Saturday, October 02, 2010

Another Obamacare Success Story!

Principal Financial will no longer sell health insurance due to Obamacare mandates.

The Democrats don't care.  Congresscritters and their families get a gold-standard health care package, paid for by the rubes and idiots who keep voting them in.  Remember, forcing people to depend on the government is the GOAL of Obamacare, not an "unintended consequence".

Working Day v.3

We're putting the artist studio up and running.  It was supposed to be open yesterday, but we just didn't have the people or the time to put it together.  We have to build tables, displays, etc. etc. etc., do some painting, and various other tasks that nobody ever thinks about.

So....  see ya later!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Hey Dave, How's Life?


I'm the guy taking a stroll.

UPDATE - OK, now the .gif isn't loading.  Don't know why.  Which ruins pretty much the entire post.

Dammit.  And yes, that's about how my life is going.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Down the road to Hell

Hey, I hope you all enjoy your government health care!  Especially when you're denied the treatment you need!  Maybe when your family is dying inside a government run charnel house people will finally get the hint.


Sometimes, you just get tired of fighting for what you need.  Sometimes, you just get tired of fighting sheer stupidity.  I'm frigging tired right now, and it has nothing to do with the blog.  There's a lot of personal crap going on right now, and sometimes all I just want to do is tell the world to go fuck itself.  With a few people in particular high on my list of fuck-off-itude.  Problem is, you can't really do that in the military.  So fuck it.  If I seem a bit off, now you know why.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I remember a while ago reading Francis Porretto discuss how a citizen's submission to the rule of law is the alternative to violence, and if the rule of law fails, a citizen's recourse is ........  violence in some form or another.

At this point, I'm feeling very, very violent.  SEIU, ACORN and Houston Votes need to be beaten.  Physically.  Until dead.  And then maybe people might just get the idea that you don't commit vote fraud.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The term is "projection"

Kos the twiterpated fuckhead is saying that us evil wingnutz is gettin' all prepared fer violence.

Now, if by "preparing for violence" you mean getting ready for the attacks, vandalism, hate crimes, slander, lies, and riots that spew from the Left every election season since I can remember, then yes, we're getting prepared.  Ever since I could vote there has been Leftist violence leading up to the election, because the political doctrines that the Left follows are inherently fascist, and fascism uses violence to get power.

But if by "preparing for violence" you mean that we're gearing up to actually CAUSE the violence?  Then that just proves that you haven't been paying attention, and you're nothing more than some narcotics addled dipshit with a podium and a microphone.  Yeah, that "Restoring Honor" rally was sooooooo violent that they left the D.C. mall cleaner than they found it!  Oooooooo, those violent thugs!

Sheesh.  Kos the Fuckhead is projecting the Left's violent act on the Right and screaming that it's all about us.  Give me a break.

Monday, September 27, 2010

And Again v.4

The Media is NOT YOUR FRIEND!  Lying with numbers is still lying!  And once again, the MSM shows that they are nothing more than the Democrat Party Propaganda Machine, bought and paid for, unwilling and unable to do any actual reporting, but more than content to carry water for their Democrat masters and string-pullers.

Every newspaper in America could go down in flames and I wouldn't care.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Well, my Broncos won

But I would have been happier if they had slapped Oregon State's dick in the dirt.  More than anything, I want Boise State to crash the BSC.  My football dream would be to have Boise State and TCU playing in the BSC Championship game, while all the big conferences are on the outside looking in, a victim of the system that they designed to keep teams like Boise State and TCU out.  The BCS system is a giant crock of shit, and too many of the big conference teams refuse to play someone like BSU or TCU because they're afraid of getting their ass whupped.  But their conferences don't force them to play BSU or TCU, so they get to sit back and smugly talk about how those teams couldn't POSSIBLY win in their conference.

Bull.  Shite.  BSU has put the offer out - they'll play anyone, anytime, on that team's home turf.  And whoever accepts their offer doesn't even have to schedule a game at Boise, which is a normal concession in scheduling these games.  You know how many big teams have taken them up on it?  Zero.  You want to know why?  Because the big teams know that Boise State could kick their ass.