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Monday, June 15, 2015

Yeah, you do get that sense, don't you?

The other option for the lackluster performers is teaching in publik skools.

After thousands of examples of the intellectual flaccidity and inferiority of the journalists in our midst, we have to accept the fact that they are not the best and the brightest. They are, overwhelmingly, college students who couldn't handle college math, couldn't manage to do the work to pass Biology 101 and Chemistry 101, and were daunted by the prospect of reading a bunch of long books with lots of facts in them, so history was not an option either. 
So what was left? (fill in the blank)_____ Studies or Journalism.

When i read the paper, the journalists and columnists I read are typically in the Sports section.  If it's not a plain "X happened and here is how" news piece, I'll just skim it.  I don't have time to waste going through and refuting every liberal loon with an overpriced journalism degree, especially here in Los Angeles, where they seem to spread like the cockroaches that thrive in the San Fernando Valley.

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