Saturday, February 12, 2022



A good summation of what the military is for

 Of course, the current junta is doing their level best to destroy the military, but sometimes it's good to remind ourselves that things have an actual purpose.

Many Americans, particularly our most senior politicians and military leaders, seem to have developed a form of dementia when it comes to warfare. The result is confusion or denial about the essential ingredients of a competent military force, and the costs of major power conflict. The memory loss is largely irrespective of political bent because all too many are seduced by a Hollywood infused sense of antiseptic warfare and push-button solutions, while forgotten are the one million casualties of the Battle of the Somme in World War I, or the almost two million in the Battle of Stalingrad in World War II.  

This “warfare dementia” is a dangerous and potentially catastrophic malady, because the price for it could alter the success of the American experiment and most assuredly will be paid in blood. The condition is exacerbated and enabled when the most senior military leaders — those who ought to know better — defer to the idealistic judgments of those whose credentials are either nonexistent or formed entirely by ideology.

Read the whole thing.

Friday, February 11, 2022

Abolish the FDA.

 I don't care what it's original purpose was.  It is so far off from it's original purpose that it needs to be wiped off the face of the earth.

Let’s start with politics. Under Biden, the FDA has made it very clear for over two years that they do not approve of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine for treatment of COVID-19, saying there is “insufficient data.” They went so far as to discredit one of these inexpensive treatments on their websites and on social media, implying it’s only for animal deworming (“You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it,” they said). 

By contrast, the FDA is silent as the grave when it comes to widespread off-label, long-term drug safety of puberty-blockers and cross-sex hormones being administered to 13-year-old kids that may render them permanently altered and infertile. I don’t expect FDA will tweet “You are not a girl, you are a boy. Seriously, y’all…” anytime soon.  

The difference is in narratives. Dangerous off-label usage of drugs is fine to further transgender ideology, but for COVID, it would contradict the narrative that the only way out of the pandemic is through forced, mass vaccination and repeated, titanically ineffective booster shots.  

With epidemiological findings in on vaccination and boosters verified from around the world, it only makes sense to consider other available treatment strategies.  

Crap like this is why Civil War 2 is going to happen.  When people realize that their parents and grandparents didn't need to die, but that the government refused to treat them in order to make big pharma some money....  You think those people won't become radicalized?  One dude with a deer rifle and a couple of fresh graves for his family members can put the fear of God into a whole lot of commies.  Now think about how many people have died in this country because the government wanted to force you to take an experimental treatment instead of treating you with known drugs that THEY KNEW helped reduce the Kung Flu.

Our government is evil, full of evil people, and oft evil will shall evil mar.

The D.C. Gestapo doesn't care if you know

 They're gonna kill people and get away with it.  I'm rapidly running out of cities that I'm willing to go to.  Of course, I haven't been willing to go to D.C. for quite some time.

The victim of the beating, Rosanne Boyland, was declared dead roughly 90 minutes later. No one knows the exact moment she died.

Boyland, 34, traveled with a friend, Justin Winchell, from Kennesaw, Ga. to attend the “Stop the Steal” Rally in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6, 2021.

Boyland was pinned down near the West Terrace tunnel entrance, under a crush of protestors fleeing a crowd-control gassing. As the protestors stampeded out, Boyland found herself on the ground. Soon she was unconscious and getting pummeled by Officer Morris.

“She’s gonna die! She’s gonna die! I need somebody! She’s dead,” her friend Winchell screamed.

Video shows protestors getting beaten and pepper-sprayed as they tried to help the fallen Boyland.

I'm willing to say that the entire January 6th kerfluffle was set up by false-flag actors.  The D.C. police have been shown to be nothing but corrupt stormtroopers working for the DNC.  I wouldn't trust them for one second to tell the truth or do the right thing.  This is how you get normal people to stop supporting the police - by allowing a police force to be so corrupt and violent that they literally beat a woman to death and get away with it.

Been a while since I shared a Whittle vid

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Key Word: Milwaukee

Close to two decades ago I worked with an NCO who was from Compton.  Like, born and raised.  Managed to get into the Army despite a history of weed smoking that would put Snoop Dog to shame, but he was a good guy once he cleaned up.  He had to go up to Ft. McCoy for a class, and during one weekend wanted to go watch some basketball.  So he got some tickets to a Milwaukee Bucks game, and drove across the state to go see the game.

He came back from that class, relayed that story, and then told me "Yo, Dave, that was the most fucking ghetto shit I've ever seen, and I ain't never going back to that city."

So this guy, born and raised in Compton, looked at Milwaukee and said "Nope, y'all are fucking trash."

Two black women, 20-year-old twins Bryanna Johnson and Breanta Johnson from Milwaukee, attacked and shot a white waiter in the face. His crime? The “ladies” were missing a burger.

In a civilized society, these two females would be taken out back and shot, then dumped into an unmarked grave.  And that would have been the end of that.

Police interviewed another employee at the restaurant who said "he observed four females sitting in a corner booth who were impatient and rude," the complaint says. They began arguing with this employee and the shooting victim "because their food was not getting served fast enough." When the women were asked to leave the restaurant, one exited the restaurant briefly and then returned. The complaint says the "four women were up by the register" -- and one woman in a blue hoodie punched the shooting victim. "The other woman pulled out a handgun and fired one round at (the victim) striking him in the face while (the victim) was lying on the ground," the complaint says.

Civilization cannot exist with people like this.  They are uncivilized, and resist any attempt to be civilized.  Therefore, they need to be expelled, or when something like this happens, dealt with.

More signs that the police are turning into the Gestapo.

 Two pieces from American Greatness that highlight how the US Government is turning against it's own citizens.

First is the Capitol Police being Nancy Pelosi's personal KGB agents.

The inspector general for the U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) has opened a formal investigation into allegations that the law enforcement agency has been improperly spying on Republican members of Congress, their staff, and visitors to their offices, the Federalist reported on Tuesday.

Should anyone really be shocked at this?  The Democrat Party is anti-American Marxists, and every single Marxist country had their own version of the KGB, or the Stasi, or Gestapo.  In China under Mao it was the kids.  Yeah, the Marxists used the kids to spy and snitch on people.  Ever wonder why so many Marxists are in education?  There's at least one reason right there.

So besides ushering people into the Capitol Building on January 6th, beating people to death in tunnels and shooting an unarmed woman, it appears the Capitol police are very good at spying on Republican politicians.  What do you expect from a police force centered in the most corrupt city in America?

Moving from kinda local to national, the US Government apparently thinks that the George Orwell novel 1984 is a how-to manual.

But under the latest iteration, DHS is no longer concerned solely with enemy lies spread abroad, but increasingly with information spread by “domestic threat actors” (read: American citizens). And no longer are they merely concerned with disinformation, false material spread to manipulate an opponent, but with misinformation, which DHS considers information that is false but not intended to cause harm, and “mal-information,” which means information which is true but the government considers harmful anyway. 

So the DHS is allowing millions and millions of people to pour over our southern border, including all kinds of people from Africa and the Middle East.  Actual verified terrorists are coming into this country over the southern border.  But they don't care about that, they want to stop you from saying things that damage the government.

Let me restate that.  The US Government has allowed actual terrorists on actual terrorist watchlists to cross over our border freely and without concern, but they are now going to make sure that you don't say anything that might upset the government.

This country is fucked.

Wednesday, February 09, 2022

I only have one minor quibble with this

 And it's not with the article itself, just the title:  SFWA's Best Can't Sell Books.

The past year has done a lot to shed light on the slow-motion Hindenburg that is the once-august body known as the Science Fiction Writers of America. From a pair of high profile legal losses rumored to have cost the organization nearly a quarter of a million dollars in legal fees to fan outcry over their annual edition of Nebula Awards Showcase only containing one story that actually won a  Nebula Award, it appeared that in 2021, no news was indeed good news.

My quibble?  The Science Fiction Writer's Association's "best" are long gone.  They got pushed out by the woke Marxist mediocrities who now control the institution and who have turned it into a pathetic sick copy of a worn-out joke.

And the writer shows just how worn-out and pathetic that joke is.

I wonder what to call this

 How about Whoreshit?  I got a little letter in my email yesterday from the Secretary of the Army.

About the only thing I could say after reading that pile of word garbage is WHAT FUCKING HORSE SHIT!  If it's not an ode to the most woke fucking garbage that the Marxists have foisted on this country, then it's meaningless political babble from some commie cunt who knows that her job is to destroy the military from the top down.  

Point 1 - a "sustainable strategic path"?  What the fuck does that even mean?  It's bullshit word salad with no meaning behind it, much like almost every proclamation from this administration.

Point 2 - Become more data-centric?  Operated in contested environments?  Hey lady, I'm not sure anyone has filled you in on this last little part, but in combat EVERYTHING IS A CONTESTED ENVIRONMENT!

Point 3 - face climate change.  Uh.  Tell me you're a brainwashed indoctrinated commie without using the words brainwashed indoctrinated commie.  Here's a clue to the clueless:  the climate has always changed.  It will always change.  And that gigantic thermonuclear explosion happening in the middle of our solar system is the cause.  Not human activity.  And assuming that mankind WAS causing climate change, whaddya gonna do about it?  Deal with the worst polluter on the planet, CHINA?  Yeah, like Drooling Joe and his puppet masters are going to do anything against the country that owns them lock stock and barrel?  Please.

Point 4 - "build positive command climates".  Positive for whom, exactly?  The Taliban?  Gen. Milley did love to give the Taliban a pretty positive climate.

Point 5 - "reduce harmful behaviors in the Army".  Oh joy.  Another fucking mommy to tell me what to do.  Guess what lady, I already have a mommy, and she's more intelligent than you, more patriotic than you, and far better at teaching people how to defend this country than you.  I don't need a governmental mommy to guide me.  So go fuck yourself.

Point 6 - "adapt the way we recruit and retain talent in the Army".  Yeah.  Like mandating a fucking jab that's causing an massive uptick in various illnesses in the Army?  Like that utterly woke and pathetic "Corporal has two mommies" ad that proved we're wasting our advertising money?

I gotta retire.  This shit here is going to drive me up the fucking wall.  And I'm NOT going to be on the front lines if this is the level of "leadership" that the Army has.  They'll get people slaughtered in whole lots.

Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Sadism AND wasting tax dollars! A Fauci two-fer!

 Did ya see this shit?

The National Institutes of Health is facing a bipartisan congressional probe for spending $2.5 million in taxpayer funds on a study that injected beagle puppies with cocaine, according to a copy of the investigation obtained exclusively by the Washington Free Beacon.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), an NIH offshoot, was recently found to have conducted a study in which it "spent roughly $2.5 million of taxpayers' money on cruel tests on six-month-old beagle puppies," according to the investigation by 15 House lawmakers, led by Reps. Nancy Mace (R., S.C.) and Brendan Boyle (D., Pa.). "These tests entailed force-feeding puppies an experimental drug and injecting them with cocaine to study the interaction between the two compounds."

You wanna study drug interactions?  Set up cameras in the big cities in LA and observe the homeless junkies who they've allowed to over-run the cities.  Add Denver to that list as well.  You don't need to spend more than whatever it costs for a few home security systems.

Seriously, this shit has got to stop.  And what the fuck does the Mini-Mengele have against beagles, anyways?  Whether injecting them with cocaine or letting sand-flies eat their faces off, it seems like every time you turn around Little Fascist Fauci is doing shit that would get normal Americans arrested and sent to jail for animal cruelty.

Kim du Toit pointed me to a fisking

 And I pretty much agree whole-heartedly.

But this question also depends on what you consider “right wing insurrection”. If you are talking about a half-dozen fruitcakes with an underpants-gnomes plan then no there won’t be many. Mostly because troublesome fruitcakes are a very small problem no matter what the subject is.

On the other hand if you are talking about people who think most or all of the U.S. government need to be killed, I have bad news for you. A large swath of the country considers that question settled and are now concerned with the doctrinal issues of whether it is best to follow the teachings of St. Augusto of the Whirling Blades, or St. Tepes of the Artificial Forest.

That last line pretty much gives you reason to go read the whole thing.  

Why don't you "Follow the SCIENCE", Barry?

 The current puppet master of Drooling Joe, Barry O'Bumblefuck, obviously hates science.  That's what I have to infer because all of his minions say that if you don't wear a face diaper you hate science, and guess what?

Take a look at that bullshit.  Everyone else around him is forced to wear a mask, but Barry Jugears O Bumblefuck?  No, HE doesn't need to wear a mask!  He's too fucking good for a mask, not like you dirty peasants!

Barry Jugears O'Bumblefuck never believed half of the bullshit that spewed out of his mouth directed at the plebes.  He's an anti-American communist, which means he's a horrible hypocrite on just about every aspect you can think of.  Just like his multiple multi-million dollar mansions on the seashore.  If the oceans are gonna rise because of CLIMATE CHANGE *cue scary music* then why the fuck would you blow tens of millions of dollars on sea-side houses?

He doesn't believe his own bullshit, he just wants you to obey.  Just like with masking.  He doesn't actually believe that bullshit.  He just expects you to obey.

Monday, February 07, 2022

This is how we go from "Back the Blue" to "Fuck the Fascists" in record time

 Canadian police seize fuel from Trucker convey protesters.

Video from Ottawa shows heavily armed tactical police units move in to take fuel supplies from the Canadian Truckers during their Freedom Protest.

Let this serve as yet another example of how police units will respond to carry out the orders of government officials regardless of what laws, limits or duties ordinary citizens may project upon them.

You can be damn sure that the police just turned more than a few supporters into opposition.  Oh, they were just following orders?  Oh, they might lose their jobs if they refused?  You mean how people have lost their jobs due to vax mandates that the truckers are protesting?

Just we we can be clear:  Police used the threat of violence in order to steal fuel from civilians who were protesting the government mandates.  When you show up with guns and you take something that doesn't belong to you for no other reason than the government told you to do it, you can no longer call yourselves the good guys.

And when you make peaceful protest impossible, you make violence inevitable.  And make no mistake, despite what Fidel Castro's bastard son Trudeau says, this protest is completely peaceful, unlike the Antifa and BLM riots we've seen in America.  So what does Castro Jr. do?  Send in the cops.

Yeah.  That'll go over well.

Again, things like this are done on purpose

 Germany to clear-cut historic forest for "Green energy".

About a year ago we reported on disturbing plans by the government of the German state of Hesse to clear 20 million square meters of 1000-year old “fairy tale” forest in one of Germany’s most idyllic, fairy tale-like forests: the Reinhardswald located in the hilly region west of the city of Göttingen.

The Reinhardswald is known as the “treasure house of European forests” or the “Grimm’s fairy tale forest”.

A total of about 2000 hectares ( 20 million m²) of the thousand-year-old Reinhardswald was designated for destruction by the state in order to clear the way for a massive wind power plant development.

"Wind power plant development".  So you're going to clear-cut a forest that is the pride of the local region, renowned for it's beauty, has old growth timber that you just might need to repair some of the historic buildings in Germany, and that has sparked intense opposition across the entire political spectrum, in order to throw up some wind turbines?

Folks, this destruction was done on purpose.  It was done to destroy something beautiful.  It was done to injure the local population, who sees the irreplaceable loss of something that they love.  It was done to force "green" energy down the throats of people who quite frankly don't want it and understand that it's not reliable or "green" in any way shape or form.

When you see beauty being destroyed, rest assured that it's not an accident.  It's being done on purpose.


 No, I'm not surprised.  At this point I'm not even shocked any more.

The Biden administration is set to fund the distribution of crack pipes to drug addicts as part of its plan to advance "racial equity."

The $30 million grant program, which closed applications Monday and will begin in May, will provide funds to nonprofits and local governments to help make drug use safer for addicts. Included in the grant, which is overseen by the Department of Health and Human Services, are funds for "smoking kits/supplies." A spokesman for the agency told the Washington Free Beacon that these kits will provide pipes for users to smoke crack cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, and "any illicit substance."

Keep in mind that the government would prefer a country of crackheads and drug addicts than free thinking individuals with clear heads. 

Don't talk to me yet.