Saturday, January 04, 2020

This corresponds with my experience

Eat low carbs, lift weights.  Be in good shape.  Get told by a doctor you need to eat low fat and do aerobics

In my best running days, my blood pressure was about 125 over 70.  And that was a few years ago.  Now that I have a cracked sesamoid bone in my foot, I can't run as much, so I do weights.  Lower weights, higher reps, but weights none the less.  My body weight went from 215 to 225, my waist stayed the same.  Last time I got my BP checked it was 120 over 75.  I don't care how much fat I eat.  I avoid processed carbohydrates as much as possible, but I still eat a few.  Plenty of protein.  My post-workout "protein drink" is chocolate milk.

I'm in pretty damn good shape.  Far better than some of the younger kids I deal with.  And the people who can out-run me can't out-lift me.

This whole "eat low fat and run every day" thing?  It's bullshit.

Out the door at 0-dark-30

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Friday, January 03, 2020

Looks like a couple more goat-rapers are no longer with us

Trump - killing the terrorists that Obama didn't want to kill.

It's amazing how many terrorists you can kill when you actually want to kill terrorists.

The Iranian mullahs are a malignant cancer on this planet.  Their own citizens don't even like them.  We finally have a president who's willing to start cutting heads off of Iranian snakes.  Note that Qasem Soleimani, who has been spreading terrorism around the globe for decades, was killed while he was in BAGHDAD.  As in, IRAQ.  Not Iran, where that goat-fucker received his orders. 

As an aside, there are plenty of Iraqis who are very, very happy that this goat-fucker is dead.  You know who's not happy?  That lying, brother-humping, immigration-defrauding adultress, Ilhan Omar.  But when you're an America-hating, terrorist-loving piece of pig shit, you tend to get upset when terrorists who have orchestrated the killing of thousands of Americans gets blown to hell.

Look what followed me home yesterday!

And the Mrs says I can keep him!

I was actually in the market for a new 1911, but this Ruger PC9 was on the wall of my local Merchant of Death, and the price was right....

That, and when the Mrs put it up to her shoulder, she murmured "Oh, this thing is amazing!"

Thursday, January 02, 2020

Is there any prominent Democrat who didn't have a child involved in Ukrainian energy?

Pelosi's son now

One America News reported on a promotional video that surfaced on December 25, that featured House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her son Paul dealings in Ukraine. President Trump didn’t waste the opportunity and trolled the Speaker of the House saying, “Wow Crazy Nancy, what’s going on? This is big stuff!”

So for those keeping track, we now have Biden's cokehead son, John F'n Kerry's son, some Romney descendant, and now Pelosi's spawn, all involved in "energy" companies in the Ukraine.

If you still wondered why the Democrats were so enraged at Trump asking the Ukrainian president to investigate corruption, wonder no more.  These slimy corrupt pieces of shit are neck-deep in the corruption over there, most likely using the previous Ukrainian administration to launder money back to the respective families.

The Democrats don't want anything investigated, because they'll get exposed.

I want them all in jail.

A little Catholic inside baseball

But if you care about morality and traditional religion of any stripe, it's well worth a watch.

James Martin, one of the most open promoters of homosexuality in the Catholic Church, has been spreading heresy for years.  He's a Jesuit, which used to actually mean something good, but now means that he' essentially a Marxist who is diametrically opposed to the actual teachings of the Church.  My dear mom went to a Jesuit university to get her Master's degree, and she's essentially cut ties with her Alma Mater because the Jesuits took a priest who was banging a girl, getting her pregnant and then blaming the girls father and accusing him of incest, and just moving him to this university and giving him a position of authority and respect.  After mom found out that this priest was a sexual predator and her old university not only knew he was a predator but they were putting him in a position to prey on young people again, she told them in no uncertain terms that they can take a long walk off a short pier

James Martin is cut from the same cloth as that university.  He wants to be "inclusive", but he completely ignores the fact that that's a double edged sword.  I want everyone to come to Church.  I want everyone to be part of my religious family, but that means that you conform to the standards of that family.  That is "inclusive" in a way that James Martin just can't accept.  James Martin wants everyone to wallow in the gutter with the sinners, rather than ask the sinners to repent of their sins.  Hell accepts everyone.  Hell is completely inclusive.  Heaven has a wall and a gate.  Hell has no borders.

James Martin claims to work for God, but his actions say otherwise.

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

There's this Francis Porretto quote

And I can't recall it verbatim, but I can paraphrase it:  Men use the law to punish crime instead of violence.  For example, if my neighbor shoots my dog, I don't shoot him or his dog, I call the cops.

However, if the law fails to punish the lawbreaker, or instead punishes the law-abiding because it's easier to punish those who aren't criminals, then men retain the right to once again use violence instead of the law.

Why this quote?  Because the deadbeat who walked into a Texas church and opened fire has a rap sheet dating back to 1998, including multiple gun felonies, and was still walking around free.

Two people are dead because the law refused to punish the criminal.  When criminals start showing up dead, and nobody saw nothing Officer, don't be shocked.  This situation has been building for a long time.  I'm willing to bet money that there are Texas ranchers close to the border that have simply shot a few Coyotes, and left their corpses for the coyotes to deal with, because the Federal Government hasn't done a single fucking thing in their lifetimes to stem the tide of criminal activity, be it drug smuggling, human smuggling, sexual slavery of children, or wanton destruction of the rancher's property.

If the government refuses to enforce the law, don't be shocked when citizens decide to take the law into their hands. 

Insert fancy New Years post here

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  It's a new year.  The Ragin' Mrs and I are finding it harder and harder to celebrate New Year's Eve, which means we really don't.  We have a drink and go to bed.  We don't go out, because I don't feel like sharing the road with all the drunks out there.

I guess this is where my MP background bites me in the ass a little bit.  I hate driving on holidays, because I know just how many drunks are on the road.

Meh.  Anyways, what's coming up in the new year?  Well, there's Election 2020, where Trump will most likely beat the margin of fraud that the Democrats are going to pull.  Which means we get four more years of the Left going absolutely apeshit.

I know some people don't like Sinatra, but it's Count Basie and his orchestra playing.  I don't care you who are, if you don't get goosebumps from the horns swelling in the background at 1:15, you don't love music.

Oh, and speaking of the Left going apeshit, here's a sing I like to sing with my windows down when I know there's a feminist nearby.

Remember, when a Wokescold cries, the baby Jesus smiles.

Anyways, it's a new year, and personally it'll be just like the last year.  Work my ass off, try to get ahead, and see what rolls around the bend in the fall.

I need to buy more ammo.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Monday, December 30, 2019

Well, &%$#@!

Got home last night to a cold house.  The furnace is kaput.  Thank God we kept our space heaters after our last house had furnace issues.  We already notified the landlord, but it's almost New Year's.  We'll see how quickly an HVAC person can come on by.

As an aside, if you have any kids, get them interested in HVAC.  Calls like this will pay the guy's mortgage.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

New Shooter (kinda) report

So, I was spending time with the fam this Christmas, just so y'all know.  Included in that is my step-son, who I hadn't seen since I booted him from the Casa de Rage back in 2012.  He'd kept in touch with his mom over the years, so it wasn't like we were not talking to each other.  He flew in from the Left Coast, where he's been working and adulting for the past few years, and doing a good job on the adulting part.

We did the usual Christmas stuff.  Eat lots of good food, open presents, drink good drinks, etc.  Included in that was a trip to the range, because why not?  He had it in his head that he wanted to try a .357 Magnum revolver.  Specifically the type used by the French counter-terrorism forces, because as he puts it "They shoot them more than any other gun and they still work".  So I found an article on said counter-terrorism forces.  What kind of revolvers do they use?  Well, they have the French MR 73.  Yeah, like we'll be able to find one of those around here.  But wait, what is this?  They also use the Smith and Wesson 686.

Now THAT is doable.

So we go to the local Merchant 'o Death, and we rent a S&W 686.  Buy a box of ammo.  Run the target out to 15 feet, because while he used to shoot with me back when he was a yoot, he hasn't touched a gun since then.  I ran through some of the basics with him:  proper stance, proper grip, breathing, trigger squeeze, so on and so forth.  And he proceeded to do a pretty darn good job of poking holes in paper.  Only a few were outside the lines, and most of his shots were within the eight-inch Shoot-n-See target I'd pasted on to the paper.

And he said he had fun.  Cool.

So, we see him off the next day.  He flies home.  Saturday night, the Mrs. gets a phone call from him.  "Hey, Mom, can I talk to Dave about a gun?"

He's at a gun shop, purchasing a 22LR revolver.  A Ruger Wrangler.  That'll be his practice gun, he says.  He's already looking around for a decent price on a S&W 686, but doesn't want to wait on his dream gun to get to the range again.

One more gun owner for the win!

As an aside, I put another eight-inch shoot-n-see in the head area, ran the target out to 50 feet, and put six rounds through it.  Now I want a S&W 686 with a six inch barrel.  What a sweet shooting gun....

Ave Maria

Go read.  And more importantly, go listen to the video.

You cannot convince me that there's no God.  Not when groups of people can get together and make that music.