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Saturday, January 04, 2020

This corresponds with my experience

Eat low carbs, lift weights.  Be in good shape.  Get told by a doctor you need to eat low fat and do aerobics

In my best running days, my blood pressure was about 125 over 70.  And that was a few years ago.  Now that I have a cracked sesamoid bone in my foot, I can't run as much, so I do weights.  Lower weights, higher reps, but weights none the less.  My body weight went from 215 to 225, my waist stayed the same.  Last time I got my BP checked it was 120 over 75.  I don't care how much fat I eat.  I avoid processed carbohydrates as much as possible, but I still eat a few.  Plenty of protein.  My post-workout "protein drink" is chocolate milk.

I'm in pretty damn good shape.  Far better than some of the younger kids I deal with.  And the people who can out-run me can't out-lift me.

This whole "eat low fat and run every day" thing?  It's bullshit.

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