Saturday, January 26, 2008

I missed this

Until I was driving to work today (at 0-dark-30) and listening to AFRN. The news came on, and I heard that the New York Times had endorsed Hillary Clinton (duh!) and....

John Freakin' McCain.

If you've never had a reason to vote against him before (and the reasons are many), you sure as hell have a reason to do so now.

We have shuddered at Mr. McCain’s occasional, tactical pander to the right because he has demonstrated that he has the character to stand on principle. He was an early advocate for battling global warming and risked his presidential bid to uphold fundamental American values in the immigration debate. A genuine war hero among Republicans who proclaim their zeal to be commander in chief, Mr. McCain argues passionately that a country’s treatment of prisoners in the worst of times says a great deal about its character.
McCain is a RINO at best, and an anti-Republican at worst. That the New York Slimes would give him a knob-job tells you all you need to know about him.


Friday, January 25, 2008

Another Reason

To never ever again let a Democrat American Communist Party member into the Oval Office.

The head of the EPA stood firm Thursday against a chorus of congressional criticism over his refusal to allow California and more than a dozen other states to impose greenhouse gas reductions on cars and trucks.

"I am bound by the criteria in the Clean Air Act, not people's opinions," EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson testified to the Senate's environmental panel. It was his first congressional appearance since issuing the controversial waiver denial last month.

"The Clean Air Act does not require me to rubber-stamp waiver decisions," Johnson said. "It was my conclusion that California didn't meet the criteria, or at least all of the criteria."

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., the committee chair, led committee Democrats in assailing Johnson's conclusion.

"You're going against your own agency's mission and you're fulfilling the mission of some special interests," she chided him.

We need more people like Johnson and less people like Boxer, if we're going to keep this country from turning into a socialist shithole.

Oh, and I love the little photoshop job - it's a particular dream of mine to be able to say that.


Please, remember, anytime some moonbat starts screeching about someone being "swiftboated", remind them that it was KERRY that had to retract his falsehoods, NOT THE SWIFTBOAT VETERANS.

The du Toit's are on a roll

The Baron has a post up on Rethinking Conservatism, and Mrs. du Toit has a post up about rethinking voting. Not in a practical way, but more as a mental exercise.

Well worth the time to read, both of them.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Newsweek: The Clinton Media Outlet

Have you seen the recent cover of Newsweek? The one with Hillary Clinton ever-so-fetchingly emblazoned, roughly 74% of her facial wrinkles air-brushed out, accompanied by the misty-eyed, catch-in-the-throat phrase "I found my own voice." {{Dabs at eyes, dramatically}}

One of the nuggets of hard-nosed journalism to be found within includes:
Letting Hillary Be Hillary
"Then, on the morning of the day before the voting, in a Portsmouth, N.H., diner, a female questioner asked Clinton how she kept going through it all. The mask of command slipping, Clinton spoke honestly, her voice cracking, saying, "I just don't want to see us go backwards."
The noble idealism. The selfless sacrifice, the depth of emo. Your taking notes, right? Getting all this down? ITS IMPORTANT!

Oh, and the only other politician mentioned on the cover? Barak Obama. But, head on inside the issue, and it's a different story. G.W. Bush gets all sorts of notice.

In The Shadow of Bush
"The president has left his party in a precarious state. But the GOP candidates running in the wake of his wreckage can learn much from his failures."
I don't imagine it's any really big leap of logic to figure out into which camp this partisan publication has thrown its support. Fourth Estate my arse.

Thought for the Day: Playing nice only works if you are playing with nice people.

Busy day

One of my main gripes about being stationed down in this hellhole is that I don't actually have a real position. Never have. I'd love to expound upon that, but it would put out a wee little bit too much personal information over the net, and I'm really not too keen on that. I've already had an OPSEC officer tell me to cool it on the info part. But anyways, not having a position of my own, I get stuck into whatever job they need filled, even if I have absolutely no training in that job at all. It's like all the retards and dipshits in HQ are talking to themselves, and they go "Oh, hey, a Soldier! Put him into THAT job! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

I think the worst part is that I've been in good units who had their shit together, and this unit down here is so fucked up I cannot in good faith truly consider it a part of the US Army.

Well, luckily for me, I was just put into a position where I do indeed have the training! I started yesterday. And I'm going to be busy. Oh, hell am I going to be busy. It's about 0530 hrs. my time, and I'm sucking down coffee and getting ready for work as I type this. But I will actually be able to be productive without flailing around for a while trying to learn the job. I swear, I've learned about four different jobs here because of the idiots in charge just sticking me into them willy-nilly.

So anyways, if the posting seems a bit lite as of late, I apologize. I will post what I can when I can, and once I get caught up with the backlog at work, I'll post more.

By the way

That "independent" study about how Bush lied? Funded by George Soros, and put out by two Leftist groups.

It's absolute horseshit.

Go check it out (with video!). And when you're done and would like to return to reality, go read this.

On their knees it is

Remember this post from two days ago? I guess they've decided to go with on their knees. When will people learn that you do not EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER give in to thugs, dictators, bullies and other various assorted pieces of human garbage?

The British, on the other hand, are not only on their knees, they are performing fellatio on any Islamic nutcase they can find and bowing to Mecca five times daily, so that their Islamofacist masters can rape them that many times on a regular basis.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gateway Pundit on the 'Black Widow'

Warns France of Al-Qaeda Attack

OK... let me get this straight. Fatiha El-Mejjati, the widow of Karim Mejjati, a French-Moroccan killed in April 2005 in Saudi Arabia by Saudi security forces, who partipated in the slaughter of 195 innocents in the terrorism attack on March 11, 2004 in the Spanish capital Madrid, is threatening France because of "its fidelity to the United States."

So all terrorism is still America's fault. I'm glad we've got that straight.

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Thompson is out

And this country is well and truly fucked.

I no longer have anyone to vote FOR. It is now a matter of who I vote AGAINST. The next president has the possibility of nominating three to four Supreme Court justices. There's no way in hell Hillary The Commie Clinton can be allowed to do that, unless you want a civil war in the next decade. And yet the choices we have facing us are Communism on the Left, and quasi-socialism on the Right.

Yep. We're fucked. Thanks for nuthin' Fred.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dean Kamen is doing a good thing

New prosthetic arm for veterans (video)
The lump won't stick in your throat until the video is over, and you think about it.

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Teaching Republicans Lessons

Frusration misdirected will get us the exact opposite of what we want. Talk of sitting out elections so that we teach Republicans a lesson by electing Democrats will teach Reupublicans to act like Democrats if they want to get elected. Losing Fred from the Republican primary is sad, no doubt. Make no mistake about it, it wasn't Democrats who let him go, it was Republicans voting in their primaries that did this. For all intents and purposes, that means you and I. In fact, I personally am guilty of voting "other than Fred" in an attempt to deny the DMSM loved candidate Mike Huckabee a win in the Iowa primary. It wasn't the only reason I voted for Mitt, but it was the deciding factor as I was torn between the guy I'd been supporting and the guy who got in the race late. The Democrat Media is our enemy. They are the ones gushing over Huckabee and giving him night-before-the-primary-late-night-talk-show-love. They are the ones who've rediscovered their love for "maverick" John McCain. They hate Romney because he (mostly) talks the conservative talk. They hated Fred even more for the same reason. They either ignore or tear down whoever champions the ideas we support. And "we" are the ones falling for their bullshit as primary results (in at least South Carolina) show. There will be no revolution without a victory in the public debate. Our ideas will carry our candidates, not the other way around. You can't expect a handful of politicians to face down their political opponents alone when those opponents have the world's largest megaphone carrying their water. We are losing the debate and it has nothing to do with the strength of our positions. It's because we are drown out in every conceivable way by the DMSM. And furthermore, when the hell did we stop accepting converts? I understand that Mitt Romney has taken liberal positions on issues during his time as governor of Massachusettes. Given that the state is overwhelming liberal, there is no way he'd get elected to statewide office without assuring MA voters he'd fall in line with some portion of what they consider acceptable. He also pushed back against the liberal agenda when possible (homosexual marriage, abortion, taxes). He takes some liberal positions now that frustrate me (specifically related to the global warming fraud). He is also actively arguing for many things that I agree with (enforcing immigration laws, low taxes, a strong military, traditional values and the importance of the family). In supporting him, I'm supporting those ideas as much as I am supporting him as an individual. I refuse to let perfect be the enemy of good. I'd even hold my nose and vote for McCain if it came to that, because I'd at least have done my part to keep a hard core leftist like Hillary, Obama or Edwards from beating a so-so conservative and influencing my life for the next 4 years (minimum and that isn't counting Supreme Court nominations). And in the case of McCain, he's been steadfast for victory in Iraq which is of paramount importance to me. I understand frustration. I'm frustrated as well. We can't let frustration make us irrational. We have to be practical and we have to be realistic. If we can't influence our primary in a way that completely satisfies us, what the hell makes us think we can influence general elections in such a way? There is too much to lose to just LET hard core leftist democrats have the executive.

More Media Bias

Captain Ed posted this yesterday, and it bears repeating:

After last week's release by Judicial Watch of internal documents of Hillary Clinton's Health Care Task Force, many of us waited to see the national news media cover their disturbing contents. No surprisingly, none of them did so. Despite the proposals to use smears against critics of the government and to turn the DNC into a domestic espionage unit for the White House against its opponents, the mainstream news media has shown little interest in even noting the fact that this evidence appeared in a microscopic sample of the three million documents that have been blocked from public scrutiny.

Let's recall what the media has ignored. The following comes from my earlier
posts on the subject.

We cannot forget that the media is not our friend. The media does not tell the truth. The media has it's own agenda, and it continually pushes it, whether it be misrepresentation of the facts as the New York Times did in it's "Vets are psychos!" hit piece, or by sheer omission, as it's done for the Democrat America Communist Party for decades. You can say whatever you want about the MSM, but you cannot trust it. Period.

Iranian thugs

They're trying to tell the Netherlands what movies to watch.

A senior Iranian lawmaker warned the Netherlands on Monday not to allow the screening of what it called an anti-Islamic film produced by a Dutch politician, claiming it "reflects insulting views about the Holy Koran."

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, head of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, promised widespread protests and a review of Iran's relationship with the Netherlands if Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders' work is shown.

"If Holland will allow the broadcast of this movie, the Iranian parliament will request to reconsider our relationship with it," Boroujerdi said, according to IRNA, the official Iranian news agency. "In Iran, insulting Islam is a very sensitive matter and if the movie is broadcasted it will arouse a wave of popular hate that will be directed towards any government that insults Islam."

So, the shorter, less diplomatic version is "SUBMIT TO ISLAM OR FACE OUR WRATH, INFIDELS!" Uh, no. At this point, the world would be better off telling any Islamic Facist to kiss our asses and go piss up a rope.

I live on my feet, not my knees. I wonder if the Netherlands can say the same. I guess we're about to find out.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Well, let's see

What happens to Fred Thompson after his third place finish in South Carolina.

Personally, there's a part of me that's looking at the news and asking "Just what the hell is wrong with you people?" There's finally a conservative that we've been BEGGING for, and he's getting ignored! People are now openly floating the idea of a conservative political party, and I can see the attraction in that given as how the Republicans are now nothing more than the Democrats in different clothing. There's a huge amount of "former" Republicans right now, how have left the party because of their sheer disgust at what the GOP has become. To quote how I feel perfectly with someone else's words:

Even though most of the “conservativetalking heads are trying to convince us how sexy these lipsticked pigs McCain (RINO, Screwedus), Romney (RINO, Lastpoll) and Huckabee (RINO, Heaven) look, I’m still voting for Fred. If he drops out of the race, I’ll write him in for my vote. Yes, I know Fred has no chance of winning as a write-in candidate. Yes, I know if any significant numbers of conservative voters do likewise, the Republican nominee has no chance of winning - and that’s my whole point. My hope is that a sufficient number of write-in votes for Fred will force the Stupid Party to recognize that independent conservatives will no longer vote for liberal Republicans just to save us from liberal Democrats. That ship has sailed. Voters interested in a liberal will vote for a Democrat, not a squishy RINO. We conservatives must therefore vote with our feet.

And let's face it - winning the presidency for the Republicans is simple:

Here are a few ideas from the grassroots:

  • Low taxes
  • Less gun control
  • Secure our borders
  • Reduce government size
  • Cut back government spending
  • Trim government regulation of business and citizens’ private lives
  • Privatize Social Security
  • Strengthen the military
  • Kill more terrorists
You’re welcome.

And yes, it truly IS that simple. Those nine lines are all you need for a political platform that would sweep you into office.

And yet with the exception of Thompson, there isn't a single damn presidential candidate who's following most of those. Oh, they give lip service to them, but their actions speak far louder than their words ever will.

Here's where I think the problem lies; conservatives are no longer part of the Republican party. We've left. We burned our membership cards. We walked out, and TOLD them we were walking out, and why.

Hows that working for use these days, eh?

Perhaps what we need is a mass take-over of the Republican party. Taking back what belonged to us in the first place. The New Republicans. Granted, I'm not quite sure about the logistics of it, but it seems worthwhile to at least TRY to stop the damned nanny-statists, big-gummint goons and communists from ruining our country.

As for me, I'm still supporting Thompson. Hell, if Clinton gets elected, it may just speed up the date of the next civil war. Not a happy thought.

Media Bias

Kevin Baker has up another long essay, this one on the bias in the media and the reasons behind it. Well worth reading, and the findings may surprise you. Or maybe not. Still worth reading.

And I can't believe that Mr. Baker ever called any post of mine "a little too long". Heh.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rather Frightening

You ready to be scared? Then go read this analysis of the Clintons at the American Thinker. It's a long read, so make sure you have some time to go over it. I don't know if this country can survive another Clinton presidency.

Found at KisP.