Saturday, October 23, 2004

More DNC Thuggery

Political motivations turned criminal Thursday night or early Friday when vandals smashed a large glass door with a section of cinder block at the Republican Party headquarters in downtown Flagstaff.

Cincinnati's headquarters for the Bush/Cheney re-election campaign was broken into overnight.

And Portland, Oregon.

Friday, October 22, 2004

DNC Thug Update

Ann Coulter assaulted. With pies.

C'est dommage.

What will they think of next?

Apparently this story has been brewing for quite some time.

I didn't notice as I am not much of a tennis fan, I'm not even sure where you watch tennis these days if you are a fan.

Over in Spain at the Madrid Masters they are using Hugo Boss models as ballgirls. So of course there have been protests, mostly from the press, by people saying it just ain't right.

How does one say "it just ain't right" in Espanol?

But the best stuff comes from Soledad Murillo, Spain's Secretary for Equality, who has said that employing the 19- to 28-year-old models instead of volunteer young tennis fans to pick up stray balls and hand towels to players was sexist and unsporting, she said.

Aw golly.

I'll tell you one thing - I am recalling Shallow Hal when Hal meets Anthony Robbins who is talking about people being programmed with a notion of what is and what is not physical beauty.

Looking at that second picture above kinda drills that home, don't it? Ain't nearly a lick of difference between those four gals.

Seen the video?

Fidel Castro channeling Gerald Ford.

Current Electoral Vote Predictor 2004

The Electoral Vote Predictor has the race dead even.

Scary that Kerry seems to have a big lead in Ohio.


I'm a haughty and frustrated pamphleteer.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

I am reminded of AC/DC

"Have a choke on me!"

The Daily Stupid

Markos' commentary is at its imbecilic finest again with this bit of lunacy:

"He delivers $300 in tax cuts, then takes away thousands in rising tuition costs. Bush continues to put a few dollars in your front pocket, while stealthily taking from your back pocket."

It reminds me of the SPAM song from Monty Python, but it's "Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. "

Daily Kos

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Birth of a Nation

Did anyone else see Norman Lear on Hardball this evening? Mr. Lear apparently is touring the United States with a copy of the Declaration of Independence. Like a copy from 1776.

He said he came upon it because one of his daughters attends school with the daughter of one of the Directors at Sotheby's in LA. Lear got invited to see the document at Sotheby's. "It's the birth certificate for our country," he said.

He said he wept when he first saw it.

As synchronicity would have it, I then happened upon some material at InstaPundit this evening along those same lines. Excerpt:

One of those who survived the blast was a national guard soldier named Qusay Hassan. He spoke with anger following the death and maiming of his comrades, and his spirit seemed unbroken.

"I will not kneel before these terrorists," Mr. Hassan said. "If I don't join the army, who is going to defend the country from the terrorists?"
I will not kneel before these terrorists.

That's guts.

Then there is this:

Foreigners are mystified at how Iraqis continue to join the police and army, despite the car bombings and other attacks directed against them. It's not just for the money. For many of these recruits, there is a dead relative, murdered by some Sunni Arab thug working for Saddam. It's civil war, and the coalition wants to prevent it from turning into an orgy of revenge. What gets little reported in the West is the enthusiasm among Iraqis, and especially members of the government, for just bombing Fallujah into rubble.
Who knew.

I guess where this leads me, for a quick vent here, is that I hate the DNC. I mean to say, if i may be indelicate, that i fucking hate them. They are so disgusting and vile that i can no longer think of them, Kerry and Edwards and their wives and Rangel and Sharpton and McAuliffe and Rather and Lockhart and Dean, without narrowing my eyes and curling my lip like i just caught a whiff of a full dumpster on a June afternoon in Mobile. Simply disgusting. They speak of human rights and civil rights and dignity yet here they are traipsing across America saying ++wrong war wrong time wrong place++ while brave Iraqis are spitting in the eyes of the jihadists to sign up to make themselves a free country.

Read, and follow the links. That there are Americans who are looking to undercut these brave people is just despicable.

DANEgerous Compendium - Kerry and Sports

I don't play sports often, but when I do, I don't treat the football like a friggin' grenade! Check it ----> Link

Good grief.

Biggest debates feature neither Kerry nor Bush

The race fo the White House may well be decided by the race for an open Senate seat in Florida. Mel Martinez was virtually selected by the White House. Betty Castor is Patty Murray. They're in a dead heat.

Castor, Martinez clash in debate

Anti-Kerry Film Showing Canceled

"Stolen Honor" cancelled in Philly due to "threats of civil disturbances". I like this interview:

"We don't believe it's an honest movie. Doesn't honestly state the positions of what he did."

"Have you seen the movie?"

"No, I have not."

Jawohl! Anti-Kerry Film Showing Canceled:

Kerry Widening Electoral College Lead

Current Electoral Vote Predictor 2004

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Democrats Protest Republicans Right To Participate Freely In Political Process

Anything under the banner of "Protesting", "Demonstration", or "Freedom of Speech" as long as it favors Democrats. 120 Democrats chained themselves to the front doors of the Arlington, VA Bush Cheney headquarters. It's a "demonstration" all right, a demonstration of how sick and fucked up the Democratic party has become. They were demonstrating their willingness and ability to block lawful entry to a structure that serves their political opposition. What do you think these petulant little assholes would do if a bunch of Republicans blocked their entry to a Flipper/Puppy campaign headquarters? They'd scream "FASCIST" (not that anyone would listen to them as they use the word incorrectly so often that it carries no weight in rational discourse). They've become what they think they hate the most.

A Coupla Links

Wisconsin Public Radio covers two draft training sessions held in Madison. That's a college town, right? I suggest you read the whole piece - it ain't that long and the punchline is at the end.

Karl Rove loses bet?

In other news, John Kerry tries to git down home here. Can you imagine? Can you even imagine him saying that sentence???

La Grippe of the Trial Lawyers

This article about how vaccine makers have largely left America is a little bit sobering.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Word Is, Yasser Arafat Wants Kerry To Win

Yasser Arafat "thinks Kerry will be much better for the Palestinian cause ". What is the "cause" as professed by this particular Palestinian, friends?

"The Jews live by the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. These Zionists are not fit to establish a nation or to have their own language or even their own religion. They are nothing more than a hodgepodge," according to an article in the PA newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah on Sept. 2, 1997.

I agree! Kerry would be great for that! President Bush, on the other hand, won't deal with hate filled terrorists like Arafat and shut down Uncle Saddam's ($25,000 dollar payoff per spent Palicracker) Family Life Insurance Policies business. He's terrible for the Palistinian "Cause"! The line is there. Those voting for President Bush for re-election know which side of that line our candidate stands on. Which side does John Kerry stand on?

John Kerry called terrorist leader Yasser Arafat a "role model" and a "statesman" in a 1997 book "that Kerry cites as proof of his own foresight about foreign policy,"

You be the judge!

At least 31,000 Democrats still able to vote in BOTH New York City and Florida

Two Months ago:

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - About 46,000 people, most of them Democrats, are illegally registered to vote in New York City and in Florida, the liberal New York Daily News reported today.

Why "At least"? Because:

"The investigation doesn't include other states or even the suburbs of New York"!


Governor George Pataki - "The Democratic Assembly keeps blocking reforms and making it really tough to pass federal voter registration standards,"
Geeee, I wonder why. Surely Democrats have an explanation for their obstruction of this legislation....

Democrats say the problem involves Pataki and the Senate Republican leadership. "Everyone knows there's an undercurrent in the Senate that wants to confer with the governor before passing anything," said Assemblyman Keith Wright, chairman of the Election Law Commission.

Except, ya know, NOT. "It's not OUR's those cautious lackadaisical Republicans. It surely isn't us Democrats who benefit to the tune of at least 31,000 more illegal votes if we stall this until after the election."

Wright agreed with Pataki, however, that New York's failure to pass the act has a direct effect on the double registration controversy. The state comptroller's office has $68 million waiting to be used for a centralized list that would identify voters registered in multiple states and counties. That money cannot be used until New York passes the reforms.

Donks get AT LEAST 31,000 extra illegal votes if the measure fails to pass and take effect before the election, and they say Republicans are stalling the legislation. Ahem....BULLSHIT!

Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor Theresa LePore Is A Fuck Up

Theresa LaPore, the Butterfly Ballot Queen of Palm Beach County, Florida, sits atop yet another Democrat Driven Election Debacle Entirely Of Their Own Making:

A Democratic state legislator said she wasn't given a complete absentee ballot when she asked to opt for paper instead of the electronic touch-screen machines.
State Rep. Shelley Vana was not so happy. She said the paper absentee ballot she was given at a Palm Beach County site was missing one of its two pages, including the proposed amendments to the state constitution. She said election workers were indifferent when she pointed out the oversight.

"There was absolutely no concern on the part of the folks at the Supervisor of Elections Office that this page was missing. This is not a good start. If there are incomplete ballots out there, I can't imagine I would be the only one getting it, she said.

The infamous Butterfly Ballots (which were submitted for public approval AND APPROVED before the 2000 election) and now she can't even send out the whole ballot. Lovely representation you have elected, Palm Beach county residents.....or have you?

Ohio Voter Registration Fraud Funded By Crack Cocaine

Crack Heads for Kerry!!

Mon Oct 18 2004 13:26:03 ET

October 18, 2004

The Defiance County Sheriff's Office arrested Chad Staton, age 22, of Stratton Ave., Defiance, on a charge of False Registration, in Violation of Section 3599.11 of the Ohio Revised Code, a felony of the fifth degree.

The SheriffÕs Office alleges that Staton filled out over 100 voter registration forms that were fictitious. Staton was to be paid for each registration form that he could get citizens to fill out. However, Staton himself filled out the registrations and returned them to the woman who hired him from Toledo, Ohio. Deputies allege that Staton was paid crack cocaine for the falsified registrations.

Defiance Deputies along with Toledo Police Department detectives conducted a search warrant of a residence on Woodland in Toledo, believed to be the home of the woman who hired Staton to solicit voter registration. Officers confiscated drug paraphernalia along with voter registration forms from the home. The occupant of the home, Georgianne Pitts, age 41, advised law enforcement, along with Ohio B.C.I.&I., that she had been recruited by Thaddeus J. Jackson, II, of Cleveland, to obtain voter registrations. Pitts admitted to paying Staton crack cocaine for the registrations in lieu of money.

A business card provided by Pitts indicated that Jackson is the Assistant NVF Ohio Director of the NAACP National Voter Fund.

The initial complaint received by the Sheriff's Office came from the Defiance County Board of Elections. The Board had received the 100 plus registration forms from the Cuyahoga Board of Elections that had been submitted to the Cuyahoga Board by the NAACP National Voter Fund.


Update: I updated this with the text from Drudge's link.

Blogs For Bush gives us a peep at Thaddeus Jackson's rap sheet.

Which candidate...

...looks best in drag?

Americans for Fair Tax

Read a little about the "Fair Tax" here.

Mark Halperin: Member of the Fifteen Point Club

That damned Schwartzenegger! Did you read what he said???

"Both of them did not answer some of the questions, which I think is upsetting to me. I think it is much better to be straightforward with the people... You know like Kerry did. Bush did the same thing in some instances, not really get into it and answer it."
You know, when I read that, I got so mad that it just made me wanna, IT MADE ME WANNA, IT MADE ME WANNA find out if that is what he really said.

Guess what!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Big Mike...

...has C-SPAN cameras removed from one of his "events".

Davids Medienkritik: Battle of the Blogs: Medienkritik vs. George Soros

This may take you a while to read. You should read it anyway.

Kill zone:

The most useful comparison of Nazi Germany to Saddam’s Iraq involves the proposition that we cannot appease dictators and allow them to become imminent threats. In the 1930s the world stood by as Adolf Hitler violated one international arms treaty after the other. A pacifist policy of appeasement and multilateral diplomacy through the League of Nations was initially pursued to deal with Germany’s rearmament and expansionist tendencies. Hitler, a dictator armed with a clear ideology of hate and aggression, was allowed to flout international law while snatching up neighboring states one by one. Finally, when it was already far, far too late, the world took decisive action to stop Nazi Germany. By that time the Fascist state had become an “imminent threat.” 55 million people died in World War II.
Well, yeah.

The above is a tremedous defense of American preemptive and near-unilateral defense policy. Peep it.