Saturday, October 07, 2006

Check these out, Dave

Victory in the Far East Day Parade - Veterans Affairs Canada

Please, for the love of GOD...

Do not let these people take power. Oh sure, the Democrats care about military vets, right? These would be the same Dimocrats that grew up spitting on returning Viet Nam vets. The same Dimocrats that lied about those vets in order to end a war. The same Dimocrats who shit all over the military today. But their website says they care about Vets.

Right. Take a look at the vet they have pictured on their website.

Uniform the wrong color for any US service.
Black beret with black flash. Unused by any US service. It's either blue flash on black beret, or one of the earned colors (Airborne, Ranger, SpecOps)
No unit crest on either the beret or the uniform.
No branch insignia.

He might be a vet, but he's not a US vet. Which is rather fitting, since the Dimocrats care as much about the US military as they care about their festering genital sores. In fact, they treat both in much the same fashion. They either "forget" about them, or they do their best to eradicate them. They don't care enough about US soldiers to put a photo of a US soldier on their website.

Look, I don't think the Republicans have done all that great a job, when judged on their own. But when compared against the Dimocrats?

Brother, I'll take a Republican congress over a Dimocrat congress any day of the week. Consider me a South Park Republican if you must. I don't like the Republicans. But I can't stand the Dimocrats. And I don't know how anyone with two brain cells to rub together could vote for a Dimocrat in this next election.

Immigration lawsuit

So, I just heard on the news (tried to find a link but couldn't) that there's a lawsuit being filed against Wendy's by a group of illegal aliens who were fired last month.

Now it may seem simple, but there's a twist:

These aliens have been working at Wendy's since around 2000-2001. They were told that if they did x, y, and z then they could become citizens. Now, that included filling out paperwork, paying taxes, and paying legal fees.

So these illegal aliens fill out the paperwork, pay taxes on their wages, and also pay $25 a month in legal fees, all in an attempt to become American citizens. Only the legal firm DOESN'T FILE THE DAMN PAPERWORK! So these people have been working for five or six years, thinking that they'll become US citizens, paying taxes, and paying LEGAL FEES to a lawyer has screwed them over, and then get fired last month because they're illegal aliens.

I'm kinda torn on this.

#1 - They're illegal aliens. They broke the law. That makes them criminals.

#2 - For years they've been doing what they were told that they need to do. They've paid taxes, for Pete's sake! They filled out paperwork saying "Yes, we came here illegally, but we're willing to do what we need to do to make it right." And they've worked their asses off trying to become citizens. The only law they broke was the law at the border, and they've been by all accounts exemplary people ever since. Hell, working at Wendy's for five years? That's gotta nominate someone for sainthood.

So here's my thinking - I honestly think that these people should sue, and I hope they win. And I'll admit, what won me over was the fact that they've been paying their taxes like ordinary citizens. Hell, that's been the big sticking point with illegal aliens to begin with - they come here for benefits that we pay for, while contributing absolutely nothing. You can't say that with this group.

Plus, they were told years ago that they would become citizens if they did this, that, and those. So they did this, that, and those, and then they get fired and told to piss off.

That ain't kosher.

Anyways, I say that they should win the lawsuit. Gimme your opinion.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

"Wiretap this!"

Mason defies the NSA:

How to show you're an idiot

We just had a commenter leave a dropping in the comments where he stated that politicians control the price of oil. You know, to effect the election coming up.

Look, I've heard that particular theory espoused many times, mostly from the Left, but a few people on the right succumb to mental deterioration as well. I'm not going to be nice here. If you actually think that politicians can directly control the price of oil, then you are a fucking idiot.

Hold on.... maybe I can be nicer about what I want to say.

Nope. I can't. Fucking idiot sums it up nicely. Only someone with no comprehension of macroeconomics coupled with kool-aid guzzling gullability argues in ernest that politicians can directly influence oil prices. Someone so sand-poundingly ignorant of basic market facts, so jaw-dropping stupid, so mouth-breathing dumb, so, so..... DEMOCRAT, that the sheer idiotic force radiating from their lack of intelligence can drop the IQ points of everyone around them by half.

(Which explains why so many big cities end up voting for Dimocrats. They can't get away from the stupidity that radiates from the other Dimocrats, so they all wander into a voting booth and pull the lever for (D), most likely drooling on themselves and muttering "ChimyMcHitlerburton" every so often.)

Look, oil is a commodity. It's traded on the open market. There are quite a few things that politicians can do to attempt to influence the price, but they cannot call up Exxon and say "Listen Bill, I need to get re-elected. Would you mind raising the price of sweet crude for me?" It doesn't happen, despite the tin-foil wrapped rantings of the insane Left (redundancy alert) and a few loony members of the right. Oil is bought and sold on the open market, and the market sets the price. Not only that, but the people buying oil right now are not buying today's oil, they are buying the oil that will be pumped and shipped six months from now. When gas prices went up, it's because six months beforehand, people were paying a lot more money for oil, thinking that supply would be cut either at the well or at the refinery. When a major hurricane refused to appear, leaving our refineries in good shape, the people paid less for the same oil because there was a good supply. Ergo, prices went down.

Politicians can only meddle at the fringes with oil prices. If the gutless politicians would open up ANWAR, oil prices would go down because there would be a greater supply on domestic soil. But it wouldn't be a sudden drop, nor would it be a great drastic change. If politicians suddenly refused to buy oil from Venezuela, oil prices would go up. But they wouldn't just jump up tomorrow, they would jump in the future, since that's when people are purchasing the oil. Gas prices would go up at the news, but gas isn't controlled or purchased exactly like oil is.

I don't have the time to sit down and give a class on how commodity trading works, or why it effects things the way it does. And I'm certainly not the best person to teach macroeconomics. There will probably be someone coming in here to say "You got this or this wrong", which is fine because I'd rather someone give me the right information rather than stupidly insist that I'm correct when I'm not. (I'm a conservative, not a liberal.) Oil isn't the only commodity bought and sold. Wheat is a commodity. Hell, just open up your local newspaper and look at the commodities section. Anyone can find out about it if they actually give a shit enough to learn.

Which is why the next person who comes onto this blog and states that politicians can change the price of oil at their whim will be labeled "FUCKING IDIOT".

The Left Hates Free Speech (part 12,826,487,982)

Feel the tolerance!

Captain Ed has more:

Students stormed the stage at Columbia University's Roone auditorium yesterday, knocking over chairs and tables and attacking Jim Gilchrist, the founder of the Minutemen, a group that patrols the border between America and Mexico.

Mr. Gilchrist and Marvin Stewart, another member of his group, were in the process of giving a speech at the invitation of the Columbia College Republicans. They were escorted off the stage unharmed and exited the auditorium by a back door.

Having wreaked havoc onstage, the students unrolled a banner that read, in both Arabic and English, "No one is ever illegal." As security guards closed the curtains and began escorting people from the auditorium, the students jumped from the stage, pumping their fists, chanting victoriously, "Si se pudo, si se pudo," Spanish for "Yes we could!"

Debate is possible between the Left and the Right. But not at Columbia University. In fact, I'm willing to bet that at most major universities, debate is impossible. When you crush free thought and allow only one side to express themselves, that tends to retard the free expression of ideas between two ideological sides.

I'll let Captain Ed give the last bit:

The epitome of Columbia's intellectual nadir came from Ryan Fukumori, a junior at the university who told Johnson that Gilchrist and others who spoke at the event "had no right to be able to speak here." Apparently Columbia doesn't teach students about the Constitution, especially the First Amendment, any more. The College Republicans have a right to invite anyone they want to speak at their events, and the speakers have the right to speak without being physically attacked. Bear in mind that this university houses the most prestigious school of journalism in the nation, which should indicate a particular interest in supporting free speech.

Free speech? The Left loves it, so long as it only applies to them. But free speech for everyone? Not a chance. The Left can't stand that thought. Scratch a Dimocrat, find a dictator.

News that the Dems don't want you to know

Our economy is on a tear. Flat out. Plain and simple. The Dow hits record highs two days straight, oil prices are coming down so low that OPEC is thinking about cutting production, unemployment is down, inflation is down, and tax revenues are up.

Amazing how this wasn't trumpeted like it was ten years ago, eh? I wonder what could have changed. Hmmmmmmm..... Could it be that the filthy Dimocrat whores in the media don't want to credit a Republican president with having done the right thing? Nah, couldn't be. Could it be that the socialists refuse to admit that lower taxes boosts the economy and thus increases tax revenue? Nah, couldn't be.

Gosh, I wonder what it could be?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

So Bob Woodward wrote another book

Yay. To be blunt, I didn't give a damn about his first two, and I didn't read them. Why in the name of all that is holy would I want to read a book written by a Beltway insider who's lived his entire life as a political news figure on other Beltway insiders? It's one whore writing a book about another whore. "But Dave, Bob says that Bush did x, y, and z!" So what? Bob can say whatever he likes, and he's still just a whore writing about other whores.

And gosh, what are the chances of a political hit job written by a DC hack coming out just before an election? Huh. Go figure.

Piss on them all. At this point I would bulldoze DC flat and start over if I could. Other than the military folks, can you name one person in DC who's worth more than a bucket of warm spit?

Oh, and by the way

Denny Hastert needs to get fired.

House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R.-Ill.) is coming under fire from conservatives for his failing to take action against disgraced Rep. Mark Foley (R.-Fla.), who resigned last week for inappropriate communications with teenage pages.

“Speaker Hastert had knowledge of Congressman Foley’s inappropriate behavior and chose to protect a potential pedophile and powerful colleague over a congressional page,” said David Bossie, president of conservative advocacy group Citizens United.

I thought he should have been fired when he tried to protest the search and seizure of that Louisiana congressmen's office. He's an egotistical blowhard that thinks he's more equal than everyone else because he's a congresscritter. Hastert and people like him are part of the reason congress cannot be trusted to do anything more than wipe their own nose.

Fire his fat ass.

UPDATE: We all know the Dimocrats are having a field day with this. Of course, the fact that Foley is out of Congress hampers their efforts with it, but they're still going to try. So while we all admit that Foley should be strung up by his shriveled nutsack and beaten to death, if a Dimocrat should try to make a big deal of this in front of you, please remind them that the Republicans kick the paedophiles out of Congress. The Dimocrats protect their paedophiles and keep them in Congress, as proven by Gerry Studds and Barney Frank. So ask them which party they support. The party of punishing paedophiles, or the party of proudly having paedophiles represent them in congress?

The conservatives deal with their bad apples. We dealt with Trent Lott. We'll deal with Foley. It's part of being an adult and fixing problems. The Dimocrats refuse to deal with any problems they have. They deny the problem, blame someone else, and then pray that the whole mess just blows over so that they don't have to change anything, which is why the Dimocrats have a Grand Kleagle of the KKK and a drunken murdering lush as congresscritters.

You would think

That the race cards that the Left plays on every single damn day would be getting worn out by now. But nope, they still keep whipping them out at every chance.

A local group fighting for immigrant rights is calling for a boycott of two nationally known companies. Dunkin Donuts and Applebee's are accused of discriminating against immigrant workers whose names don't match their social security numbers.

"Immigrant rights". That should clue you in right away that we're dealing with people who promote illegal aliens. And why should any business hire people who's names don't match their social security numbers? If my name and SSN didn't match, I wouldn't get hired! But I guess this group of illegal alien pushers wants illegal aliens to get treated better than US citizens!

As Michelle puts it:

What's there to say? You can't reason with people who cry "racism" as a response to businesses who abide by the law.

You know what's even worse? That the kool-aid guzzling sheeple in the Dimocrat Party swallow this kind of bullshit without thinking. "Oh, yep! Racist!"

Sheeple. Baa baa Deaniac, you're so full of bull.

Monday, October 02, 2006


For those who don't know, that stands for Red Curtain Of Blood, the red haze you get over your vision when you're so angry that you're about to explode.

And it's what I got after reading this.

The Maine National Guard is facing criticism from an anti-war group about a program that sends uniformed military officers into seventh-grade classrooms around Maine.

The group, Maine Veterans for Peace, says the six-week program, which discourages children at 37 schools from using drugs and often culminates in a trip to an outdoor training base, also serves as a military recruiting device.

"I think it is strictly a recruiting tool," said Jack Bussell, a member of the anti-war group's board. "Military personnel have no business being in middle schools."

(emphasis mine)

No business being around schools? I guess that's because we're all a bunch of baby murdering psychos that can't be trusted around children! We want to kill them all, or recruit them into the Hitlerburton War Machine®!

Though some parents have voiced complaints, officials at a few schools contacted for this article said the Guard program has been positive and free of controversy.

"There's never been any concern whatsoever," said Sharon Burnell, principal of Molly Ockett Middle School in Fryeburg. "There's no recruiting going on. There's no mention of that."

But don't listen to the actual pricipal of the school, listen to a group of anti-military asshats with an axe to grind!

This is nothing more than a hit job on the Maine National Guard by a group of idiots who claim to be veterans. At this point, I'm not willing to give them the benifit of the doubt as to their military service. Unless they have DD 214's in hand, they can kiss my ass. Anyone remember Micah Wright? Jimmy Massey? Jesse McBeth? Yep. "Veterans" for peace my eye.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Today's question:

Via Sondra K.

Why the Sam Hill does American courage, blood, sweat, tears, and treasure have to be called on every friggin'’ twenty minutes to pull some blood-soaked pride of predatory madmen off the jugulars of some pitiable flock of defenseless peasants, when all that is required for them to save themselves is to jamb a few pointed sticks into the throats of a few tyrants? Why don'’t they, themselves, take the losses needed to do that? And why do they object when we have to cut the wolf open to save '‘em?

Twenty madmen will eagerly kill three thousand innocents; but, throughout most of the world, three thousand innocents will generally fail to resist twenty madmen. Yeah, I understand the effect of fear and mass on cowardice and courage, and I understand how one'’s immediate society affects the state of fear and perception of mass. What I don'’t understand is why the "“American"” view (for over-simplicity'’s sake) is so much different than for most of the world. I'’m beginning to think that'’s really why they hate us,… and why so many of our despicable countrymen agree with them.

My take? Just because you're born in America doesn't make you a real American. OK, you're an American citizen, but you're not really an AMERICAN. As the Dimocrats prove on a daily basis.

ON FURTHER REVIEW: There's a saying that I've heard bandied about quite a bit a few years ago: "The cowardly never left, and the weak died on the way." It's an explanation for why America succeeded when Europe stagnated, or why we had over a century of exploration from the East coast to the West. It's why we were the first to send a man into space, or why we are the only country to have a man walk on the moon. The cowardly never left, and the weak died on the way. Our forefathers were men and women of courage, and that tradition, or tendency, or mindset or whatever you want to call it was passed down to present generations.

However, just as genetics are passed down, with blue eyes popping up every now and then in a brown eyed family, cowardice seems to have cropped up in many Americans. And unlike previous years, where the cowards were weeded out by nature, we are now at a point in history that we prevent the stupid, weak and cowardly from dying by their own actions. You think I'm kidding? I got two words for ya. Helmet Laws. If someone wants to get on a motorcycle and fly down the interstate wearing nothing but a thong and a pair of sunglasses, that should be their perogative. If they wreck and die, well, that's what you get for being stupid. Seatbelt laws. You want to launch yourself out of your vehicle if you wreck? Your perogative. But no, we can't have that in a modern society, so we protect people from themselves. That should be the last thing we do, because it leads to the hoards of stupid idiots and morons that make up the Dimocrat party. The same people who think that communism just hasn't been done properly. The same brain-dead fucktards who think that cowering and pretending that terrorism doesn't exist will somehow protect them from Islamofacists bent on America's destruction.

So yes, the "American view" quoted above my exist, but there are plenty of so-called Americans who are nothing more than transplanted frenchmen with American citizenship. Bill Whittle once said that being American is a state of mind, not some genealogical make-up, and I agree with him. The problem is that too many non-Americans hold American citizenship. Maybe that could be one of the strongest reasons we should explore and colonize space. So that the cowardly never leave, and the weak die along the way.

I bet there won't be too many Dimocrats in space when we first go.