Saturday, December 15, 2012

Who is Mark Shields

And how can someone this brainlessly moronic be allowed on national TV?

And the question about -- is not whether somebody stands for or against this, whether you even bring it up. And the reality is that in the United States of America in 2012, it's easier in many states to rent an automobile -- to buy an automatic weapon than it is to rent an automobile. It's more demanding.

The fact that this idiot was not immediately laughed off the stage is proof of just how far the Prog-Commie rot has spread through our country.  Automatic weapons have been illegal for anyone without a Class III license since 1934.  This lie, and it is a lie, wasn't even questioned by the brain-dead commie fucktards on PBS.  They accepted it without thinking, because that's what kool-aide guzzling douche-tools do.

The conversation that needs to happen

In the wake of the Connecticut shooting, where the shooter was pretty much kookoo for Coco Puffs:

Idiots blame the tool for the misuse of the tool. In so many ways. Yes, involuntary commitment has been used for vile and inappropriate purposes. That is what needed to be addressed. But the “empathy endowed” decided that involuntarily committing anyone was a breech of their civil rights and now people who would have been helped by being in a safe, clean place where people understood what was going on with them are wandering the streets having arguments with mail boxes and sleeping in creeks.

Or they are still living with their families who have absolutely nowhere to turn when their loved one begins talking about the voices and the visions.

 A decent chunk of the homeless population is there because they're mentally sick.  For all the hue and cry about "helping the homeless", I have yet to meet one bleeding heart liberal who can explain just how we can help when a person literally believes that the pills that make him well also put him under the control of alien mind-control beams, and so he stops taking them, and not only forgets where he lives, but also who anyone around him might be, or what city he's in.

Look, I forget to take my vitamins about once a week.  For me, it's no big deal.  But for a paranoid schizophrenic, forgetting to take his medication once could be the difference between being able to take care of himself and wandering the streets muttering about God knows what.

I think one of the reasons this conversation won't happen is because the Democrat Media Propaganda Machine is still working on gun control, and using this story to further gun control is their M.O.

Also, they're probably working on a way to cover up the fact that it was the Democrats who wrote the legislation that pretty much abolished the mental institutions we used to have.

Either way, blaming an inanimate object for the evil done by someone with a mental illness is not going to ever fix the problem.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

How the hell did I not know about this group?

Delta Rae....

That's because Warren Buffett is a god-damned hypocrite

Of COURSE he refuses to practice what he preaches!

Anyone who thinks that Warren Buffett is actually saying what he says out of altruism or patriotism needs to check themselves for kool-aide stains.  If he actually gave a shit about paying taxes, he would re-work his money funds to that he paid an actual INCOME TAX instead of investment taxes, which are taxed far lower than income.

But he won't do that.  Because he's a god-damned, gutless hypocrite.  That fucking tool.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rand Paul lays out the obvious

Let the National Socialist Democrat Worker's Party own the tax hikes.  Let them own ALL OF THEIR FAILURE.  

Stop working with the enemy!  Stop allowing the enemy to set the stage!  Stop allowing the enemy to blame conservatives for the enemy's failures!

Stop shooting ourselves in the foot, and let the commies own it all!

Punch Back Twice As Hard

Steven Crowder gets sucker-punched by union goons in Michigan.  Obama yawnsThe Americans For Prosperity tent gets torn down after a Democrat screams "THERE WILL BE BLOOD!" on Twitter.  It's ignored by the National Socialist Democrat Worker's Party media and Propaganda Warehouse.

Fuck.  Them.  Up.

The next time some union goon starts beating on people, take a pipe to them so hard and so fast that they're eating their dinners through a straw for the rest of their miserable, pathetic lives.

They bring a knife?  We bring a gun. 

Fuck 'em.  They're enemies of freedom, and pawns of a Marxist regime.  Fuck them to hell, and let them cry when all their violence comes back at them ten-fold.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Master Butcher

As someone who's butchered deer and small game, this guy impresses the HELL out of me!

Deboning a deer in eight minutes...  I think that's a new record.

Air travel

I'd like to thank whoever put out the memo that all women need to travel in skin-tight stretch pants while going to and fro via an airplane.  It always lightens up the drudgery of travel when I can spend time observing whether or not women have a landing strip, full bush or hardwood floors.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Even More Advent Music

Wake, Awake for Night is Flying

This is a bit more upbeat than a lot of various Advent hymns, which is why I picked it for Sunday.  There's longing in the music, but also joy for knowing that our Savior will soon be born.  Which is, of course, the reason for the season.