Saturday, February 18, 2012

Winter time

Took a spill yesterday on my run.  Had some ice underneath a fresh layer of snow, and I didn't see it.  I managed to catch myself on the way down, so I didn't crack my head.  Yesterday I was sore.  Right now, life sucks.

I hate getting old.  This wouldn't have bothered me one bit ten years ago.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Things what make me wish I wasn't part of humanity

As related by Tam:

Using the only available hammer they had for pounding this particular nail, they threw down with their Glocks and put paid to the bovine road hazards.

Unfortunately for the po-po, a tourist from Ontario captured it on video, which subsequently triggered a stampede of internet opprobrium.
Lucille Cloutier, who took the video while on vacation from Ontario, said that she would have expected the officers to have used tranquilizers rather than shooting the cows dead.
Sure! Or maybe they could have used those net guns like they had in Jurassic Park 2! No, no, wait! Maybe they could have shot the gun out of the cow's hoof! Because heaven knows we wouldn't want to cause the cow any harm on its way to the slaughterhouse, you cretin!

Ugh. How far we have come from our pastoral roots...

I have come to the conclusion that a vast majority of humanity is too fucking stupid to live, and if it weren't for the massive transfer of wealth and materials from the productive class to the non-productive class, civilization as we know it would cease to exist in less than a month.

And you know what?  I would prefer it that way.  Let the non-productive class rot, eat itself, and fucking die.  I wouldn't shed a tear.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Patrick Henry Project

I may have to do this, once my voice heals up from it's latest exertion.  And being in a job where I talk all day doesn't help.  But it's a goodie.  I think that Patrick Henry needs to be read at every school, every government office, and every military installation.  Maybe then we might have the balls to get rid of our government slave-owners.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The phrase is "DUH!"

You mean to tell me that MMFA and the White House were coordinating their attacks?  Shah!  No way! 

Folks, anyone who didn't know that Media Matters and the White House were in complete and total lockstep simply wasn't paying attention.  I don't know if MMFA was writing the White House press releases, or if the White House was telling MMFA what to say.  Either way, one of them had their hand up the ass of the other and was was making their mouth move.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

I'll second that

Whatever Andrew Breitbart is drinking, send a case.

It's time to get mad, folks.  It's time to hit back.  And it's time to stop allowing the kind of Leftist violence and intimidation that they are openly flaunting.

Running again

So after being sick as a dog for a week, I finally was able to go for a run this morning.  Felt good.  Stretched out the legs, worked the lungs.  And coughed up some INTERESTING shapes.  There was one that I spat out I swear was shaped like a duck-billed platypus.