Saturday, June 06, 2020

"Go Bald for BLM" is a 4Chan prank?

That's.  Just.  Awesome.  I didn't even know there was a "Go Bald" movement until last night.  Now I find out that it's a prank, and stupid liberal cows are shaving their heads bald because the internet told them to do so.

I have no words right now.


Might I suggest that you go read Historian's post over at Liberty's Torch.  It's well worth the time.

Friday, June 05, 2020

James O'Keefe is a national treasure

And Pantifa still needs to be shot in the head.

The first video dropped, in a series that will be released in O’Keefe’s usual slow-drip style, shows antifa organizers admitting that they go to events to cause damage and violence to Trump supporters. “It’s not boxing, it’s not kickboxing, it’s like destroying your enemy.” 
This would explain why we see images of antifa stomping and kicking the heads of people they’ve already knocked out. It’s never a fair fight and they never get held to account.

Any politician who supports Pantifa supports domestic terrorism.  But that explains why the Democrat Party loves Pantifa, because they both hate America.

Pretty much

Thursday, June 04, 2020

Duncan Lemp

I'd never heard of his name until today.  And that's a problem.

Duncan Lemp is a name you’ve probably never heard. It’s never been on a picket sign or splashed all over 24/7 news channels. But Lemp was gunned down by police, unarmed, while he slept next to his pregnant girlfriend on March 12 of this year for the crime of owning a firearm. There were no riots or protests in his name. When his friends and family planned to protest the Montgomery County police in Maryland, they were threatened with a $5000 fine and a year in jail because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The shit-stirring, anti-American maggots in the media are pushing race wars just as hard as they can.  But as part of their campaign to hurt Trump and destroy America, they're making sure that they suppress as much information as possible.

Rush Limbaugh went to Charlemane tha God's podcast, and at one point told the dude that if George Floyd had been white, nobody would have heard about the incident and nobody would have cared other than the immediate family.  I would say that Duncan Lemp's case proves Limbaugh's point rather well.

Why I like dogs more than cats #4,572 and other miscellaneous brain droppings.

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You may have to click it to read the cat.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2020

The Democrats have always been at war with America. It's just getting hotter.

Where you live and who you allow to rule over you are pretty good indicators of what kind of person you are.

Virtually all the mayhem was centered in Democrat-controlled states and cities. The same mayors who had jailed local business people and ordinary citizens for congregating in groups of more than ten were utterly silent as crowds of thousands formed to tear their cities apart. Meanwhile not a single word was uttered, not a single arrest made, by these same Democrat governors and mayors to prevent the protesters and rioters from violating the social distancing ordinances they had used to close churches and houses of worship the week before. While stores, apartment buildings and even police stations were torched by violent radicals, while ordinary citizens were being terrorized, Democrat governors were reluctant to call out their national guards and nip the riots in the bud.

The Democrats and Pantifa are one and the same.  Just like the KKK was the violent wing of the Democrat party back in the early 1900's, Pantifa is filling that role now.

It took two cops to kill George Floyd

One of them, who is white, was kneeling on his neck.  But that's not what killed Floyd.  There was another cop kneeling on his back.  Combined, the two people put enough weight on Floyd that he was unable to breath and died of asphyxiation. 

Here's the question:  What's the skin color of the second cop kneeling on Floyd?

What's the skin color of the two other cops who stood around and watched?

There were four cops in total.  You only hear about one.

Narrative pushing, people.  The Media has earned their "Enemy of the People" moniker good and hard in the past two or three months, capped off by the past seven days where if the media weren't claiming that the protests were "peaceful", they were outright encouraging and fomenting violence.  Anything to hurt Trump.  They would rather burn America down than see Trump win another term.

Fuck the fucking fuckers.

Tuesday, June 02, 2020


Let me say this again:  Shoot.  Them.  In.  The.  Head.

Amid the riots following protests over the death of George Floyd, vandals targeted iconic Washington, D.C., monuments celebrating heroes of the American Revolution, the American Civil War, and World War II. The National Park Service shared disturbing images of the vandalism on Sunday.

Pantifa seems to be attempting to stoke up a race war with these protests.  Pantifa needs to be shot in the head.  Actually, anywhere center mass would be just fine.

The following videos provide some clues. It’s not the average black protesters in many, perhaps most, cases who are instigating violence and vandalism. 
It’s young white people dressed in black bloc antifa garb, at least as captured in the following videos posted on Twitter. It’s impossible to say how truly representative these videos are, but there are many videos like these. And it only takes a few pockets of instigators to move from place to place causing damage to create widespread damage and violence within a city. Fewer than a hundred such terrorists, dispersed between cities, is probably all it takes.

Now that Pantifa is properly labeled as a domestic terror organization, I'd love to see those pasty-white trust-fund bitches get sent to jail.  I can only hope that by the time they get released they can pass a watermelon with no problem.  IYKWIMAITYD.

Monday, June 01, 2020

Run. Them. Over.

Those parasites and barbarians trying to stop trucks from delivering goods?  Run them over.  Don't stop until you get to the docks.

Image may contain: text that says '1992 reminder of why you don't stop for "protesters"'

Shoot. Them. In. The. Fu. King. Head.

I don't care why they do what they do.  I don't care why think think they have any right to burn down things that other people created.  I am tired of being told that I have to watch people destroy civilization.  Shoot them in the head.  Looters smashing windows and destroying a business that someone took years to build up?  Shoot them in the head.  Rioters burning down police stations and historic churches?  Shoot them in the head.  Thugs vandalizing national monuments?  Shoot them in the head.

There is a clear line being those who want to uphold civilization and those who want to burn it down.  Pantifa wants to burn it down.  Shoot them in the head.  Shoot their minions in the head.  Shoot their useful idiots in the head.  ID the bodies and drop them in a mass grave.  You'll be doing civilization a favor.

The sheer rage that I feel as I watch the Left in this country cheer on the destruction makes me nauseous.  The Left fomented this violence.  The Left cheered it on.  The Left encouraged this destruction.  The Left keeps pushing it forward, either because they hate this country, or they hate Orange Man Bad, or both.

Shoot.  Them.  In.  The.  Head.

Kim du Toit has a different take on it, albeit still just as negative as mine:

In other words, these shithole cities embody absolutely everything that is un-American about modern society and government;  and yet we are supposed to feel some kind of sympathy or outrage that these cities are burning themselves to the ground? 
Suck on it, assholes.  Reap that liberal / socialist whirlwind, good and hard.
I have to drive through Salt Lake City in order to get to work.  While the vast majority of Utah is sane, SLC is a thoroughly corrupted, Marxist city on it's way down, following the trajectory of other cities that embraced progressive Marxism and ended in ruin.  Rioters flipped over a SLC police car and set it on fire Saturday.

I think I'll go around today.  It'll add some time to the commute, but I think it's worth it.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Went bike shopping yesterday. Just not for me.

Got a co-worker who's been bitten by the bike bug.  He took the MSF Safety Course, got his card, and now he's looking for a bike.  So the Mrs. and I spent about four hours yesterday taking him to the bike shops, having him sit on just about every style out there.  The guy wants a sports bike, but he's a big man.  I kinda had to disabuse him of the notion that he'd be comfortable on a small little rocket.  I think we finally got him on a Sport-Touring bike that didn't hurt his back or his knees.  He hasn't bought anything yet; he's chewing on the money, because he wasn't planning on spending that much on a bike.  But with a bike, you get what you pay for.  Plus, there's gear.  Gotta have the gear. 

We actually had a perfect example of that as we were headed home - a little rainstorm hit the area, and we saw a guy on a Harley wearing pants, a t-shirt and a hat getting pelted by rain.  Rain hurts at 25mph, folks.  Hell, it hurts at 20.  If you're not wearing gear, it's going to look like you got caught in a BB war.

Anyways, back to all that wonderful maintaining of house and yard and all that stuff.  Ah, the suburban life.  I long for the day when "mowing the yard" meant letting the horses out of the paddock.