Friday, June 16, 2023

We all knew it. The government lied about it, and we knew it was a lie.

 The Kung Flu came from a lab, thanks to US funding from that demonic imp Fauci.

But according to a bombshell report from the Sunday Times (UK), COVID-19 was indeed the result of genetic engineering carried out by the Chinese military.

Why would U.S. health officials want to cover this up? Because the funding for this effort originated in the United States, coming from the National Institute of Health via the EcoHealth Alliance. The Chinese military got involved with the coronavirus research around 2017 once significant progress was being made in gain-of-function research.

How long have I and many others said this in the face of the government lies?  A long, long time.

Never shrink from the truth.

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Bloody Well Right

Stolen from Kim du Toit, who has a rather um...  eclectic range of music that he apricates.  But this one is a good 'un.

Yesterday purely sucked

 I was up ripping out fences at 0630, because the Ragin' Mom was having a tree crew come take down a number of trees that were either damaged, dying or dead and they were going to be dropped right on top of the fencing around the pasture.

So.  Ripping out fences purely sucks.

Then the crew shows up and gets to work.  Now my job is to clear slash and move ten-foot logs that are roughly two to three feet in diameter.  Screwed up my left leg doing that, by being a knucklehead who thinks he's still a young buck and using muscle instead of brains.  That purely sucked.

Oh, and because the Ragin' Mom has told me in no uncertain terms that I'll be selling the spices and sauces I make at the local farmer's market, after a morning of hard labor I got to go stand on my feet for five hours.

By the time I got home yesterday, I could barely walk.

Feeling better today, but I have to go move more piles of wood just to clear a path to the barn.  We'll see how I feel tonight.

Hey, retirement, amirite?

As an aside, here's a little run-down of how Goolag and the America-hating marxists who run it are shutting down ads and money-making ability on conservative websites.  They really do hate you, and they hate America.  Personally, if the GOP had any balls at all instead of being spineless slugs who play at failure theater, they would remove Section 230 protection from Goolag, Fecesbook and every other online publisher (not platforms, they've proven that they're not platforms due to their censorship), and then let the people who've been censored take the fuckers to court.

America does better when Goolag dies, even just a tiny bit of it.

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

These people haven't learned a thing

 Bud Light is sponsoring an "All Ages Drag Show" in Arizona.  The people running these companies hate you, and they think you're a knuckle-dragging moron.

The “all-ages Pride event” will reportedly happen in Flagstaff, Arizona. Titled “Pride of the Pines,” the event will include drag queens and other LGBTQ-themed performances. According to Fox News, the event lists Bud Light as one of its corporate sponsors and is even featured prominently on one of the posters. It will take place on June 17.

Wait, ONE of its corporate sponsors?  So other companies have decided to to stick their dick into a hornet's nest as well?

“Other big-name companies sponsoring the all-ages event for Pride Month include Old Navy, Toyota and Coca-Cola USA, according to an event flyer. The Northern Arizona Pride Association lists a ‘No Nudity-City Ordinance’ for ‘all gender forms’ as one of the regulations for the park that the event will take place in.”

Do you understand just how badly the morons running these companies hate you, hate Christianity, hate Western values and hate America?  For them, they'll do anything to keep getting invited to the right parties and moving in the right circles.  They'll drive their organizations into the ground to the applause of all the smart people who have impeccable credentials.  I've watched it happen.  And I've watched the same credentialed failures keep moving from organization to organization, never succeeding at anything other than losing money, and always failing upward.

As Breitbart News reported, Bud Light Vice President of Marketing Alissa Heinerscheid was placed on a leave of absence for her role in pushing the ad. Her boss, Daniel Blake, went on a leave of absence almost immediately after.

Let me ask the hypothetical question if I may.  If you were a person of some importance at your job, and you not only lost the company billions of dollars in market value and drove away 25% of your customer base, would you get to keep your job?

We all know the answer, don't we?  Hell NO you wouldn't be able to keep your job, and any boss who actually cared about his company would fire you so fast that your shadow wouldn't catch up to you until you were halfway home.

And yet the two woke cretins in charge, Heinerscheid and Blake, are NOT fired are they?  Nope.  "Leave of Absence".  Which is corporate speak for "Let's keep paying them and hide them until the morons settle down a little, and then we'll bring them back in al quiet like."

One, this shows that they don't give a fuck about what you think.  They hate you.  They hate your lifestyle, your customs, your traditions, your values.  

Two, this is even more egregious from a marketing standpoint and shows just how horrible that woke hag Heinerscheid is at her job.  What kind of marketing "professional" is so clueless about her customers that they literally drive away the people who buy their product?  Bud Light is radioactive now.  And again, and I'm going to keep pounding this fact home, Heinerscheid STILL HAS HER JOB.  Because they hate you, they hate your values, they hate your religion, and they hate that you are allowed to live the way you want to live.  They don't care how bad Heinerscheid is, and they don't care how many customers they lose.  They have their woke narrative to push, and they'll push it at the exclusion of everything else.

Again, they'll happily drive Bud Light into insolvency if it allows them access to the credentialed social circles they run in, where everybody knows each other and they all went to the same schools and they all just know somehow that those slope-headed Jesus Freaks in flyover country need to be taught what to think.

Anyways, I need more coffee and the dogs need a walk, so....  

UPDATE:  Found at Ace of Spades:  

They won't stop until it becomes too painful for them to keep repeating their actions.