Friday, October 28, 2022

Thinking about getting back on Twitter

 Musk owns it.  Supposedly, no censorship from the commies.  Whaddya think?

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Fuck. Off. You Marxist shitheads.

 Italian Bishops vomit forth the usual marxist bullshit that we've come to expect from the Church's so-called "leadership".

ROME — The head of the Italian Bishops’ Conference (CEI), Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, has urged Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to prioritize welcoming migrants and “ecological transition” in her governing program.

I'm just done pretending that these people have any connection to God or the actual Church.  Inviting Muslims into your country en mass doesn't do anything to help them, and it certainly doesn't do anything to improve your country.  You want to help the poor?  HELP THE POOR WHERE THEY ARE.  The Good Samaritan didn't take the beaten man into his house, he took him to an inn and paid for his care.  There's a lesson there.

Racist Club Uses Intersectionality To Grow Membership Through Diversity ...

I think I've posted this before.  But I was talking about it to a friend yesterday and I had to dig it up and watch it again.

Key word: Jesuit

 Everyone needs to stop pretending that the Jesuits are remotely Catholic.

For whatever reason, I can't pull any text from the article, so you'll just have to go read how a Jesuit wrote an essay on white privilege and is now indoctrinating his students with Critical Race Theory.

I think this is the perfect metaphor to describe how Satan corrupts things that were good.  The Jesuits used to be the Church's intellectual shock troops.  Now they're just a bunch of Marxist homosexuals who actively teach concepts that are antithetical to the Church and to God.  Jesuit schools used to focus on teaching a solid educational foundation.  Now it's godless gobbledygook.  The Jesuits stopped serving God a long time ago, and now they serve a different master.


Wednesday, October 26, 2022

I watched some of the debates last night

 Only a bit, because they're not my state, but I still wanted to see what was going on.

Holy Crap, Fettermnan was a disaster.  The guy can't talk.  He can't listen to you and understand you, he has to have these giant screens with someone transcribing speech for him.  The word salad he was vomiting out made me feel for the guy.  For a little bit.  And then I remember that he's doing this to himself, in a bid for political power.  The GOP didn't do itself any favors by choosing Dr. Oz to be their candidate, but Fetterman pretty much made Oz the next Senator by holding on to his bid.

The NY Gov race.  Zeldin vs. Hochul.  Another Holy Crap.  Hochul is a fucking hag, and I say that knowing that I'm probably insulting hags with that assessment.  If New York elects that botoxed commie they deserve everything that happens to them afterwards.  Her fake eyebrows only accentuate the fact that her upper face is frozen in place, and the lower half of her face seems to be fixed in a permanent sneer.  I wouldn't want her to be dogcatcher, much less have ANY position with power over me.

Anyways....  off to cook dinner.

I can still push myself as hard as I used to decades ago

 But I sure as hell pay for it now.

September and the first half of October was a grind.  I think I had one weekend off in September, and then I got another weekend off last weekend.  All the rest was working in one form or another.  

To put it plainly, that kicked my ass.  I'm still feeling the effects of it.  Gym workouts are harder to complete.  Brain fog.  And being pretty angry most the time from feeling tired all the time.

I shudder to think about how I'm going to feel in another decade.

I can remember doing a month of 12 hour days when I was 21.  No days off.  Just working my ass off.  And the moment it was over, party hard and then work again.  If I tried that now I'd be dead.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022


 A a looooong time ago, your humble narrator wasn't exactly a good Catholic boy.  Oh, I went to church and I sang in the choir, but I followed the Church's teachings about as well as a Great Dane dances ballet.  Which meant that when young Dave found a delightful young woman who's primary interest was in getting me naked and screwing like rabbits, I didn't hesitate one bit.

This delightful young woman was blonde, stacked, and for some unknown reason wanted me in all kinds of ways.  I still to this day never figured out why she was attracted to me but I wasn't about to bother her by asking, I was just going to enjoy the marathon shagging sessions that resulted.  

Fast forward a year - I'm now in the Army, and just got back from Basic Training.  The delightful young woman and I meet up once again.  Much illicit fun ensued, right before I got sent to Korea for a year.  But, as a way of showing her that I really intended to come back, I handed her my high school class ring.

There was a whole lot of story and action that occurred between those two periods, but I'll save that for another day.

We keep up correspondence while I'm overseas, until one day the letters just....  stop.  This kind of shit happens.  I get over it, and when I come back from Korea I try to find her, but she's gone in the wind.

Now, fast forward to last year, when I get a weird email asking me if I'm the Dave from specific place and specific time.  I respond, and the next email is "Hey, this is (name redacted) and I've been trying to find you for years.  I wanted to give you your ring back."

Turns out she's happily married, two kids, good life, and she wanted to close that particular chapter of her past.

Got the ring in the mail yesterday.  It doesn't fit anymore, as my fingers are a bit more beat up and gnarly than they were when I was 18.  It's still beat to shit because I would wear it when I was drumming, and the repeated hammering from a drumstick on the ring turned the band into more of an oval than a circle.  

I wish that delightful lady the best.  I'll dash off a note thanking her for the ring.  Some things come out of the blue, and this was one of them.

Monday, October 24, 2022

Tying into yesterday's post

 The Fuckening continues.

If you live in the Northeast, you know that even in normal times, heating oil bills constitute a significant expense because winters are usually brutal. Unfortunately, this year could be the worst year ever for residents of the region hoping to adequately heat their homes. Not only are heating oil prices through the roof on anti-fossil fuel President Joe Biden’s watch, but even for those who have the funds to stock up, it doesn’t really matter: heating oil rationing is already taking place.

I have friends and family in the New England area.  I hope they stay safe and warm  But I won't cry a single tear for any Democrat who freezes to death this winter.  They voted for this.  They can fucking own it.  

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Folks, prepare for the Fuckening

 Because Joe Biden is going to be screwing America more and more no matter who sits in Congress.  How, you ask?  Well, like this.

As Bloomberg noted this week, “The US has just 25 days of diesel supply, the lowest since 2008, according to the Energy Information Administration. At the same time, the four-week rolling average of distillates supplied, a proxy for demand, rose to its highest seasonal level since 2007.”

The Biden administration has remained strangely silent, probably hoping that the dismal news doesn’t hit the mainstream because it’s a total political timebomb waiting to go off, especially as the midterm elections are so close.

Diesel fuel is tied to EVERY aspect of American life, because if you bought it, it got to you through some combination of diesel-fueled transportation.  Trucks and trains all use diesel.  And unless you manage to live on the coast and have your supplies delivered by sailboat, your food, your goods, all of it needs diesel fuel to get to you.

So what's the best way to screw over Americans?  Make the cost of diesel skyrocket, so that everybody has to pay more.

This is all being done on purpose, folks.  This isn't just ignorance, this is malice.  Pure, unadulterated malic.