Saturday, September 06, 2014

Nailed it

This article in the Federalist has a paragraph at the bottom that just nails the Left's whole life philosophy in a few short sentences.

That there are angry, bitter misanthropes out there with a chip on their shoulder about having to cook is not significant. What is significant is that this outlook gets taken seriously and finds a home and a ready audience on the left. What’s significant is that there is a constituency out there that is ready to complain about each and every basic requirement of human life, to resent the effort of taking responsibility for it, and to denounce as tyranny any expectation that life is supposed to be about work, effort, and striving.

Isn't that just a perfect summation?  Think about all those useful idiots walking around squawking about how they should get paid $15 an hour to flip burgers and pull fries out of the fryer.  Are you kidding me?  Why should we pay you that much for doing a job that requires no real skill, training, or effort?

EFFORT.  That in itself is the key.  Put some effort into your life, and you won't be working for minimum wage very long at all.  Want to get paid $50 an hour?  Be a plumber!  But nah, that's too hard and takes too much EFFORT, so these angry, bitter misanthropes are just going to walk around demanding a living wage for a job that can be done by a 16-year old with no experience.

They're already pushing out prototypes of burger-cooking robots, folks.  Make it cheaper to buy the robot and produce burgers, guess what's going to happen?

Friday, September 05, 2014

Just a bit longer

And then I'll be on leave, and I won't do a damn thing except wake up, go running and drink coffee while enjoy my cigars.


Wednesday, September 03, 2014

THIS is why you don't just let anyone in.

So, the ISIS terrorist (now an ex-terrorist, actually) from Minneapolis, who was 29 years old, had 9 kids from multiple women, and jumped at the chance to go be a jihadist in Iraq worked at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport.

Do you feel better now?  Do you feel safer?

This musloid, who most likely dumped his kids onto the social welfare services (who else is taking care of them?) believed enough in jihad to go abroad to join in a massive terrorist army.  And he had access to the planes that flew in and out of one of the busiest airports in America.

Minneapolis is full of Somali immigrants, and Somali immigrants bring Somali problems to America if they are not forced to leave them behind.  And since Minneapolis is Ground Zero for liberal retardation in the upper Midwest (along with Madison, WI), that means that those Somali immigrants were welcomed with open arms and told "Don't you ever change, you vibrant, mulit-cultural person you!"

Well, guess what Somalia has to offer to the world, hm?  Pirates.  Terrorism.  Child armies addicted to khat.  Warlords.  Brutality.

So...  how about when people come to America from Somalia, they have to leave all that behind?  You think we could do that please?  Apparently not.  The only good thing to come out of this story is that the jihadist shithead died in Iraq and not blowing himself up in America.

Either we get damn picky about who we let into this country, or we get more crap like this, only next time maybe it shows up as pieces of what used to be a plane and 250 people impact the ground over Chicago, or St. Louis, or Denver.


I had a restful weekend, but not a sleep-filled one.  And last night I was helping the Mrs. with one of her things, and we got home just in time to go to bed today if you catch my drift.

So it's up at 0530 to start continue my day, and my brain just called me a few unmentionable things, with my body chiming in.  So sorry for the lack of posting today.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

pResident Uhbama knew.

He knew about ISIS for at least a year, and that gutless fucking piece of shit still doesn't have a strategy to deal with them.

After crowing for years about how he got us out of Iraq, and how Iraq is stable and secure, all his lies on that particular story are exposed yet again.

Dear lord, I cannot wait until I can be proud of my country again.  But hey, look!  Obama's golfing!  How rare an occasion!

Monday, September 01, 2014

I'm with Ricky Gervais on this one

You wanna guess how many nude photos of myself or the Mrs. there are around the house?

Aw, hell, I'll tell you right out:  None.  None on our computers, none on our phones, none on any cameras, none on any devices.

That's because we don't take nude photos of ourselves.

Now, the chances of anyone wanting a nude photo of me is exactly zero, and I still don't take nude photos of myself because the last thing I need is someone actually finding a picture of me in the buff, and then vomiting for an hour.

But celebrities?  Hey, guess what - if you're a hot female, and you make a lot of money by showing off your hot female self, do you really think people won't stop at nothing to get nude photos of you?  Hmmmmmm?

So yeah, I with Ricky Gervais:  If you don't want anyone hacking nude photos from your phone, don't have nude photos on your phone.  And that "phone", as you call it, is nothing more than a computer that also makes phone calls.  And any computer can be hacked.  Hell, your "phone" is a computer designed to be hacked, because it's designed to allow communication with other devices!

So either admit that you wanted those photos out there in the first place, or stop taking nude photos of yourself and keeping them on your phone.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Before you throw whatever you're cooking on the grill, sprinkle it with a little bit of scotch, and then dump your spices on it.  If you don't have a particular rub, at least use salt, pepper and garlic.

The scotch adds just the right amount of sweet to the finished product, and it helps the spices stick to the meat.

Trust me.  Do it.