Friday, April 17, 2015

Kill the F-35, keep the A-10, bring back the F-22

And find the worthless bastards who OK'd this crap, cover them with tar and feathers, and run them out of town on a rail.

Additionally, the first F-35s are still plagued with communications deficiencies. First, the aircraft has a difficult time distinguishing friendly forces from hostile ones, and second, it can’t verify the GPS ground coordinates. 

Tests indicate that 80 percent of the F-35’s information system alerts constitute false positives. The first F-35s ready to deploy in July, according to the Marine Corps, cannot use night vision technology.

So this MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR AIRCRAFT cannot do the things that an aircraft built in 1975 can?

Nope, nope, nope.  This is such an epic failure that people need to be jailed.

That blithering, hypocritical moron from MSNBC

Wow, is that a triple redundancy or a quadruple redundancy?

Anyways, that blithering, hypocritical moron from MSNBC, Melissa Harris Perry, has a problem both with tax cuts and with paying her taxes.

According to The Winston-Salem Journal, Wake Forest University professor and MSNBC weekend host Melissa Harris-Perry and her husband James Perry owe the Internal Revenue Service $70,000 in delinquent taxes.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please take a look at what an E-7 in the military makes.  It's less than what this blithering, hypocritical moron from MSNBC owes in taxes.

The bottom line is that as with all ProgNazis, they never, ever EVER mean for the rules they impose upon YOU to actually effect THEM as well.  Rules and taxes are for the little people.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sure, let's set this precident

Elizabeth Price Foley, blogging over at Instapundit, has a post up about how the Democrat American Communist Party wants to ignore the rule of law when it suits them.

We already know the Left hates the rule of Law and loves the rule of Man.  Their blind, slavish devotion to Obama and Hillary are proof enough of that.  But if they really want to push the issue, and we don't have anyone with balls enough on our side to actually, y'know, STOP THEM, then fuck it.  Let's ride this bomb all the way to the end point, shall we?  Because the next time a Republican gets into office, let's ignore...

The IRS.

The EPA.

The INS.  As a matter of fact, let's do away with the INS, and just offer hunting permits along the Southern border.

The Department of Education Indoctrination.

And every other alphabet organization in D.C. run by un-elected faceless bureaucrats who make our lives a living hell more and more each day.

Sound like a plan?

Or, we can finally punish those law-breaking fuckwits of the Left, get back to the rule of law, and have everyone playing on an even field.  Right?  Right?  HA!  I slay me.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Yeah, I know

Nothing new.  So yank my paycheck.  I was out of the house damn early, and back damn late.

Monday, April 13, 2015

I'm willing to bet there's more

NY Post has a breakdown of "every" scandal swirling around Hillary.

These are the Clintons, folks.  Dirty, filthy Clintons.  I'd bet my next paycheck there are a hell of a lot more scandals swirling around Hillary than the NY Post can find.  Lots more.

The Bishop brought this up at Mass yesterday

The Armenian Genocide.  And how Turkey denies it ever happened.

Back when DANEgerus was blogging here, he put up a post about the genocide.  It's still one of the most searched for posts, seven years later.

Christians have been martyred for their faith ever since Christ walked the earth.  The Copts in Egypt and the Catholics in Iraq today are suffering the same fate as the Armenians did 100 years ago.

It doesn't make it any less evil.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

So Hillary makes it official

Like we didn't know for years that this was coming.

Hillary is a power-hungry tyrant who will let nothing get in the way of her quest for ultimate control. Not morals, not the truth, not other people's lives, nothing.  She will destroy anything and everything that gets in her way.  Or at least, she'll try to do so.

But the problem with being an unethical parasitic piece of shit for decades upon decades is that those who don't drink the Democrat Kool-Aide have decades of misbehavior and deviant action to point at and say "Um, I don't want you in charge of the PTA, much less the Oval Office."

However, watching her attack other Democrat American Communist Party Members is going to be fun.