Saturday, August 16, 2008

More government thuggery.

Kevin Baker has a couple of posts up about the wonderful job that the gummint, both local and federal, are doing to protect us from..... well, SOMETHING obviously, because they seem to be very serious about doing their job.

Sending storm-troopers into a guys house because he bought handgun ammo? Yep.

Confiscating supplies and notes from the house of a do-it-yourself chemist even though he hasn't broken any laws? Yep.

As Ronald Reagan said years ago, "The scariest words in the English language are 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help'" Add the two examples abover to the Idaho man who was jailed by a petty tyrant because he had the audacity to follow the rules and laws of where he lived. At which point do we as citizens start to lock and load? How about we start just shutting our doors in the faces of the thugs and storm-troopers sent by a government that more and more resembles the government we broke away from over two-hundred years ago? Re-issue the Declaration of Independence to the corrupt, blood-sucking shitheels in D.C. It's as valid today as it was back in 1776.

Government is the PROBLEM

It is almost never the solution. And it sure the hell ain't the solution here either.

Bid accepted

Paperwork signed. Bank loan OK'ed. Now we wait for the inspectors to do their job. And if all goes well, I'll be the owner of a house.

I'm scared witless right now. For everyone else who has their own home, did you feel like this when you bought your first house?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Scratch a Democrat

Find a dictator. The silencing of dissent via threats of violence and/or homicide does seem to be a hallmark of the Leftists, does it not?

When they call anyone on the Right a "fascist" or "thug", remember that it's just projection on the Leftist's behalf.

Drive-by blogging

I'm doing posting as I can, but obviously I'm not up to my normal standard. I apologize for that. Hell, I'm catching mistakes a day after the fact, once it's been posted for 24 hours. Kinda sucks. But, once I have internet on a regular basis things should go back to normal.

Problem is, I don't know when I'll have the internet on a regular basis. So there we are.

Well, yes..... but.......

Kim du Toit has a post up with links to articles detailing why America won't elect the Lord Messiah B. Hussien Obama. I'm not so sure.

1) The sheer idiocy of the liberal enclaves might swamp the boat, so to speak.
2) The Republican Stupid Party has just spent the better part of four years shitting all over their base of support.
3) John McCain is uninspiring to the point of boredom.

Any one of those three points is bad. But today, all three points are converging into a maelstrom of political suicide for this country. All we can do is keep showing how unfit B. Hussien Obama is to be President and hope for the best.

Monday, August 11, 2008

House hunting part Tres

Actually, the hunting as pretty much stopped, now that the bidding has commenced. We put in a bid on Friday. We still haven't heard back. That might be a bad thing, but on the other hand we didn't get a phone call of hysterical laughter from the sellers, so it might be that they're considering it.

The rental is an absolutely beautiful house. It's also about $30,000 more than we can afford to buy. So until we have OUR house in OUR name, we'll continue living there and fixing it up as we can. Nothing too expensive, but I can afford to put some elbow grease into making it better while I live there.

And coffee shops with Wi-Fi are my friend.

More evidence that the MSM is worthless

This time with the reference of John Edwards. How the NYT just flat out buried the story. How the story was out there, but the MSM refused to even check on it.

You cannot trust the MSM to tell you the truth. Actually, you can't trust the MSM to tell you anything that they do not personally and politically agree with. They are whores. Harlots. They are the cheap, tawdry tavern wench who has been bought and paid for to slip a mickey into your drink when you're not looking. They are scum. Worthless and pathetic, they have given up their mantel as "reporters" and have gone straight into political advocacy disguised as news. Any claim of objectivity from the MSM can be discarded as complete rubbish, and the credibility of any journalist can be assumed to be nil, zip, zilch, nada, non-existent.

I have to scan five different sources for a news story before I'll even begin to believe it. And unfortunately, I find myself looking at stories that don't make it very far and wondering "Did that die because it's false, or did that die because the MSM doesn't agree with the political angle?"

I wouldn't trust a "journalist" any farther than I could throw him.

The Olympic Games are on

And I don't have a TV. You know what? After watching the opening ceremonies at lodging, I really don't know if I'll miss it. Did anyone else catch that show on whatever station was broadcasting it? The director was either doing drugs, or needs to be fired pronto. They would have this wonderful panoramic shot of all the performers, and then they would close in for some ungodly close-up shot of a Chinese guy in his costume. The performance was meant to be viewed from above and from afar, not up close! You would have this great shot of the people in the light-up costumes, and when viewed properly it was breath-taking. I don't much care for the Chi-coms, but whoever was in charge of this thing did it damn well. UNTIL..... the dipshit in the director's chair decided that a close-up of a single performer lit up like a Christmas tree would be better than the actual entire show.

I do not need to see a close-up of a Chi-com with LED lights on his wanger, thanks very much, go kill yourself for being such a moron, mmkay? For Pete's sake, the performers could have been giving a one-of-a-kind show, and I missed it because the drug-soaked idiot in charge of the cameras wants to give me a shot of some single performer's FREAKING FEET! Put the bong down, you shit-for-brains asshole! Pull the camera back! You turned a good show into a miserable experience!

Oh, and the commercials during the Parade of Athletes. Matt Lauer and Bob Costas blathering away for thirty seconds, followed by two minutes of commercials. "And here's the tiny island nation of Tututu, wearing constumes representing the penis of their monarch, King Schlongalong! You know, they worship their king's phallus, Matt! Now let's take a quick break for commercials!"

*****two minutes of Raging Dave beating himself unconscious with a beer bottle*******

"And we're back, as the Australians enter this magnificent arena! Aren't their dusters magnificent, Matt? Now let's take a quick commercial break!"

*****two more minutes of Raging Dave trying to kill himself with an ottoman*****

After a while, I just turned it to a different channel, and I would click back over to see when the Americans were entering. And oh, by the way, how did everyone love the sheer, Soviet-style military showing of the flag raising? You could almost hear Joseph Stalin screaming from his grave "DA! DA, COMRADE!" I thought the goose-stepping while carrying the Olympic freaking flag was a rather nice touch.


Anyways, I guess I'll have to read all about the games in the newspaper for a little while. Ah well. That's life.


The Glow-Bull Warming crowd reminds me of a retarded child some days. You can tell them the truth, but they still don't get it. You just have to keep telling them the truth until it sticks. Or until they die, in which case you just hope you can mitigate the damage they might cause from not listening to you.

Thanks, Alger.

What do you make of this?

Reader Proud Horn emailed me this, and asked of Obama was a Trekkie. (reference for that here) Me, I'm not so sure. I think it indicates the size of the shafting we're all going to feel personally if Obama gets elected. "Yep, by the time the Lord Messiah B. Hussien Obama is done, your cornhole is gonna be THIS BIG!"

UPDATE: Kim du Toit has another thought on it.