Saturday, February 20, 2016

Jeb Bush is dropping out

It's about time.

I'm figuring that most of his support is going to fall in line behind Marco Rubio.  Not my first choice. But he should have never jumped in the race to begin with.  It shows just how badly the GOP understands it's voters that he was in the race at all.

Hey, guess who had food poisoning?

Yeah.  Coming out of both ends.  It was not fun.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Sage of South Central says...

My opinion

If I had to put up with modern feminized women, I'd be buying sex dolls as well.

The arrival of sex robots will soon see men spurning real life partners and snuggling up to silicon instead. 
But feminists fear the arrival of bonk bots could spark an explosion of sexism which will see men adopt dark age attitudes to real life ladies.

Too bad, feminists.  You've turned modern women into nothing more than men with vaginas.

You've pushed women into the workplace.  You've pushed them into the military.  You've pushed them OUT of the home.  You've pushed them OUT of being mothers.  You've done everything you possibly could to eliminate the nuclear family.  You have done your best to ensure that a woman is JUST LIKE A MAN.

But men don't want women to be just like a man.  We like our women to be women.

So why should men spend all that time pursuing women again?  Why should a man work his tail off, only to come home and find his wife exhausted from doing the same crap he did, his kids being raised by someone else, his house not in order, and some fast food on the table because nobody has the time to cook dinner?

Ladies, if men wanted that, we'd get room-mates and be done with it.

Oh, but you're a modern, strong, independent womyn, hear you roar?  Cool.  Roar over there.  I've got a sex-bot to take care of the only thing of value a modern womyn can bring to the table, which means I don't have to put up with all the OTHER bullshit that modern womyn bring with them.

Men are rather primitive by nature, if you women out there haven't guessed it yet.  Without a woman to keep a home, a man has no reason to provide one.  Without a woman to help raise his children, a man won't bother having any.  Without a woman to give him a reason to head out every day and work his tail off, a man will sit around in his boxers playing Xbox.  In short, without a woman to civilize him, a man won't become civilized.  Take women, fully feminine women who revel in being women out of the picture, and you're left with men and the room-mate with benefits that the man sleeps with sometimes.

In the modern world, under modern feminism, a woman is nothing more than the collective value of her sexual prowess.  Because modern feminists have made sure that women deny their actual value in society.  But that means that once something like a sex-bot who looks and screws like a porn star comes along, a modern woman doesn't have any real value left at all.

Oh what a shock

Elliott Spitzer got caught sticking his schwanz where it doesn't belong yet again.  His girlfriend is apparently all pissed off about it, which is understandable.  However, his girlfriend is also a Democrat Political Operative, so if there's anyone who's familiar with being around diseased assholes, it's a Donk Political Operative, so you think she might be used to this type of thing.  Also, the amount of negative karma you get as a Democrat Political Operative means that at some point, life is going to take a double dose of ex-lax and stand over you with its legs spread.

And he's old enough to be her daddy.  I'd say she has much deeper issues than the possibility of an STD.

And apparently Spitzer was banging this girlfriend while still married (he was still married?  What kind of nutcase stays married to Elliott F'n Spitzer?  Whiskey.  Tango.  FOXTROT.  Over.) so it's not like this chick didn't know he liked to step out on his ladies.  Sheesh.

You know what?  I don't feel sorry for her at all.  She needs to be held up as an example of WHAT NOT TO DO if you're a woman.  Dear ladies - if you don't want to end up a sour old shrew, pinch-faced and lonely with your dozen cats in a high-rise NYC apartment, do not ever do what Liz Smith did.  You're welcome.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Monday, February 15, 2016

OK, so I love snow

The rest of Virginia, not so much.  House hunting gets a whole lot harder when real-estate folks are huddled up in their houses as if driving in the snow might cause them to first break out in hives and then burst into flames.  They didn't even bother showing up to the offices, if the complete and total lack of phone communication can be believed.  We did manage to get one or two folks to respond to text messages.

We actually had one person give us the code to the key box and say "Let us know what you think of the inside!"  So we went and checked it out.  It was the only house we could look at today.

Maybe they're all suffering from PTSD after the wholloping they got a few weeks ago?

Ah well.  I managed to get my hair cut.  And I was the only customer the poor lady had all day.

More snow

Yay!  Seriously!  Yay!