Saturday, December 17, 2016

Weather in Virginia is wierd

It was 25 degrees when I woke up this morning.  It's currently 52 degrees at almost 2200 hrs.  It'll be in the sixties tomorrow.

Yeah.  I know.

Bill Whittle

On "Fake News"

The NYT is renting out eight floors

That's a good start.  I can't wait until the NYT building is referenced like the Sears Tower.  Yeah, it used to hold that business, but they went broke and had to leave....

Friday, December 16, 2016


So there'a a video out of Oklahoma U running back Joe Mixon punching a woman.

Horrible, right?  Like, let's lynch the guy, right?

Well, the video shows the woman lunging at Mixon and pushing him in the chest.  Mixon does a little lunge at the girl, and then steps back, whereupon the woman slaps him, and he cold-cocks her.  Twitchy has a link about the Twitter aftermath that includes the actual video.  The action is at 32 seconds.

Ladies and Gents....  here is where Ragin' Dave puts on his cold-hearted thinking hat and pisses people off.

If you put your hands on a man in a violent manner, be prepared for a violent response.  Period.

"OH BUT DAVE, IT'S WRONG TO HIT A WOMAN!"  Incorrect.  It USED to be wrong to hit a woman.  But I'm at the point where I cannot apply old traditions to the new generation.  Women are JUST LIKE MEN, remember?  If I refuse to treat a woman like I would treat a man, that's MISOGYNY!  SEXISM!  ABLEISM!

And let's not forget that chivalry was a code of honor followed by BOTH genders.  It was based on mutual respect for the other.  Please show me where chivalry, or just old-fashioned manners holds sway on a college campus these days?  Modern Feminists are all about how us old white men need to die off, and how they're so much better than us, and how we're a cancer on the world.  And I'm supposed to dip my hat and pretend that they're ladies worthy of respect?  Nah, no thanks.  Not until they prove that they deserve it, and Amelia Molitor has proven the exact opposite.

So I'm just going to lay it out there:  If a woman feels like she's strong enough to assault a man, then she should expect a violent response back.  Mixon didn't stand there and beat her while she was down.  She assaulted Mixon, he took one swing, she went to sleep, and he left.  If I was on the jury, I wouldn't convict him of a damn thing.  It was a justified response.  And maybe the next time little Miss Molitor feels like assaulting someone, she'll think again and keep her hands to herself.

Welcome to EQUALITY, baby.  Welcome to being treated JUST LIKE A MAN would be treated in this situation.  You like that?  No?  Deal with it.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

These people claim to be the "smart" ones

Clinton campaign desperately trying to spin their stupidity, incompetence and ignorance into "LOOK AT THE RUSSIANS!"

The story is about the idiocy of falling for phishing! How is that "hard to see coming"? And what's the point of tracing it? Just never fall for it and the problem is solved, wherever the hell it came from. The Russians don't deserve special credit for devious genius. The Clinton campaign deserves to be lambasted for its shocking stupidity. And these are people who wanted to be trusted with the nuclear codes and who relied on the argument that Donald Trump is a dangerous ignoramus.

Look, we shouldn't be shocked that the same corrupt organization that put Above Top Secret classified info on a private email server fell for a phishing scam.  They deserve every bit of scorn and mockery that gets heaped on their heads.  I have to take a cyber-security class every friggin' year as part of my job training, and it's the same damn class, every year.  Same damn things they cover, over and over and over.  If any of these blithering shitstains had bothered to just follow the same basic security protocols that anyone with a security clearance has to follow, they would have been fine.

But Clinton and her team were so stupid, so arrogant, so corrupt, that they couldn't do that.

So now we're treated to round after round of "THE ROOSKIES IS IN MY EMAILS!"

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The joys of science!

So the Mrs. and I have been keeping an ale yeast alive for a couple of batches to see what the end result tastes like.  We started with a Nottingham Ale yeast, and made an apple cider with it.  It was good, but dry.  After I bottled the cider, I started a test batch of apple cyser; apple juice and honey instead of just plain juice.  I bottled it up about two weeks ago and did my usual bottle priming.  As of today, it's still not carbonated.

But a-ha, I had forgotten to do my math!  The S.G. was 1.062, and the final gravity was 0.992.  And running through my calculations, that puts the ABV at about...

9.2%, give or take.

From an ale yeast.  Holy crap, no wonder it's not carbonating!  That yeast is at the top end of it's range!  If I keep this up I'll have to invest in a keg and CO2 bottle.

I saved the yeast from that batch and I'll be starting up a blueberry batch.  The temps in the basement are running at around 60 degrees right now, so it'll be a slow batch.  We also got some lager yeast today, and I'll be making more cider and beer with that, since lagers do better in colder temps.  It's all an experiment, right?

And I'd better find some folks to help me drink this stuff, or I'll be pickled before too long.

Oooo, I'll do a blueberry cider....

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I can handle the cold

But an hour and a half on the motorcycle and highway speeds when it's 40-50 degrees does chill a man.

Just sayin.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Fake News

You have to wonder - since the Obama Administration didn't give a shit about the Chinese hacking OPM's database (to the tune of 20+ MILLION people having their personal info stolen) and they didn't give a shit about any other hacking by China, Russia, or anyone else, why are they freaking out about it now?  It's not like they didn't have any warning!

Huh.  It's almost as if they're perfectly fine with hacking so long as it hurts America (and thus by extension helps the Democrat party).  Go figure.

Turn signals

Apparently, the use of turn signals is a lost art in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Just a random observation.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

74 questions

The Department of Energy (gigglesnort) has been handed a questionnaire, 74 questions in total.  Just reading this list reassures me that while Trump might not be the greatest President ever, he'll do quite a bit to ensure this country continues on for a bit.

Go.  Read.  It's awesome.