Saturday, February 21, 2004

Faster Please!

So the Mad Mullahs in Iran decide to hold "elections" (after blocking about 2300 people from running in said elections), and the people of Iran know that any candidate they vote for is going to be SSDD. (Same Shit Different Day)

What can you do when even the elections are a sham perpetrated by the corrupt brutal leaders? Why, stay home, of course.

Which they did.

It must be a blow to the terrorist-loving snotball from Massachusetts that the Mad Mullahs don't have a shred of credibility, seeing as how he promised to "repair the damage" done to the US-Iran relations. When a group of terrorist enabling murdering thugs are actively rooting for one candidate to win, you have to wonder why, don't you?
More Environmental BS

This time in Oregon.

The largest proposed salvage logging operation in decades — a plan the Bush administration touted as necessary to protect the future health of a Northwest forest ravaged by wildfire — would do severe, long-term damage, according to an Environmental Protection Agency review.

To the Eco-Freaks, ANY logging is bad. They stop salvage of beetle killed timber, fire killed timber, any timber. They shut down logging for any reason, because to their ignorant egotistical minds, they're "saving the earth". They don't care about the truth, they just want to feel good.

The Forest Service's draft plans to log 29,000 acres blackened by the 2002 Biscuit fire would cause erosion and sediment-loading in key watersheds that are supposed to be protected for salmon, the review said.

29,000 acres. Sounds like a lot, right? But the burn area is half a million acres. 500,000 acres! So the logging plan only covers 5.8% of the burn area!

Never trust the Eco-Freaks. EVER. They do not listen to reason, they do not care about the truth, they only care about their agenda.
It's About Damn Time!

The President must have found his testicles for a short time once again, because he finally put another judge on the bench.

President Bush yesterday bypassed the Senate on a high-profile judicial nomination for the second time in five weeks and seated William Pryor, the Alabama attorney general and an outspoken opponent of abortion and homosexuality, as an appeals-court judge through 2005.
Pryor is among six of Bush's appeals-court nominees who have been blocked from receiving confirmation votes by delaying tactics of Senate Democrats who contended the nominees were extreme conservatives.

If the Donks don't want to give the judges an up-and-down vote, fine. This is the president's way of telling those choad-sucking sack monkies that enough is enough. I'm just wondering why it took so long.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Dispatches from the Culture War

Well, it seems there are some "alternative lifestyles" that still aren't accepted in San Francisco.

I'd like to say I'm surprised, but I'm not.
The Council Has Spoken!

This weeks winners are Jihad on Frisco by Damnum Absque Injuria, and What to write, what to write by Inn of the Last Home. You can find all the results here.

Yankee or Dixie?
If you are so inclined.....

You might say a little prayer for Lee's father who is undergoing heart surgery today. You can also drop in and show your support.
The Trail of Dirty Money

And dirty hands. MEMRI has a list of people who were bribed by Saddam's oil money.

In a subsequent article, Al-Mada provides details on the allocation and sale of oil vouchers. In general, the vouchers were given either as gifts or as payment for goods imported into Iraq in violation of the U.N. sanctions. The voucher holder would normally tender the voucher to any one of the specialized companies operating in the United Arab Emirates for a commission which initially ranged from $0.25 to $0.30 per barrel, though it may have declined in later years to as little as $0.10 or even $0.05 per barrel because of oil surplus on the market. [7] In other words, a voucher for 1 million barrels would have translated into a quick profit of $250,000-300,000 on the high side and $50,000-100,000 on the low side – all paid in cash. According to Al-Mada, Jordan will seek to tax the illicit profits of citizens who benefited from the sale of the vouchers.

Ya shouldn't touch blood money. It leaves stains on your hands.

1. Adax 8.3 million
2. Trafigure Patrick Maugein 25 million
3. Michel Grimard 17 million
4. Franco-Iraqi Friendship 15.1 million
5. Ayix 47.2 million
6. Charles Pasque 12 million
7. Alias Al-Gharzali 14.6 million
8. IOTC (Claude Caspert) 4 million
9. Bernard Merimee 3 million
10. Bernard Merimee 8 million
11. de Souza

Stains can be traced with today's technology.

Russia - Fourty-six names, too many to list on this site.

United Kingdom
1. George Galloway/Nawwaf Zuraiqat 19 million
2. Mujahideen Khalq 36.5 million

George Galloway - traitor to the United Kindom. Care to bring back that whole drawing and quartering idea, your majesty?

1. Shaker Al-Khaffaji 7 million
2. Samir Vincent 10.5 million

Al-Khaffaji - who gave about $400,000 to Scott Ritter, the former weapons inspecter. Gee, why did Ritter "The Diddler" oppose the Iraq incursion again? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

This list needs to be printed out and nailed to the foreheads of the Barking Moonbat Brigades.

Hat tip to Random Nuclear Strikes.
More idiocy

From La-La Land. This is the sort of un-educated, gullible, stupid, mindless drone-like mindset that causes me to see the red curtain of blood.

Forest activists who helped persuade building giants Home Depot and Lowe's to stop buying products made of wood from some old-growth forests have set their sights on a new target in Seattle's back yard: Weyerhaeuser.

Citing a breakdown in talks with the Federal Way timber giant over its forest practices — primarily in Canada — a group of environmental activists climbed a construction crane in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood for five hours yesterday, hanging a 50-by-50-foot banner that read: "Wake up Weyerhaeuser, Protect Forests Now."

Wake up Eco-Freaks! You're nothing but naddless dipshits who have forced companies like Weyerhaeuser into logging other countries! Weyerhaeuser would be a plain old US company if you hadn't shut down the national forests in the first place! Those same forests which were intended to give the USA a sustainable supply of lumber!

The Rainforest Action Network, based in San Francisco, and the Forest Action Network, based in Canada, claimed responsibility for the spectacle, which led to the arrests of the five women on suspicion of reckless endangerment and criminal trespass, both misdemeanors, police said.

BASED IN SAN FRANCISCO! Why am I not suprised? Can we just nuke that city now? Go back to the land of nuts and flakes!

The environmental groups have been in talks with Weyerhaeuser since September, trying to persuade the company to stop cutting down trees in parts of Canada that never have been logged. The move is the first in a campaign that, based on earlier crusades, could include boycotts of Weyerhaeuser customers.

Gee, does that mean that these mind-numbingly idiotic morons will stop living in wooden houses? How about stop printing up their lying propaganda? I hope that banner they hung up was plastic instead of paper! Oops, wait, plastic is bad too! I guess the only way for these worthless drones to stop hurting "Mother Earth" is to FRIGGING DIE! And golly gee gosh, I HAVE JUST THE WAY TO HELP! It's called an M1903A3, and it uses 30-06 ammo! Head back up on that crane, asswipes. I need target practice!

"They haven't moved off the dime — they're talking to us as if it were still the mid-1980s and they didn't have to respond, but the reality is the market has changed," said Michael Brune, executive director of the Rainforest group. "In the public consciousness, old-growth forests are now as fundamental as baseball, apple pie and Derek Jeter. Areas that have escaped industrial logging to date should remain off-limits."

Fuck you AND your whore of a mother, Michael. You've forced a US company to go OUT of the country in order to do business. If you want to bitch and moan about wood being cut in Canada, you need to look at groups JUST LIKE YOURS, you took away the national forests and CONTINUE to block sales nationwide! YOU HAVE DONE THIS TO YOURSELF, NOW REAP THE DAMN REWARDS!

But Weyerhaeuser officials, who were caught off-guard by the display, said they've been working with environmental groups across Canada to set aside sensitive lands there. They said negotiating operational changes takes time. Company officials also said they're proud of their environmental track record.

"We were surprised today by their aggressive actions in light of our recent discussions," said Weyerhaeuser spokesman Frank Mendizabal. "We're not going to be intimidated by groups making erroneous claims about our practices. Actions like today do not help in establishing trust."

Note to Weyerhaeuser: Do not, ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER trust Eco-Freaks. EVER! These scum don't deserve to be trusted. They haven't earned any trust since they were created. They are nothing but opportunistic brainless drones without real thought in their head. Trusting them only insures that you get bit in the ass.

I am so frigging fed up with these imbecillic dipshits, who act like the spoiled shitty children that they are without ever considering the consequences of their actions! They have halted logging in the USA, shut down mills, killed untold numbers of jobs, but they still use paper, wood, and wood products. That wood has to come from somewhere! And since logging companies in the USA can't use the very forests that were set aside for that purpose, then GUESS WHAT? WE GO OUT OF COUNTRY, YOU STUPID ASSMONKEYS!

You want more info on all that? Read what I wrote months ago. But these dipshits are nothing but parasites on the anus of humanity. They need to be treated as such. Do not give them even a hint of credibility.
Cleaning up after Clinton


Faced with violent political upheaval in Haiti, U.S. officials yesterday said they will send military experts to assess the security of its embassy and warned Americans to leave the rapidly deteriorating nation.

We've been here before, haven't we? Clinton sent in troops to keep Aristide in power. Aristide is nothing more than a corrupt thug, but he was the UN's corrupt thug, so they wanted him to stay. Clinton, ever happy to give a tongue bath to the UN, sent in our boys in green. So once again, we're back to square one in dealing with this problem.

Aristide, who has survived three assassination attempts and a coup, indicated yesterday he plans to cling to power. He has lost much support since flawed legislative elections in 2000 led international donors to freeze aid, preventing him from fulfilling an election promise to improve life for Haiti's 8 million people.

While striving to protect its own citizens, the United States is keeping a cool distance from Haiti's political crisis. Conflicted about Aristide and distracted by problems elsewhere in the world, the Bush administration primarily is looking to other nations and the Organization of American States to help Haiti resolve its many problems.

Pressure is mounting, however, for U.S. engagement in Haiti.

Haiti is an economic and ecological hellhole, no two ways around it. If the world wants the US to get involved, we CANNOT do it by the UN's rules! The UN will simply insure that a corrupt thuggish puppet is installed, so that the UN can control Haiti. We cannot be culpable in that again. In order for Haiti to be a stable country, the UN needs to stay out.

And if we send up shipping troops to Haiti, then by god we'd better be doing everything OUR way. OUR troops, OUR rules! And if the UN doesn't like that, TOO FRIGGING BAD! We did it their way last decade, and this is the result!

Porphy recounts some of his experiences with Outer Limits Leftist Academia.

Rich White Democrat Men appeal to poor disenfranchised voters.

William Schneider writes about how Democrats now seem to hold the high ground on Vietnam.

Dean supporters are still revelling in their "victories".

Thursday, February 19, 2004

This time from Random Nuclear Strikes.

I have a question for you. Let's say that you and I lived in a small town in Idaho. Population 250 or around there. All the sudden we decided that we're going to buy lots and lots of automatic weapons. Chain guns, Vulcan cannons, howitzers, you name it and we're buying it. What's more, we'll allow anyone who comes to our town the right to buy said weapons. No restrictions, no taxing it, just come on down and pick up your MK-19!

Oh, and when the Government asked what in the Sam Hell we thought we were doing, we told them that we were just advancing our interpretation of the Constitution.

You think we would be able to continue? No, of course not. We'd get stepped on quicker than you can blink.

But gee, I guess gay couples in San Francisco can "advance their interpretation of the state constitution" all they want to, can't they? Screw the law, screw Prop. 22, they'll do whatever they want, right?

The rule of law is what makes this country function. Once you start abandoning that, you set yourself up for the whole entire creation to come to a halt. Because if this is allowed to continue, if the rules can be discarded for a small section of the population whenever they feel like it, other people will do the same thing. I'll have my guns. Lots of them. I'll have a 155 sitting in my damn driveway, with the barrel pointing at anyone who comes near the house in an official looking vehicle. Because gee, I'm just "advancing my interpretation of the constitution"!

Let me make this very clear: If this is allowed to stand, if this is allowed to go through... The gay marriage group has just lost me as any kind of an ally. I have said it before, and I'll say it again: If you want to change the law regarding marriage, then CHANGE THE DAMN LAW! But DO NOT force some unelected body of elitist judges to force THEIR interpretation of what life should be down MY throat!

If you want to trample all over the rule of law, I will fight against you as hard as I possibly can. I don't care why you're doing it, and I don't care who you are. You will not break apart the rules that we as a country live by just to satisfy a miniscule portion of the population. Do it right, or don't do it at all.

Still rolling, but just getting started: John Kerry for President? You Must Be Joking

A Wisconsin couple provides a clear lesson on where not to store your ammo.

It was only a matter of time, and I am surprised that it has taken this long. The RIAA is getting sued for racketeering.


Wednesday, February 18, 2004


The FOUR RIGHT WING WACKOS are PROUD to announce…..

(drumroll, please!)


(Episode 74, for those who are counting. Yeah, you in the back, you know who you are)

Our fine men and women will dazzle you with their vocabulary, thrill you with their audacity, and amaze you with their wit! Just sit right back, kick your feet up, and open your mind to the words and wisdom of the finest minds ever collected in ONE! SINGLE! PLACE! Please be patient, as these fine people are just begging to share their talents with you! We have fit as many of them into this event as we could.

To ensure that this goes smoothly, we ask that you save your questions and comments for later. In fact, we’ve insured that you have to save your comments for later by turning off the comment feature while the Carnival is running! It may seem annoying, but waiting an hour for the page to load due to overloaded comments would be even more annoying, yes?

Let’s start the ball rolling with a cavalcade of current events! The Pundits of Election Year Politics have unleashed the ink from their pens, and produced one of the most spectacular efforts in years. Porphyrogenitus takes on the Democratic debating tactics, while Feste exposes the failures of the Democratic National Security Plan.

And what would current events be without the most recent updates into the election spectrum? For you, my dear audience, we have the current cannonade at Kerry, the seeming front-runner in the Democratic Primaries. FIRE AT WILL!

The Smarter Cop lays a barrage on the junior senator from Massachusetts, while the Gleeful Extremist acts as the Forward Observer to the Kerry Intern rumors. Speaking of those rumours, Dustin Frelich narrows his aim to the press in regards to the coverage, with supporting fire from Fried Man. Not to be outdone, QandO fires a barrage of his own at the Ketchup King!

If I may now move your attention to the combatants armed and ready to go, with logic as their shield and truth as their weapons…. Watch them battle the tides of falsehood and deception in THE CULTURE WARS!

Snooze Button Dreams has a solution to PETA’s call not to eat beef, and Dustbury provides a flanking assault to accompany it. The People’s Republic of Seabrook hands out it’s DUMB@$$ AWARD (and don't ask what it looks like! You don't want to know!). Blogo Slovo helps define what it means to be American, while Confessions of a Political Junkie takes on those who would like to “ban” gay marriage. The Declarer remarks on the inconsistencies of the political debate in regards to international action. Discriminations joins in melee with the Left on Campus, and the Colorado Conservative write a lament for someone who died too young. SondraK tells you of her experience into THE OTHER SIDE (And continuing the trip is well worth it!), and last but not least, Dean’s World brings a focus onto a few differences between Occidental and Oriental cultures.

This is but a few of the wonders you will see here at the Wacko’s Retreat! Mike (and his family) describe their worship at the Temple of Food (where I pray as often as possible!), and Andrew Ian Dodge invites YOU to spread your own creative wings! Where else can you get such satisfaction but THE CARNIVAL!

Don’t think that our fine writers and performers are relegated to a few sundry political groups! Oh no, my gentle people, we have thinkers from all over the blogosphere, relegating their talents for your entertainment! Observe as they mesmerize you with their gifts of elucidation!

Undercaffinated remarks on the fact that outsourcing jobs, while it may be the talk of the town, doesn’t seem to have a future in many areas. Desertlightjournal remarks on the cause of Domestic Violence, and offers a few suggestions. Sneakeasy’s Joint informs you of a scam going on in the artistic community, and Bad Money offers a formula for successful blogging.

But let’s clear your mind now, and prepare yourself for the EXTRORDINARY works of those who’s minds are obviously on a different plane at this moment… Relax, enjoy the swirling colors and mind-bending masterpieces of the finest writers the world has to offer!

Quibbles and Bits lets his feelings out about Barbie breaking up with Ken. Pete pens an ode to being single, while another Pete regales us with his longing for someone to stalk him (I'm from Seattle, Sir. Talk to me after the Carnival, and I'll hook you up!). Da Goddess lays down a challenge, while Leaking Pure White Noise announces that he does indeed rock! Interested Participant informs us of yet a new strange law who’s tongue twisting application will leave you stunned!.

What’s that, you say? You want more politics? Very well, you shall have it! For we aim to please at the Right Wing Retreat!

Useful Fools reveals the damage done in the Democrat’s hurry to hurt President Bush, and PC Watch lays the whip to Britain’s court system. The Smallest Minority also zeros in on Britain, but focuses on the Camera System that is in place. Don’t forget, it's Step Step Step TURN and WINK! Make LOVE to the camera, as they say on the runway in New York! Free Will Blog unloads on our neighbors up North, and doesn’t pull any punches! Meanwhile, Baby Troll Blog (ah, that red hair! That fiery temper! You know you love it!) does a masterful job of explaining why Marxism is simply WRONG. Drake’s Drum shines a spotlight on recent imposters floating around the blogosphere, and Dissecting Leftism… well, the name should say it all, shouldn’t it?

And what would a Carnival be without views from all over? Mr. Brayton gives us his opinion on gay marriage, and Mr. Dunlop has an issue with the recent interview given by the President on National TV.

And finally, the Royal Jester, the King of Fools, sends you to a place to calm your nerves, quiet the voices, and relax your mind after such a fantastic display!

Ah, but the time runs short, and we can’t stay here all day…. So I bid you good-day, and many thanks for stopping by the home of the FOUR RIGHT WING WACKOS!

For anyone that did not get included, my apologies. I know for a fact that my computer at home garbled at least two links, and I was forced to remove them. I tried to include as much as I could without overloading Blogspot.

Once again, thank you for stopping by, and don't forget that next week's Carnival is being hosted by she of the lovey face, fair skin, and magnificent mind... DA GODDESS!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Your Time Has Expired

Please insert another four dollars to continue this call. I'm going through the entries right now, and I'll be working on this tonight.

Comments are offline so that they don't drag down load time on the blog. If you really want to comment on something, use my email and drop me a line! We took other things off the page as well, but comments are the most noticeable, and probably the biggest drag on load time.

Gotta go back to work now.

This isn't hate, people. This is understanding and respect.

Damn. Just.... damn.
Carnival Update

I'll be putting everything together tonight, so you have six and a half hours (as of this post) to get me any links you want submitted. Everything needs to be in by 8 PM EST.

Also, in the interest of cutting down the load time of the blog, we'll be disabling the comments, hit counter, and quite possibly the blogroll until the Carnival is over. As much as we'd like to keep everything up, the less crap you have to load on the page the less time it takes. We'll put everything back once the traffic returns to normal.

I'll see everyone tomorrow!

From the Rott

In the "What Liberal Media?" category, we present to you a compendium of posts from different newspapers around Ohio. Recall that Ohio recently passed a concealed carry law, and the Ivory Tower idiots were demanding that anyone be able to dig through the records and find out who had a permit. The lawmakers shot that idea down, and now the press is crapping out purple twinkies in self-righteous indignation. There's a round-up of the media reaction. To me, it's just more proof that the media is nothing more than a whore for the Democratic Party.

Of course, the media doesn't like to mention that the people of Ohio are in favor of concealed carry.

Cooper has a list of the top ten terrorist friendly cities. These aren't the biggest targets, but the cities most likely to inadvertently aid and abet terrorists.

Seattle is number one. I am not surprised.

And last but not least, the Thin Blue Line just got a little thinner.

A Milwaukee police captain who was reassigned after he directed his officers to turn up the heat on "thugs" in the Metcalfe Park area on Friday filed a claim against the city seeking $400,000 and to restore his reputation.

In the 15-page claim, Glenn Frankovis said he was effectively fired by Police Chief Nan Hegerty with help from Acting Mayor Marvin Pratt and alderman Willie Hines Jr. and Fred Gordon. He also said his reassignment to what he called a do-nothing job, and the public way in which it was announced, destroyed the reputation he built over 28 years in the department.

There is a reason I got out of Law Enforcement after five years, and occurrences like this are one of them. The top brass don't support you, the judges cut you off at the knees, and the public can't stand you. Maybe one day I'll write a piece on it. I have the utmost respect for the men in blue, because I know what they go through.

Frankovis, 55, issued the memo Dec. 15 after Hegerty moved Officer Michael Lutz out of District 3 following threats on his life.

On Aug. 4, Lutz shot and paralyzed Timothy Nabors in the 2500 block of N. 27th St. Nabors later admitted to detectives that he had a gun in his hand. The district attorney cleared Lutz. Nabors was convicted of disorderly conduct.

The day Lutz was moved, Frankovis issued a roll-call memorandum that said, in part, "This transfer should serve as incentive for every police officer who works at District 3 to send a clear and convincing signal to the thugs that the only thing they accomplished was to give us cause to make their lives even more miserable than before."

The memo also urged officers to show, "The dog wags the tail; the tail doesn't wag the dog."

The memo was leaked to the media, and on Dec. 20 the chief held a press conference announcing Frankovis would move downtown because she had "lost confidence in his ability to command." She called his comments in the memo "inappropriate and intolerable."

Right, because calling criminals who threaten a cop's life "thugs" might hurt their feelings. GIVE ME A F**KING BREAK!

You know what I want to see? I want to see every cop in that city take a day off, all on the same day. Let's see how well the city gets along without it's best and bravest.

I don't think they would get along at all.

Monday, February 16, 2004

I Am Rage

And it's not some cute take-off of my nom de cyber, I am currently seeing red. I want to wrap my hands around the throats of the public "educators" and strangle them.

Why, you ask? I'll show you why. As usual, all emphasis is mine.

It is my role to academically assess, on an annual basis, all of the children at our alternative school. This is due to our kids being exempted from district wide testing based on what I call "The Spicoli Effect". This refers to their habit of drawing rocket ships on evaluation protocols if left unsupervised in auditoriums.

One-on-one sessions with students are the most rewarding aspects of my vocation. On one occasion, last October, while timing a student completing mathematics problems, the young man suddenly threw his pencil down and rose from his chair, in response to an "all call" from the PA. He walked towards the door after announcing, "I'm going to the tug-o-war".

I told him to wait a minute. I called up front, and discovered that the whole school, in the midst of academic instruction, was being summoned for festivities in the gym.

What occasion were we celebrating on that day in October? The fall harvest? No, it was yet another in a long line of contrived events, and this one happened to be titled "Wacky Wednesdays". Bizarre holidays from curriculum have become the rule rather than the exception since our school hired a new principal in 2001.

Isn't that cute? "Wacky Wednesdays"! Can students today even spell "Wednesday" without SpellCheck? The USA constantly ranks low in international testing of science, math, curriculum that doesn't need a language translation. 2 + 2 always equals 4, no matter what language it's in. Unless you're in the USA, where 2 + 2 equals fluffy pink bunnies who don't hurt anyone's feelings. But this narrative gets worse. He takes it upon himself to deal with the problem directly by talking to the supervisor. And what happens there, you ask?

Then the meeting took an Orwellian turn. I was conscious of the fact that during my presentation of deficiencies, the supervisor barely listened. Upon arrival, I expected a fair hearing. It turned out that what I anticipated to be a discussion was, in his mind, an opportunity to jerk me back into line. Improving our educational environment had little to do with why he arranged this gathering.

This was evident the moment after I finished, when he began defending Sparkle with the zeal of Mark Geragos. Every point I made he responded to with complete denial. He even informed me that Sparkle was doing an excellent job following his "community model" and that our children needed positive interactions more than they needed books or lectures.

Then, he shared something that I wish was broadcast on every talk radio program in America. The gist of it was that our students never tested well and that assessing their education was useless because they never improved. It was his belief that, through her de-emphasis of instruction which of course could have been gauged statistically, Sparkle had accomplished great things during her tenure. He claimed that we were building characters as opposed to knowledge bases--even though few believed that our students characters markedly improved under our care.


If we abandoned the pretense of imparting knowledge, then there would be no way to evaluate the entire venture (analyzing future incarceration rates would not help our cause). Accountability was no longer possible, which may have been their goal in the first place.

When he finished speaking, it was basically the end of the meeting. There was nothing more to say. All my ideas and initiative evaporated with his responses. This emperor wore clothes, and they were funky, pastel and meant more for a disco than our current educational environment.

He acknowledged the problem and deemed it good.

It is time to acknowlege that by and large, the public school system in this country is a failure. A miserable failure, who's only goal in this world is to keep the cash cow alive, milk it as long as possible, and in the process condemn the students entrusted in their care to a sub-standard education. There have been multiple examples of how public schools are failing the children of this country, most notably in Washington DC. I myself have shown the failures of schools in the State of Washington, even as those teachers were screaming for more money. And Mrs. du Toit has a series of essays (One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six) dedicated to the failure of public schools and the benefits of pulling your children out of those dens of mediocrity. Everywhere you turn, you see the results of public schools, and their doctrine of failure. Not only are the kids not learning much, but some schools can't even control what happens in the classroom. We've gone from Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic to "Is Oral Sex really Sex?" THIS is what I'm paying taxes for?

No thank you.

I don't claim to have all the answers, but I do know that this farce cannot be allowed to continue. We must return accountability to our schools, or we risk watching our kids fall even deeper into the educational hole. The first step in my opinion is to cut away those who would keep the status quo. The NEA. Hawken Blog has already put up a good piece about the teacher's unions, but I think the problem goes deeper than that. There are whole groups of people who's livelihood depend on those tax dollars rolling in, and any threat to that makes them go on the offensive. It won't be easy, but we MUST remove the dead weight from the school system.

Or scrap it and start over.

Hat tip to The Smallest Minority.

Word to the wise. Do not, under any circumstances, piss off Jesse James.

To quote the Joker.... "Where does he get those wonderful toys?"

Now if you'll pardon me, I have to wipe the drool off my keyboard.

Found at Countertop Cronicles.


Burying? Passe. Cremation? Nice, but something's lacking. Cremation, followed by your ashes being used in shotgun shells, thus bagging 70 partridges, 23 pheasants, seven ducks and a fox?

Oh hell yeah!

The widow of an expert on vintage shotguns had her husband's ashes loaded into cartridges and used by friends for the last shoot of the season.

Joanna Booth organised the shoot for 20 close friends on an estate in Aberdeenshire after asking a cartridge company to mix the ashes of her husband James with traditional shot

Granted, if I had my druthers, I'd be loaded up into a 115mm Artillary shell and blasted over the Bitteroot Mountains, but this is one of the coolest memorials I've heard about. Or maybe mixed in with some 30-06 rounds and fired on my land in Idaho. Any animals hunted would be grilled later that evening, and served with single malt scotch.

Time to re-write my will, I guess. "To my dearest, please remember that I loved the big guns. Keep it at 7.62 and above. .45 ACP is acceptable."

Hat tip to Kim du Toit.

Drudge compares coverage of Bush infidelity in 2000 and Kerry in 2004.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

More scams from Africa

Pop-ups. You know what they are, and you know how to block most of them. But now, a country in Africa has managed to use them to scam you out of mucho dinero.

Jaime thought one of her kids had gotten ahold of the phone and started pushing numbers. But that wasn't the case at all. What actually happened was that pop-up ad automatically reconfigured her computer to dial into an Internet scam.

After that, every time she logged on to her dial up service she was charged nearly $7 a minute.

Make sure your firewalls are in good condition. And get pop-up blockers. Panicware has a free blocker that works decently, although not as good as the version you pay for. (obviously!)

Point, set, match.

Now we have the President's DD214, his honorable discharge, his pay records, his points awards records, and people who saw him at drills in Alabama. Despite not having a shred of credible evidence of any wrongdoing, Bush has provided all of the evidence demanded of him by the people on the left who were and are as virulently anti-military as any group in the US. And now that he has produced all that -- and has ordered the entirety of his military records released for public review -- I want to get an explanation for the following:

1. Why is Terry McAuliffe still the DNC chairman after engaging in slander?
2. Why hasn't John Kerry apologized for equating National Guard service with draft dodging?
3. Why haven't the media apologized for running with a story with a single source, no confirmation, and no proper investigation other than to ask obviously ignorant questions that anyone with any reference to military standards could have explained to them? Failing that, explain the difference between the Bush AWOL allegations and the Kerry infidelity allegations in a way that demonstrates a clear reason why a single unverified source was good enough for publication in one but not the other.

Until we get these issues cleared up, it is obvious to anyone who's followed these stories that the national media has two standards for publishing allegations, and that the Democrats -- whose last successful Presidential candidate admitted to gaming the draft system to avoid service altogether -- will repeat any lie and make up any story to get themselves elected and to destroy anyone's reputation along the way. They've done that repeatedly during the judicial confirmation process, abetted again by the national media, and they're doing it again in the presidential election.

Hat tip to Cold Fury. And I also found a comment that make me snort coffee out my nose in this post, in regards to the Kerry-Intern rumour.

But you have a guy here who wants to be trusted with nukes and tough foreign policy decisions yet he gets around a 20 year-old girl and apparently starts making involuntary humping motions like an unfixed dog at a fire hydrant.

Meanwhile, he's married to a multi-billionnaire, free-wheeling slightly crazy girl with an iron-clad prenup, and knowing he's a public figure, running for Prez, he fucks around.

I don't care how dumb you say Dubya is. Kerry is

Stoooooooooooo-pid. A huuuuuuuge Jackass if this is true.

I'm still chuckling.

UPDATE: Mark Styne, as usual, nails it.

But, if you switch on pretty much any cable news station any time of day, you can find them going on about this "scandal". Their general philosophy is encapsulated by the headline on a recent column in Newsday: "Is Bush A 'Deserter'? It Doesn't Hurt To Ask." And they do. In return, John Kerry, the Democratic Presidential front-runner, portentously declines to comment, adding, "It's not my record that's at issue." This is a not so subtle reminder that, when Bush was doing a bit of dilettante piloting over Texas and Alabama, Kerry was getting shot up in Vietnam.

Actually, that is not strictly true. In the period when Bush was in the National Guard, Kerry was an angry Vietnam veteran protesting with Jane Fonda and accusing his comrades of being drug-addled rapists, torturers, mutilators and murderers committing war crimes on a scale surpassing the Japanese and the Nazis. But that's a mere detail. To the media, the contrast is simple: Kerry = war hero; Bush = something smaller, shiftier. Bill Clinton, of course, is smallest and shiftiest of the lot, but, back in '92, John Kerry stood shoulder to shoulder with his fellow Democrat and said, "We do not need to divide America over who served and how." Now, apparently, we do.