Saturday, December 24, 2022

Is there any Democrat who doesn't cuddle up to pedos and child rapists?

 Because right now, all answers point to "No".

The $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill has $1 million earmarked for renovations for KidsPeace, a Pennsylvania nonprofit Wild represented in a 2005 lawsuit filed by a former patient who was anally raped by a counselor. Wild, who requested funding for KidsPeace earlier this year, argued in the lawsuit that KidsPeace should not be on the hook for a settlement payout to the patient because the rape was a "medical incident" that should be covered by its insurance plan, the Washington Free Beacon reported. She said KidsPeace did not have a "crystal ball" to prevent the counselor's "malfeasance," though the counselor was charged years earlier in the suffocation death of a 12-year-old patient.

At this point, if your baby sitter identifies as a Democrat you'd better watch them like a hawk.  I can't think of any Democrat group that doesn't want to either have sex with children or kill them in the womb.

And yeah, internet is still out.  Phone hotspot.

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Internet out

 So the internet at the house here has gone tits up.  Which means I'm using my phone as a hot-spot, and as anyone knows that sucks, performance-wise.

Blogging gonna be light for a bit.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Early Christmas present to myself

 Mom:  Now if I could only do something with those *&^$% racoons...

Me:  Shoot 'em.  

Mom:  With what?

Me:  Small caliber something or other.  You don't need a big gun.

Mom:  I have a 22 pistol....

Me:  Meh.  22 Mag would be better.

Mom:  22 what now?

Me:  22 Magnum.  Same caliber, bigger casing, more omph.  One shot one kill on varmints.

Mom:  Well, I know a gun shop....

Long story short:  Rossi 22 Mag for $200 (it was on sale, $80 off), scope (also on sale for a HUUUUUUUUUGE discount), scope rings and ammo today.  Grand total, around $400.

I'm gonna sight it in and then see if I can nail me some varmints in the barn.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Get your popcorn ready

 Gonna be some fireworks down in AZ.

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s lawsuit against Maricopa County will go to trial, a judge ruled late Monday.

Lake filed the lawsuit December 9, alleging that “hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots infected” the Nov. 8 election and led to Hobbs being declared the winner, and “contains more than 270 exhibits of evidence.” Lake’s suit also relies on expert witness testimony.

I want a bloodbath.  I want heads on pikes.  I want people in jail for their crimes on election day.

I want a reckoning.

The last time the RNC sent me a fundraising letter

 was a loooong time ago.  And I took that letter, whipped out a Sharpie, and wrote in big bold letters:


Then I put it in their envelope and mailed it to them.  And yeah, Boehner was still in the House, so that tells you how long ago that was.

But the backstabbing shitstain McConnell is still there, and once again he's selling out the GOP's voters and surrendering pre-emptively to the Democrats.

Republican voters have a right to be angry at this. The status quo is being maintained everywhere, from the Senate to the RNC. Past failures are being ignored, future ones are being instituted, and it’s quickly becoming pointless to even support the GOP.

At this point, McConnell must have photos of people in compromising situations, because I cannot think of a RNC politician that is as hated by the GOP voters as McConnell who maintains his position of power.  And because he's maintaining his power, he keeps other two-faced backstabbing shitstains like Murkowski in power as well.

And I'm still not sending one dime to the RNC.  In fact, I'm thinking that the RNC needs to go the way of the Whig party, and let people who actually care about America and represent their voters take the RNC's place.  

Monday, December 19, 2022

Lazy day today

 Woke up to a rooster crowing.  Made breakfast for the family.  Took my dad to the library to pick up a book, and the local library has a shop where they sell their older books at discount price.  Two bucks for a hard cover book.  Since I've had to give away books at every PCS, I'm anxious to rebuild my library, and when I find a book I want I buy it and put it on a shelf.  Since I'm coming back here anyways when I retire, I figure it's a good way to start my new personal library.

Lots of good discussions with my father.  Those are priceless at this moment.  You couldn't pay me to step away from them for all the gold on the earth.  I regret that I didn't realize this decades earlier in life.

Found a bottle of Irish whisky that my mom called "sinful" for being so good.  That's a win.

Made my version of beef stew for dinner.  My mom wants me to teach her how to make it.  Another win.

Sometimes you just have to slow down and enjoy life.  I'm trying to do that right now.

Drove all day

 I'm safe in friendly territory, with a cigar in hand and whiskey in a glass.

Lots of snow up North.  Like....  lots.  I drove about 150 miles at 45mph due to a little storm.

Let the holidays commence.  I'll post, but I won't post much.

Sunday, December 18, 2022

At this point, I'm just adding posts like this to serve as a database of how badly the jab is hurting people

And it's not good.  This is a doctor, discussing the number of cases of vaccine injury he and his colleagues have seen.

When the vaccines came to market, one concern I had around their entire rollout (it was very eery) was that a few years after the mRNA vaccines came to the market, they would become significantly more deadly and this was a fear I kept in the back of my mind as I watched the rollout occur. Likewise if a delayed toxicity were to be the greatest issue, there would still be significant adverse events in the most sensitive members of the population (which as you know has happened). The delayed toxicity has begun to emerge and at this point I can see the following possible explanations for the increasing rate of death we are observing:

I know of at least two people who got the jab and were unable to move the next morning.  Literally unable to move their legs.  Body locked up tight.  And their employers (one private, one military) said "Too fucking bad, get the second shot or get fucked and lose your job."

There will be an accounting, in this world or the next.  I've said it multiple times, but it's the accounting in the next world that keeps me from bringing it in this world.  God's judgement is going to be far worse than anything I could do.