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Monday, February 16, 2004


Burying? Passe. Cremation? Nice, but something's lacking. Cremation, followed by your ashes being used in shotgun shells, thus bagging 70 partridges, 23 pheasants, seven ducks and a fox?

Oh hell yeah!

The widow of an expert on vintage shotguns had her husband's ashes loaded into cartridges and used by friends for the last shoot of the season.

Joanna Booth organised the shoot for 20 close friends on an estate in Aberdeenshire after asking a cartridge company to mix the ashes of her husband James with traditional shot

Granted, if I had my druthers, I'd be loaded up into a 115mm Artillary shell and blasted over the Bitteroot Mountains, but this is one of the coolest memorials I've heard about. Or maybe mixed in with some 30-06 rounds and fired on my land in Idaho. Any animals hunted would be grilled later that evening, and served with single malt scotch.

Time to re-write my will, I guess. "To my dearest, please remember that I loved the big guns. Keep it at 7.62 and above. .45 ACP is acceptable."

Hat tip to Kim du Toit.

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