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Friday, February 20, 2004

More idiocy

From La-La Land. This is the sort of un-educated, gullible, stupid, mindless drone-like mindset that causes me to see the red curtain of blood.

Forest activists who helped persuade building giants Home Depot and Lowe's to stop buying products made of wood from some old-growth forests have set their sights on a new target in Seattle's back yard: Weyerhaeuser.

Citing a breakdown in talks with the Federal Way timber giant over its forest practices — primarily in Canada — a group of environmental activists climbed a construction crane in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood for five hours yesterday, hanging a 50-by-50-foot banner that read: "Wake up Weyerhaeuser, Protect Forests Now."

Wake up Eco-Freaks! You're nothing but naddless dipshits who have forced companies like Weyerhaeuser into logging other countries! Weyerhaeuser would be a plain old US company if you hadn't shut down the national forests in the first place! Those same forests which were intended to give the USA a sustainable supply of lumber!

The Rainforest Action Network, based in San Francisco, and the Forest Action Network, based in Canada, claimed responsibility for the spectacle, which led to the arrests of the five women on suspicion of reckless endangerment and criminal trespass, both misdemeanors, police said.

BASED IN SAN FRANCISCO! Why am I not suprised? Can we just nuke that city now? Go back to the land of nuts and flakes!

The environmental groups have been in talks with Weyerhaeuser since September, trying to persuade the company to stop cutting down trees in parts of Canada that never have been logged. The move is the first in a campaign that, based on earlier crusades, could include boycotts of Weyerhaeuser customers.

Gee, does that mean that these mind-numbingly idiotic morons will stop living in wooden houses? How about stop printing up their lying propaganda? I hope that banner they hung up was plastic instead of paper! Oops, wait, plastic is bad too! I guess the only way for these worthless drones to stop hurting "Mother Earth" is to FRIGGING DIE! And golly gee gosh, I HAVE JUST THE WAY TO HELP! It's called an M1903A3, and it uses 30-06 ammo! Head back up on that crane, asswipes. I need target practice!

"They haven't moved off the dime — they're talking to us as if it were still the mid-1980s and they didn't have to respond, but the reality is the market has changed," said Michael Brune, executive director of the Rainforest group. "In the public consciousness, old-growth forests are now as fundamental as baseball, apple pie and Derek Jeter. Areas that have escaped industrial logging to date should remain off-limits."

Fuck you AND your whore of a mother, Michael. You've forced a US company to go OUT of the country in order to do business. If you want to bitch and moan about wood being cut in Canada, you need to look at groups JUST LIKE YOURS, you took away the national forests and CONTINUE to block sales nationwide! YOU HAVE DONE THIS TO YOURSELF, NOW REAP THE DAMN REWARDS!

But Weyerhaeuser officials, who were caught off-guard by the display, said they've been working with environmental groups across Canada to set aside sensitive lands there. They said negotiating operational changes takes time. Company officials also said they're proud of their environmental track record.

"We were surprised today by their aggressive actions in light of our recent discussions," said Weyerhaeuser spokesman Frank Mendizabal. "We're not going to be intimidated by groups making erroneous claims about our practices. Actions like today do not help in establishing trust."

Note to Weyerhaeuser: Do not, ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER trust Eco-Freaks. EVER! These scum don't deserve to be trusted. They haven't earned any trust since they were created. They are nothing but opportunistic brainless drones without real thought in their head. Trusting them only insures that you get bit in the ass.

I am so frigging fed up with these imbecillic dipshits, who act like the spoiled shitty children that they are without ever considering the consequences of their actions! They have halted logging in the USA, shut down mills, killed untold numbers of jobs, but they still use paper, wood, and wood products. That wood has to come from somewhere! And since logging companies in the USA can't use the very forests that were set aside for that purpose, then GUESS WHAT? WE GO OUT OF COUNTRY, YOU STUPID ASSMONKEYS!

You want more info on all that? Read what I wrote months ago. But these dipshits are nothing but parasites on the anus of humanity. They need to be treated as such. Do not give them even a hint of credibility.

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