Saturday, August 10, 2019 has a write up on gun laws

So if you're curious about just what laws are out there that can affect you, go thee hither and read.

As for "Red Flag" laws, all I can say is that the people who want to shut you up, get you fired, dox your family, assault you, and who threaten to wipe you off the face of the earth are just salivating at the chance to call the cops on you and feed them an absolute lie so that they cops can come take your guns.

Under a Red Flag law, it doesn't matter if the claim is a lie from top to bottom.  The cops come and take your guns.  That makes it so much easier for Leftists to do what they want to do with you. 

As the meme says - The very same people who want to ban you on Facebook are dying for the chance to take your guns with just a phone call.

Blaming video games is just as stupid as blaming guns

"Oh, but video games are so VIOLENT!"

Yeah, you know what's worse?  When Sally dumps her husband because she found someone who made her pink parts quiver, and spends a couple of years bouncing on the cock carousel, while little Jonny grows up without a father, watching mommy act like a whore, and ends up on anti-depressants, being raised by socialist indoctrinators of the government while mommy keeps trying to find a guy who will marry her stretched-out vagina that has been used more than a public bathroom in downtown Los Angeles.

Or maybe mommy and daddy are junkies on welfare, because who in society can judge them, amirite?

Or maybe mommy never bothered to figure out who daddy was, because "I don't need a man!" or some bullshit like that, and little Tommy grew up with a rotating cast of male characters, some of whom took a too-strong interest in the little child's sexual development, if you know what I mean.

Or maybe mommy and daddy just have to own the big house and the Mercedes and BMW and so they both are corporate power-players and little Mikey goes from waking up to being dumped in daycare to going to school and from the time he wakes up and the time he goes to bed, he sees his parents for maybe one or two hours.  The rest of the time he's being raised by society, and gosh doesn't THAT just work out well.

And so they're all on anti-depressants, or they get diagnosed with ADD or ADHD and get doped up to the gills on Ritalin or Adderall or whatever the pill de jour happens to be.  And they're bombarded with messages about "Toxic Masculinity" and how horrible they are for being men. 

It ain't the video games.  Millions upon millions of people play video games.  If video games turned people into killers, we'd know.  Trust me.

Friday, August 09, 2019

Come see the violence inherent in the Leftism

Not one single Democrat running for President will condemn Antifa.

They want to see you beaten and rounded up into boxcars.  You can guess what comes after that.

I think I need to look for a new blogging platform

Google is banning blogs.

YouTube (a Google company) is memory-holing any video that might make the Left look bad:

Google is evil, and blogger is run by Google.

Anyone have any cheap and easy suggestions?  I figure I don't want to wait until Google bans me as well, although I'm such a small fish that it might not happen.

Yep. Pretty much

Kurt Schlichter lays it out fairly simply:

Everything the left says or does is designed to make them more powerful by making you less free. You can never give enough of your money or freedom away to make them stop hating you, so don’t try. 

Donald Trump isn't a racist.  His supporters aren't racists.  His voters aren't racist.  Does that stop the Left from calling all of us racists?


There's nothing you can do or say that will make them hate you any less, and giving up your freedoms just makes it easier for them to load you into the cattle cars on the way to the gas chamber.

Thursday, August 08, 2019

Joaquin Castro is a shit-swizzling Marxist

And don't think he wouldn't ship you off to a Gulag in a hot minute if he had the opportunity.

Huh, look at that.  A shit-swizzling Marxist outing donors to the opposing political party, putting their names and address and businesses on notice, in the same timeframe that Klantifa is going to be rolling through Texas on their way to El Paso.

Hell, he probably doesn't need Klantifa, since El Paso is quite a ways away from San Antonio, and I'm certain there's plenty of home-grown Marxist thugs in San Antone, since that's the city that keeps voting for the shit-swizzling Marxist and his brother.

Not only is that shit-swizzling Marxist Joaquin Castro doubling down on his political terrorism, but there are people in the media who are defending it.  No, I'm not joking.  And it only gets worse.

While the press continues to blame Republicans for their “rhetoric,” there’s no question that the vitriol we’ve seen from the left this week dwarfs anything anyone on the mainstream right has ever said or done in a political setting. Period. Calling entire voting blocks white supremacists, doxxing donors, yelling for the death of a Senator, asserting Republicans want mass shootings to occur, threatening people for their political activities, asserting the President wants to exterminate a race – these are not the rantings of sane people looking for de-escalation of rhetoric. They are the drivers of escalation in our rhetoric and it’s reaching dangerous levels.

I need to buy more ammo.

I think I have the grounding problem fixed

I spent Tuesday morning in the garage with the bike torn apart while I pulled out all the various brackets and wires and shovel grommets and then cleaned and polished and scraped and greased and reassembled.

And it works.  Yay!

Now I have to change the fuel pressure regulator.  FPR, for short.  Apparently, the FPR goes bad on the VTX 1800, and that leads to fuel in the oil, which is what we like to call A BAD THING as that reduces the viscosity of the oil and leads to damage.  If it's really bad, your miles per gallon goes to hell, bike runs like crap, and you can smell gasoline in your engine oil.

Well, my bike is getting good mpg, and it's not running rough, but I can smell the gasoline in the oil.  Which means I caught it in time, and I don't have to tear the entire engine apart, I just have to replace the FPR and change the oil.  The FPR was shipped yesterday, should get here tomorrow, and then I can do the work on Saturday.

I swear, if you want to learn to be a mechanic, just buy an old vehicle and start fixing it up.  You'll learn more than you ever wanted to learn.

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Connor Betts = Antifa member

The Democrat's shock troops are doing what Democrat shock troops do.

While Betts, the Dayton shooter, didn’t leave behind a manifesto, his extensive social-media footprint provides clues as to what may have inspired him. Federal investigators announced Tuesday that they are looking into his exploration of violent ideologies. 
Betts had long expressed support for antifa accounts, causes and individuals. That would be the loose network of militant leftist activists who physically attack anyone to the right of Mao in the name of “anti-fascism.” In particular, Betts promoted extreme hatred of American border enforcement. 
“Kill every fascist,” the shooter declared in 2018 on twitter, echoing a rallying cry of antifa ideologues. Over the next year, his tweets became increasingly violent. “Nazis deserve death and nothing else,” he tweeted last October. Betts frequently flung the label “Nazi” at those with whom he disagreed online.

You've got to read the whole thing.  Read it.

Honestly, the blue is the give-away

It's bad enough that anti-Pope Jorge Bergolio is wearing vestments that feature a symbol of pedophilia.  But having it in blue is a huge screaming tell.

"But Dave, why is blue such a tell?"  I'm so glad you asked!

There are certain colors that can be used for vestments, and they MUST.... that's MUST IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS correspond with the liturgical calendar.

So, there is:

Green (for time after Epiphany and after Pentecost)
Red (Various feasts, Palm Sunday, Pentecost)
Purple/Violet (Advent and Lent plus some other holy days)
White (Christmas, Easter, various other feasts)
Black (Masses for the Dead, with a few exceptions)
Rose (two specific days)
Gold (can replace red, white or green)

Notice any color that's missing?  Yeah.  Blue.  Now, in certain dioceses, such as Los Angeles, the priests are authorized to wear blue on feasts honoring the Virgin Mary.  If anyone wonders why L.A. gets to do this, it's because Los Angeles is not the full name of the city.  It's La Ciudad de la Reina de Los Angeles.  The City of the Queen of The Angeles.  In other terms, the city is consecrated to the Virgin Mary, which is why priests in L.A. can wear blue on specific Marian feast days, and ONLY ON THOSE DAYS.  In fact, blue is such a rare color to use that it's not included in the list of liturgical colors, because for 99.9999999999% of all priests, they'll never wear it. 

Now, in the extremely rare case that a priest may have blue vestments, they will be the on the Alb, Cincture, Stole or Chasuble.  In the photos of the anti-Pope Jorge Bergolio, the blue is on a Cope.  Did I mention a cope in the list of vestments that would be blue?  No, because the cope is used for for specific purposes and not worn as a vestment for mass. 

Therefore, what we see is the anti-Pope wearing a cope that is covered in symbols and colors that practically scream out pedophilia, and there is not a single liturgical reason for the cope to have those symbols or use those colors.

Let me repeat - there is not a single reason for a priest to have a cope with that symbol or in that color.  Not one.  And there is a reason behind every single garment the priest wears during mass.  Therefore, if there is NOT a reason for those symbols or colors in the Catholic mass, then those colors and symbols are coming from some other place.

Like when you're a pedo who uses the Church to obtain pleasure and power and money, and you want to signal to all the other pedos that you're in their corner.

Pray for Pope Benedict, the true pope, that God may care for him and protect him in this time of turmoil. 

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Single moms make the best mass shooters

Yes, that's a deliberately twisted headline, but it's also the truth:  There is a link between mass shooters and absent fathers.

Gun control activists are quick to blame mass shootings on the proliferation of firearms, but are less likely to point to the proliferation of fatherless households. 
Yet research shows that school shooters tend to come from broken homes, where one or more parent is absent, addicted or abusive.

Blaming guns is easy.  It's an inanimate object.  Kinda like how Rosie O'Donnell's fork made her fat, right?  But actually doing something to reverse the trend of boys being raised by only their mothers might actually be HARD, and force people to actually DO SOMETHING, so that's ignored while people cry about guns in a country that has always had guns, but not always had mass shootings.

There were shooting clubs in high schools all over this country in the 50's and 60's.  Kids brought their shotguns to school with them so that they could go hunting after school, and they didn't shoot the school up.  What changed? 

Well, I'm one of the few people I know who was raised by parents who never got a divorce.  Try that on for size.

Maybe start reversing the culture that says it's OK to pump and dump a girl.  Start reversing the culture that says it's OK to rip a kid away from their father because mommy found a newer, richer guy that made her lady-bits quiver.  Start reversing the culture that says it's OK to raise a kid in a single parent house. 

But that would be hard.  So they blame the gun.

Monday, August 05, 2019

A good rant

As he points out, America has ALWAYS had guns.  Guns used to be a mail-order item.  But we didn't have mass shootings.

I'd also like to point out that the total number of deaths is still less than a monthly count from Gun-Free Chicago.

Two shootings

I'm not joining in the hysterical shrieking about the two shootings this weekend.  There are enough people screeching and howling that I don't need to join in. 

I'm just going to wait and see how many different failures allowed these sorts of things to happen.

I'd also like to note that the cops in Dayton took their shooter down in thirty seconds.  Good work.