Friday, May 20, 2005

Power Line: Pepsi's moving finger...

When a corporation like PepsiCo offends a racial minority (or at least offends Jesse Jackson), it customarily pays a monetary tribute by funding one of Jackson's organizations. Maybe PepsiCo can make good on its apology by finding a way to assist the brave Americans who have sacrificed during America's efforts to extend a hand (not a finger) to those who have suffered from oppression in Iraq and Afghanistan. Maybe PepsiCo can extend its own hand to the liberated but still suffering people of those countries.
Power Line: Pepsi's moving finger...

Interesting. It says here that PepsiCo gave "a multimillion dollar donation" to the Ludacris Foundation after dropping the rapper as a spokesperson.

Here, PepsiCo bows to Al Sharpton.

PepsiCo also has a "Minority and Women Business Program" (whatever the heck that means).

Maybe they could set up a program for Veteran Owned Businesses. There's a long list of supported groups on their site; no Veterans' groups. Maybe it's time.

The Board can be reached here:

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Rather accepts media award with nod to allies


With thanks to two former colleagues who left CBS in the wake of a scandal, CBS News' Dan Rather accepted broadcast journalism's most prestigious honor on Monday for the "60 Minutes Wednesday" story that exposed the shocking conditions inside Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison.
"Most prestigious"


Rather took pains to acknowledge Mapes and former CBS News senior vp Betsy West (who also attended the ceremony), among others. Mapes was fired by CBS News, and West was forced to resign in the wake of another "60 Minutes Wednesday" report, which aired in September and used questionable documents as part of the sourcing for a highly critical report on President Bush's service in the Texas Air National Guard.
"Questionable documents", eh?



"They did most of the work, bore the heaviest burdens and took most of the criticism," Rather said of Mapes and the other producers who did the front-line reporting on the Abu Ghraib story. "It took guts, and they had them."
It tooks guts to use forgeries to attack a President during a Presidential campaign.

Got that?

Rather received extended applause after telling the crowd, "Never give up, never back up, never give in while pursuing the dream of integrity filled journalism that matters."

As if the snide old coot knows the meaning of the word.

Hollywood Reporter

Kilpatrick's expenses exposed

Detroit has had solely Democrat mayors since 1952. You'd think it'd by now be the best place to raise a balck family in the Contiguous 48.

The two-day hotel stay, which was charged to the city MasterCard, totaled $7,696.45.

That's a lot of books for poor black kids.

Detroit Mayor's expenses exposed