometimes you are *forced* to spend time in hell. What exactly is the reason for stewing yourself in that sewer?

If you are oathbound then so be it, but otherwise? Jesus, find something else. Working in a children's cancer ward would be more uplifting than spending time in LA.

Ragin' Dave said...

Military, amigo. I'm stationed here. I have one year left, and then I'm free.