Friday, July 24, 2015

Things that the Left

and much of the Right do not want to hear.

My observation of my father and mother’s actual belief is this: since everyone is naturally gay, it is the straight establishment that makes everyone hung up and therefore limited.  Sex early will make people willing to have sex with everyone, which will bring about the utopia while eliminating homophobia and helping people become “who they really are.” It will also destroy the hated nuclear family with its paternalism, sexism, ageism (yes, for pedophiles, that is a thing) and all other “isms.”  If enough children are sexualized young enough, gayness will suddenly be “normal” and accepted by everyone, and the old fashioned notions about fidelity will vanish.  As sex is integrated as a natural part of every single relationship, the barriers between people will vanish, and the utopia will appear, as “straight culture” goes the way of the dinosaur.  As my mother used to say: “Children are brainwashed into believing they don’t want sex.”

If you don't know who Moira Greyland is, do a little google search.  Or just read the linked article.

Natural human sexual biology is set to male+female.  That's genetics, folks.  The species is designed to propagate.  Only male+female can do that.  Male+male or female+female will not produce offspring, and the species dies.  Anything that deviates from that basic truth is thus un-natural.  And the vast, huge, unbelievably large percentage of reasons that deviation is the actions of other people, not "I was born this way!"  It could be abuse; sexual, mental, emotional, physical, anything that would cause a person to avoid sex with the opposite gender.  I had a Chaplain who pointed out that lack of father figures in a person's life leads to an abnormal development.  That abnormality could present itself sexually.  It could be, as Ms. Greyland states:

What sets gay culture apart from straight culture is the belief that early sex is good and beneficial, and the sure knowledge (don’t think for a second that they DON’T know) that the only way to produce another homosexual is to provide a boy with sexual experiences BEFORE he can be “ruined” by attraction to a girl.

It's uncomfortable to talk about.  But it needs to be said.

Hippies gonna hippy

Meaning that those drug-soaked retards will always, always, ALWAYS side with their feeeeeeeeeelings and stupidity rather than actually use their brains.  In this case, it's the brown acid burnouts of Berkeley trying to protect an invasive non-native species that poses a fire hazard to the rest of the native trees.

About 75 folks at the University of California, Berkeley disrobed over the weekend and mounted eucalyptus trees. 
All part of a protest directed at the Federal Emergency Management Agency -- they say the trees pose a fire hazard and need to come down. 
“This is a war on trees,” wildlife activist Jack Gescheidt told Campus Reform.
The demonstration was organized by a group Gescheidt founded -- The Tree Spirit Project. Their mission is “to raise awareness of the critical role trees play in our lives, both globally and personally.”

The state of California is trying to remove a grove of Eucalyptus trees.  If you're not familiar with that particular species, here's the run down - native to Australia and parts of Asia, so it's not an American tree.  The leaves and wood contain a high amount of oil which is rather flammable.  I guarantee you've smelled Eucalyptus oil before; it's used in a number of homeopathic products.

The Eucalyptus tree will shed a steady amount of leaves all year long.  Before too long, you have a thick carpet of dead Eucalyptus leaves spread on the ground, all of them containing a decent amount of oil.  Any spark, any loser tossing a cigarette butt on the ground, and it goes up.  This is part of the Eucalyptus tree's method of ensuring that its species survives.  The tree itself can withstand the flames and recover from fire damage, but other trees who don't have the ability to deal with fire die out, thus giving the Eucalyptus open space for it's seeds to grow.

Again - it's an invasive, non-native species that presents a fire hazard where ever it grows.

That region was devastated by a deadly fire in 1991. Twenty-five people were killed, 150 injured and more than 3,300 homes were incinerated. 
But Gescheidt doesn’t believe trees cause forest fires. 
“The claim about trees being flammable is nonsense,” he told Campus Reform. “All living trees and forests are fire resistant.”

Hippies.  Dirty, stinking, LSD soaked hippies, so removed from reality that they think wood doesn't burn.  I've seen forests burn.  I don't care how alive those trees are, if it's hot enough they'll go up like..  well...  like firewood.  And if those trees just happen to be loaded with oil or pitch?

I hate hippies.  I really do.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

I like this woman. She fights

And the look on Jake Tapper's face as he gets schooled is quite enjoyable.

Seriously, watch him as Fiorina goes after both Hillary and the Media.  He just got bitchslapped, and he knows it.

Two new shooters

A friend and I took two brothers who had never fired a gun in their life to the range last night.  Started them off with 22LR - a Ruger 10/22 and an old Winchester target rifle that made me drool.

No pics, sorry.  I was busy teaching and shooting.

By the time the night was over, one of the guys was dumping six rounds into a space that you could cover with your thumb.  He's a natural.  The other young man enjoyed himself as well, but says he needs more practice, so could we please take him back to the range at some point in the near future?

Slick, that guy.  Very slick.

Two new shooters.  Next up we'll try them with some bigger guns.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

41 Companies who donate directly to Planned Parenthood

Time to whip out the pen and paper, and ask these companies if they get a share of the money that Planned Parenthood makes from selling baby parts.

Or do it digitally.  Email the shit out of 'em.  "So Coca-Cola, do you or do you not agree with Planned Parenthood murdering babies and selling their body parts?"

Yank the funding, watch the evil start to shrink.

Home internet is fried

It looks like the box that connects to the cable got zapped somehow.  Posting might be light for a bit.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

And just in case there was any question...

Planned Parenthood sells baby parts.

Let me put it this way - what Planned Parenthood does is actually far worse than what they've been accused of doing.  Murdering babies is bad enough.  Murdering babies and then selling off their body parts for profit?

Way back in Old Testament times, there was a deity named Ba'al that was worshipped around Canaan.  Their altar was a metal statue of their god (bronze or gold) with his hands cupped to receive their offering, and a spot to build a fire under the cupped hands.  The Ba'al worshippers would build a fire under the cupped hands until the hands were glowing red-hot.

And then they would place their infant children into those hands.

We have modern day Ba'al worship going on right now in America, but instead of a bronze statue and fire pit, it's a "doctor's" office, and cries of "Reproductive Health!" and "Women's Choice!"

But it's murder, the sacrifice of children, no matter what you call it.  And it's just as evil now as it was thousands of years ago.

The future belongs to those who show up

And it seems that Europe doesn't even feel like doing that.

This is the fiesta before the storm, and Europe is busy partying like it’s 1939. These are the New Wilderness Years, except this time the bad guys are going to win.

Ah well.  Maybe I can buy a castle for cheap once the purging happens.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Arm the troops

Kurt Schlichter lays it out:

Shamefully, instead of preparing our warriors to confront the enemy, there is talk of having our servicemen and women shed their uniforms and hide inside their offices behind armed guards. That’s right – for the sake of a politician’s narrative and the careers of a few desk jockeys, we will take law enforcement off the streets to stand guard over some of history’s fiercest warriors rather than allow them access to the tools of their trade. 
It’s shameful. And it’s personal. Major John Gaffaney was an officer in 2nd Brigade, 40th Infantry Division, when I was in 1stBrigade. I don’t remember him that well, but we would both be part of the pack of captains and lieutenants at the rear of the Division briefing room back in the day. MAJ Gaffaney was shot dead by Nidal Hasan at Fort Hood. He was killed attacking that traitorous piece of slime with a chair.

I'm qualified on the M16/M4 and the M9.  Back when I was in a line unit, I was also qualified on the M2, Mk19 and M249.  My qualification score for the M9 pistol is 40 out of 40.

But the gutless wimps up the chain don't think I'm qualified to carry a pistol to protect myself.  They didn't think those Marines were qualified to carry and protect themselves.  How'd that work out, anyway?

Sunday, July 19, 2015

What I found out on Twitter

Questioning the almighty divinity of Hemp in any of it's forms is akin to telling a feminist to get in the kitchen and make me a sammich.

No, I kid you not.  Hempcrete.  As in concrete made out of hemp.  And these people totally think that this is going to be the next big thing.  Oh, and Henry Ford made his engine to run on hemp oil because hemp oil burns the cleanest of anything, and hemp is awesome, and did you know the Declaration of Independence was written on HEMP, like, OMG HEMP IS TEH AWESOMENESS!

(Vellum Parchment, by the way.  Not hemp)

It's like their religion.  The Hemp Father, Hemp Son, and Hemp Holy Smoke.