Saturday, June 20, 2015


I just had to pour out three gallons of apple cider that turned into more vinegar than anything I'd like to drink.

Trying to home-brew in Los Angeles has been an exercise in frustration.  Recipes no longer apply, due to the climate.  Half of what we've made here has been un-drinkable, where everything we made in Wisconsin was not only drinkable but damn good.

I can't wait to leave.  Oh, and it's in the triple digits again today.  I'm in hell.

McDonalds wants to be "Progressive"

Whatever the hell that means.  I remember when I first really stopped going to McDonalds - when their commercials started being "Urban".  You want me to eat a burger?  Don't rap to me.  Their target demographic was "urban" kids, at least according to the ads I heard repeatedly on the radio.

For that matter, being "progressive" and hiring that loathsome slug Robert Gibbs isn't going to help them anymore than going "urban".  I don't know what the fix for McDonalds is.  I know I stopped eating their fries when they caved into the veggie-freaks and stopped using beef fat to fry them in.  Their burgers?  Eh.  You can get the same from Burger King.  Wendy's was my go-to, and I still enjoy a Frosty from time to time (CHOCOLATE, you commie bastards!  Vanilla is NOT A FROSTY FLAVOR!).

Right now if I want a burger it's either Five Guys, or a local joint called Beep's.  It's a bit more than McDonalds but not by much, and I get one hell of a better burger.

I do hope McDonald's figures their shit out.

Well holy crap!

It turns out that with the application of enough scotch, I actually can sleep in past 0530!

It had been so long I wasn't sure...

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Pope's environmental crusade

Is a cause that hurts the people he claims to care about most:  The Poor.

Energy costs consume a substantial portion of the budgets of lower-income Americans. This simple chart tells the story: while energy costs account for only 7% of expenditures by those who earn over $50,000 per year, those making less than $30,000 pay an astonishing 23% of their after-tax income for energy.

I wish I could claim I was shocked, but I'm not, because I actually bother to read economic news instead of just blathering on in Marxist-fueled pipe dreams like the Pope does.  Folks, this particular pope, Francis, is a Marxist first and foremost.  You can see it in his attacks on Capitalism, the one force that has helped more of the poor than anything else in the world.  You can see it in the way he inserts himself into every marxist cause of this century (and the last), rather than focusing on the real, actual mission of the Church, which would be the saving of souls.

If you're Catholic, I'm begging you to find a traditional Latin Mass in your area and start attending that instead of the Novus Ordo caricature of a religious celebration.  Do it not just because you're missing out on an authentic religious ceremony, a beautiful celebration that has been stripped from you by modernists and other enemies inside the Church, but do it because Pope Francis hates the Latin Mass with a passion.  Because the Latin Mass isn't about "the ecology" or being against Capitalism or any of the other Marxist shibboleths that Francis espouses instead of focusing on his actual job.  The Latin Mass is focused on Jesus Christ, not the popular political movement of the day, or whatever Leftist bullshit is being tossed around.

And I think that's really why Frank hates it.  Because his focus is not on Jesus Christ, his focus is on this world and his ideology.  And he doesn't want to be reminded of that.

Still tired

And quite frankly, disgusted.  The house passed the trade bill giving Obama "fast-track" authority.

Yeah.  That's going to end well.  Is there anything John Boehner and Mitch McConnell won't give away to Obama?  I quite honestly wouldn't be shocked to walk into the White House and see either of those two worthless pieces of shit on their knees giving Obama a blowjob while he outlined what he wanted them to do next.  It's disgusting.  Boehner and McConnell have done more damage to the GOP than Obama could ever dream of or hope for.

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Sorry 'bout the lack of posting.  Running on about four hours sleep right now, up waaaaay to early and back way too late.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I have no confidence

None what so ever, that this dim bulb has even the slightest clue about what to do next, other that obey whatever political orders come from Obama's camp.

Can anyone tell me what Archuletta's credentials are, and why she got the job?  THIS is the top person of OPM?

And you know what's making me feel even worse?  The average Democrat drone doesn't even know what's gone on, much less care.

And now they control your health care. What could go wrong?

We have Top Men on it at the Office of Personnel Management.  Top.  Men.

Another team that worked with these databases had at its head two team members with PRC passports. I know that because I challenged them personally and revoked their privileges. From my perspective, OPM compromised this information more than three years ago and my take on the current breach is ‘so what’s new?’”

Seriously, every time I think the FedGov can't turn into a bigger Klown Kar, it does.  Over and over.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Monday, June 15, 2015

Yeah, you do get that sense, don't you?

The other option for the lackluster performers is teaching in publik skools.

After thousands of examples of the intellectual flaccidity and inferiority of the journalists in our midst, we have to accept the fact that they are not the best and the brightest. They are, overwhelmingly, college students who couldn't handle college math, couldn't manage to do the work to pass Biology 101 and Chemistry 101, and were daunted by the prospect of reading a bunch of long books with lots of facts in them, so history was not an option either. 
So what was left? (fill in the blank)_____ Studies or Journalism.

When i read the paper, the journalists and columnists I read are typically in the Sports section.  If it's not a plain "X happened and here is how" news piece, I'll just skim it.  I don't have time to waste going through and refuting every liberal loon with an overpriced journalism degree, especially here in Los Angeles, where they seem to spread like the cockroaches that thrive in the San Fernando Valley.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Today is Flag Day

Or, more importantly, the birthday of the United States Army.


Yes, typically a nice long post about how awesome the Army is would go here.  It's a busy day for me today, and I'd rather write nothing than write something trite and cheap.


Which is how gun-control is still a problem, and health care is a "right".

Ragin' Dave's Quote of the Day, the Pill edition

Ain’t that a kick in the head, ladies? The Pill has not only increased your potential for STDs and infertility, but also increased the chances you’ll marry a loser.

R.S. McCain.  Doing the reporting that others won't do.