Saturday, June 16, 2007

I'll just say this now:

With the exception of my wife, who is always Number One in my book, Jessica Alba might just be the hottest woman on the planet right now.

Marine Corps General Pace

Has more honor and integrity in his left nostril than Dingy Harry Reid has in his entire body, plus a couple more Democrat American Communist Party congresscritters combined. From an interview with Gen. Pace:

One thing that was discussed was whether or not I should just voluntarily retire and take the issue off the table. I said I could not do that for one very fundamental reason and that is that PFC Pace in Baghdad should not think – ever – that his chairman, whoever that person is, could have stayed in the battle and voluntarily walked off the battlefield. That is unacceptable as a leadership thing in my mind.

So I elected not to submit my request for retirement until after it was publicly known that I was no longer going to be renominated.

That is very important to me. The other part that is important to me is personal. The first piece holds true for anybody in this position – anybody.

The other piece for me personally was that some 40 years ago I left some guys on the battlefield in Vietnam who lost their lives following 2nd Lt. Pace. And I promised myself then that I will serve this country until I was no longer needed — that it’s not my decision. I need to be told that I’m done.

I’ve been told I’m done.

I will run through the finish line on 1 October, and when I run through the finish line I will have met the mission I set for myself.
Honor, integrity, commitment - something that Congress couldn't find if it's collective lives depended on it. And a man with has all three in abundance is getting kicked to the curb for political expediency.

Fuck Congress. Fuck them gently with a chainsaw.

Spew Alert

Reading over at Ace of Spades HQ, I find out that Glen(s) Greenwald called Glenn Reynolds gay. Oh, and Victor Davis Hanson as well, plus a few other names tossed in there.

Now, I really don't listen to anything Glen(s) Greenwald says, mainly because he's a shit-for-brains maggot who's arguments are so weak that he has to go around using psuedonyms trying to prop them up. But he's too fucking stupid to do it from different IP addresses, so when he got caught he did what any Leftist does - squeals like a pig about something or other, try to change the subject, and deny that he ever did anything, and it's all Bush's fault anyways. He's a fucking joke, and the people who read him are even more pathetic than he is. But intimating that Insty and VDH are gay? That's even more pathetic.

Anyways, I was reading Ace and shaking my head at just how idiotic Glen(s) has become, when I got to this:

Not that I'm saying homosexuality is incompatible with masculinity, of course. Consenting biweekly to having one's duodenum battered with the manic hydraulic fury of a tricked-out V-12 jackhammer manned by an epileptic Con-Ed worker with an ancestral oath of vengeance against asphalt would, I think, tend to butch one up, at least as regards one's pain threshold.

And I just spewed coffee all over my living room.

Glenn Greenwald -- who girlishly posted mash-notes to himself under sockpuppet psuedonyms, lacking the balls to write his self-puffery under his own name, and then, get this, claimed innocence by blaming the posts on his live-in boyfriend/cabana boy -- really ought to be "living quietly" about such issues, as Rick Kaplan suggested of Dan "Memogate" Rather.

Somewhere I've got a song in Italian which translates to "I'm the Gondoleer". It's sung by the Gondoleers as they pole their way through the canals of Venice. Well, OK, not all of them sing it, but a few of them do and it's a nice song. I've really got to find it and change a few words around, because every time I see a post or remark by Glen(s) Greenwald, that exact song runs throught my head, but the words have been changed to "I'm the Puppeteer". It's still sung with that Italian style, though.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Trent Lott

Working hard to ensure that the Republicans remain a minority.

Comments by Republican senators on Thursday suggested that they were feeling the heat from conservative critics of the bill, who object to provisions offering legal status. The Republican whip, Trent Lott of Mississippi, who supports the bill, said: “Talk radio is running America. We have to deal with that problem.”

At some point, Mr. Lott said, Senate Republican leaders may try to rein in “younger guys who are huffing and puffing against the bill.”

Are you SHITTING ME? Why the hell was this worthless asshead ever put back into any position of power? Dear lord, if Trent Lott wants to destroy half the damn reason people vote for Republicans in the first place, then he can go straight to hell, and the idiots from Mississippi can go with him.

Can anyone give me one damn good reason why the Republicans should continue being a political party? Or more to the point, why the HELL should conservatives ever vote for Republicans again?

Found at Sondra K's place.

Morons STILL denying Reid's comments

After Dingy Harry himself said that yes, he did say what everyone said he said. Folks, here's the problem with Leftists - even with the truth staring them in the face, they refuse to acknowledge it. People like Glen(s) Greenwald, Oliver Willis (like hungry to Twinkies!), The Krazy Kos Kids, they deny, deny, deny, never admitting that the facts prove them wrong, all in the name of political gain.

To the Left, facts are disposable. Anything that doesn't fit their preconceived notion gets tossed out the window, and they'll just make shit up in order to fit their agenda.

And here's the damn proof.

More from Instapundit:

Well, for all that griping, it seems the Politico nailed this story, and Drudge just did what he always does--amplify it. Dr. Barbin still contends this is a non-story--though, apparently factually accurate despite protestations to the contrary--because it was just "a throw away line...that Harry Reid said to the unable-to-be-reconfirmed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff's face." And Geiger puts off the outrageous statement Reid claims to have made to the senator's "tendency to speak like the straight-talking, former boxer that he is." If it's all true, then Reid's a brave man, but a jerk nonetheless. The other possibility, of course, is that he's full of it and never said any such thing to Pace--in which case, he's still a jerk, but not so stupid as to question the integrity of this nation's highest ranking officer to his face.

The lefty bloggers, for their part, have shown themselves to be totally inept. They failed to report the comments, then they denied Reid ever made them while making their own unsubstantiated allegations, and now they defend the comments as irrelevant--and without even the slightest doubt as to their validity. Which is worse?

This is a perfect example of why I will never vote for anyone on the Left side of the political sphere.

UPDATE: Jeff Goldstein has more.

So, you worthless maggot, (UPDATED AND BUMPED)

Just who the hell do you think you're talking to?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called Marine Gen. Peter Pace, the outgoing chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, "incompetent" during an interview Tuesday with a group of liberal bloggers, a comment that was never reported.

Reid made similar disparaging remarks about Army Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, said several sources familiar with the interview.

Who would you rather have on your side: A battle-proven soldier with years of experience dealing in real-world matters, or a worthless, corrupt, limp-dicked shitheel who's only claim to fame is shady land deals in Nevada and convincing enough stupid people to elect him to Congress?

General Petraeus takes a shit bigger than Dingy Harry Reid on a daily basis. Harry the fucking dipshit Reid isn't fit to wipe the dirt off of the General's boots. And unlike that worthless asscannon Congresscritter, Gen. Patraeus actually does real work, which means that yes, he DOES get dirt on his boots. The only dirt that Dingy Harry carries around is the dirt on his hands from all the corrupt business he's involved in, and the dirt between his ears. He sure as hell doesn't have anything else in his head.

I wouldn't piss on Dingy Harry Reid if he was on fire.

UPDATE: Via Captain's Quarters, Dingy Harry Reid himself confirms that he made the statements.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid confirmed Thursday that he told liberal bloggers last week that he thinks outgoing Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Peter Pace is "incompetent."

Reid acknowledged similarly disparaging Army Gen. David Petraeus, head of Multinational Forces in Iraq.

But Reid, whose comments to bloggers first appeared in The Politico, also told reporters: "I think we should just drop it."

Yeah, I bet you DO think that, you worthless assnugget. Too bad. Here's one soldier who's not going to forget what you said, or what you feel about Army Leadership and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

My comments about Dingy Harry Reid stand. And I still wouldn't piss on him if he were on fire. I may try to stomp out the fire, but only if I was wearing my combat boots.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

This We'll Defend

March along, sing our song, with the Army of the free
Count the brave, count the true, who have fought to victory
We’re the Army and proud of our name
We’re the Army and proudly proclaim

First to fight for the right,
And to build the Nation’s might,
And The Army Goes Rolling Along
Proud of all we have done,
Fighting till the battle’s won,
And the Army Goes Rolling Along.

Then it’s Hi! Hi! Hey!
The Army’s on its way.
Count off the cadence loud and strong
For where e’er we go,
You will always know
That The Army Goes Rolling Along.

Valley Forge, Custer’s ranks,
San Juan Hill and Patton’s tanks,
And the Army went rolling along
Minute men, from the start,
Always fighting from the heart,
And the Army keeps rolling along.

Then it’s Hi! Hi! Hey!
The Army’s on its way.
Count off the cadence loud and strong
For where e’er we go,
You will always know
That The Army Goes Rolling Along.

Men in rags, men who froze,
Still that Army met its foes,
And the Army went rolling along.
Faith in God, then we’re right,
And we’ll fight with all our might,
As the Army keeps rolling along.

Today the Army is Two-Hundred and Thirty Two years old. And it STILL is going strong, bringing freedom around the world. I pray that the gutless worms in the Capitol Building let us continue being the defenders of freedom and the American way of life.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I hadn't seen this before.

It's from 1996. A letter from a CEO to a stockholder. And lord, does it ever put things together for people to read. I can't pull one quote from it, you've got to go read it all.

So tell me again....

Just why exactly aren't we bombing the SHIT out of the turbaned tumblefucks of Tehran?

The United States has "irrefutable" evidence that Iran is transferring weapons to the Taliban in Afghanistan, with the knowledge of the Iranian government, and NATO has intercepted some of the shipments, a senior U.S. diplomat said Wednesday.

"There's irrefutable evidence the Iranians are now doing this," said Undersecretary
of State Nicholas Burns
on CNN. "It's certainly coming from the government of Iran. It's coming from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard corps command, which is a basic unit of the Iranian government."

Speaking separately to The Associated Press, Burns also said that NATO needs to act to stop the shipments. The Iran-Afghanistan frontier is "a very long border. But the Iranians need to know that we are there and that we're going to oppose this."

"It's a very serious question," he said, adding that Iran is in "outright violation" of relevant U.N. Security Council

We've known that Iran has been arming terrorists in Iraq. We know they funnel aid and weapons to terrorist groups like Hezbollah. We know that they're working on building a nuclear bomb. And we know that they're shipping weapons to the Taliban.

So why does Iran still have any military bases left? Why aren't there several flat, smoking areas in Iran right now, courtesy of the US Air Force? Why the fuck are we playing around with terrorists like Madman Amamentaljob?

Now is the time for real men to grab their balls, look the turbaned tumblefucks in the eye, and say "The bombing began five minutes ago. If you don't knock this shit off, you won't have a country to govern."

Man, that's gotta suck!

So, you're a whale. You're born, you're swimming around, and you manage to survive a bomb harpoon somehow. So you live a while more, you swim around, you mate, and then you're finally killed by another harpoon, around ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY YEARS LATER.

A 50-ton bowhead whale caught off the Alaskan coast last month had a weapon fragment embedded in its neck that showed it survived a similar hunt — more than a century ago.

Embedded deep under its blubber was a 3½-inch arrow-shaped projectile that has given researchers insight into the whale's age, estimated between 115 and 130 years old.

Well, here's to long life and happiness, eh?

Red on Red

Terrorists killing other terrorists in Gaza. As if people couldn't see that coming.

Look, at this point the only people who actually believe that the palestinians care about peace are self-deluded morons with their head so far up their asses that they can give themselves a complete colonoscopy. They're a bloodthirsty bunch of feral animals who only care about killing. Israel, other palestinians, anyone who's named "Bob", ect. Killing is what they do. It is who they are. They could have had their own country years ago if they had just stopped trying to kill Israelies. But they could do that. And now that Israel has built up a security wall, they have resorted to killing each other, all in the name of Islam.

Gosh, what a pleasant bunch. Maybe when they're done killing each other, Israel can mop up the remaining terrorists and we can finish with this whole farcical "nation" of paleswine.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Well, that explains a lot

Surfin' Sonda K's place when I found this:

Pearson also called himself as a witness, saying his problems began in May 2005 when he brought in several suits for alterations. A pair of pants from a blue and maroon suit was missing when he requested it two days later. He said Soo Chung tried to give him a pair of charcoal gray pants.

As Pearson explained that those weren't the pants for the suit, he choked up and left the courtroom crying after asking Bartnoff for a break.

Pearson originally asked the cleaners for the full price of the suit, which was more than $1,000. But because the Chungs insisted the pants had been found, they refused to pay.

Manning has said the cleaners made three settlement offers to Pearson, but the judge was not satisfied and increased his demands — including asking for money to rent a car so he could drive to another business.

This gutless wonder, this simpering pussy, this moron of the highest order, this sand-pounding ignorant fucktard, this weeping shithead, this crying braindead asscannon....

IS A JUDGE?!?!?!?!

Well, if THAT doesn't explain the legal system of Washington DC in one news article, I don't know what does! Howd'ya like to get HIM as a judge? I don't know, just how much contempt of court would you get hit with if you stopped in mid speech and said "Hey, aren't you that crybaby bitch who screamed about a pair of pants?"

Oh, and by the way....

Lookie here: Execution deters murderers! Gosh, whodathunk?

A Good Cause

Folks, those of you who have been reading Kim du Toit knows of his support for our troops. And in the case of the Deuce Four, that's literal support. He's put his money where his mouth is, more than once.

It's that time again.

From Sgt Vik of Deuce Four:
You would know me from the Deuce Four Snipers. We have been re-flagged as 3/2 Stryker Cavalry Regiment. We have been called back to duty in Iraq. We once again would like the help from yourself and Nation of Rifleman. We have been looking at a couple of items that we need help purchasing. If this is possible, please contact me and I can provide you with further details of the items. We thank you for your support of our troops. Hope to talk to you soon.

Time to step up. Mr. du Toit expects a shopping list soon. And unlike the worthless, corrupt shitheads in Congress, you know that any money you donate is going straight to the troops who need it.

Real Americans, doing the job that the feckless parasites in DC refuse to do.

I'm still recovering

From this latest detail. The wife is back home after being away for a couple of weeks. However, she brought back a few things that I've been missing:

Guinness. Oh, sweet nectar of Ireland!
Fresh Keta Salmon. That was smoked today. The wife and I dined on smoked salmon and cheese for dinner.
Luksasova Vodka. We can't get it down here. It makes a damn fine Vodka martini. I know that there are a few people who would sneer at a VODKA martini, but I like 'em with either good gin or good vodka, and this is GOOD vodka!

I managed to bring back a few things from La Republica Dominicana for the family. For my dear wife, a bottle of outstanding rum. A painting for my mom. And a box of Dominican Cohibas for my father.

I'm still recharging my batteries. I'll get back into the swing of things for right now, but life just took a hectic turn. I'm as busy as a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest. Although it looks like I may be leaving Puerto Rico sooner than I thought.

More later.

Monday, June 11, 2007


Been busy as can be, no time for blogging, but HAD to post this one:

Ummm, WTF?

Daily Express: The World's Greatest Newspaper :: News / Showbiz :: Police officer dies in triple stabbing

Yeah, I'm back

Don't have any pictures for you right now. Maybe later this week.

The ceremony went well. We managed to gel together as best we could. One of the hard things about doing funeral details down here is that you never have the same team twice. Every team has someone different, or everybody different on it.

That makes a big difference, when you're trying to co-ordinate just how long your steps are going to take. Drill and Ceremony means just that. DRILL and CEREMONY. In order to have that ceremony done properly, you've got to drill, drill and drill. Getting a group of people together and telling them "Forward, MARCH!" only works if the people you're giving the orders to know and have drilled with each other long enough to do it right. There's no calling cadence during a funeral. There's nobody counting time. The team has to do it all together, with no communication between the troops. That takes practice, and more practice.

The firing team is the same way. I know I have a lot of folks around here who own personal weapons. I want you to try something. Grab a buddy and a firearm you're not afraid to dry-fire. Stand side by side, not looking at each other. Have someone call out "Ready (charge weapon), Aim (point weapon), FIRE! (obviously fire)". You must charge the weapons in unison, move in tandem, and fire at the exact same time. It should just sound like one loud gunshot. Or one single click, since you're dry firing.

Give it a try. It ain't easy. Now try to do it with seven people at the same time. There is no "Well, it kinda sounded good" statements. It either sounds damn good, or it sounds like hyperactive kids popping rounds off at a firing range. Everybody has to be on the same page, and that takes practice, and more practice.

Now, I told you all that so I could tell you this:

I know that there are a lot of people down here who aren't worth the time of day. But I'm always grateful for the professionalism of the troops who pull funeral details. We're always trying to get familiar with someone new, someone we've never worked with before. It's like constantly re-inventing the wheel over and over. And yet they always make it work. We drill and practice until we get it perfect. We improvise. We deal with changes that are thrown at us left and right as people with shiny metal things on their collar say "Hey, why don't we do this instead?" at the very last minute. At one point it was so bad that even after the dress rehearsal, things were STILL getting changed and we had to adjust on the fly. They busted their asses, and I've learned more from them about D&C than I learned in my first five year tour.

I'm proud to be part of it.

Saw this yesterday

But couldn't get around to posting it until today. Ouch. Ain't nuthin' left but smoking footprints, metaphorically speaking.