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Saturday, September 06, 2014

Nailed it

This article in the Federalist has a paragraph at the bottom that just nails the Left's whole life philosophy in a few short sentences.

That there are angry, bitter misanthropes out there with a chip on their shoulder about having to cook is not significant. What is significant is that this outlook gets taken seriously and finds a home and a ready audience on the left. What’s significant is that there is a constituency out there that is ready to complain about each and every basic requirement of human life, to resent the effort of taking responsibility for it, and to denounce as tyranny any expectation that life is supposed to be about work, effort, and striving.

Isn't that just a perfect summation?  Think about all those useful idiots walking around squawking about how they should get paid $15 an hour to flip burgers and pull fries out of the fryer.  Are you kidding me?  Why should we pay you that much for doing a job that requires no real skill, training, or effort?

EFFORT.  That in itself is the key.  Put some effort into your life, and you won't be working for minimum wage very long at all.  Want to get paid $50 an hour?  Be a plumber!  But nah, that's too hard and takes too much EFFORT, so these angry, bitter misanthropes are just going to walk around demanding a living wage for a job that can be done by a 16-year old with no experience.

They're already pushing out prototypes of burger-cooking robots, folks.  Make it cheaper to buy the robot and produce burgers, guess what's going to happen?

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