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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

From the Rott

In the "What Liberal Media?" category, we present to you a compendium of posts from different newspapers around Ohio. Recall that Ohio recently passed a concealed carry law, and the Ivory Tower idiots were demanding that anyone be able to dig through the records and find out who had a permit. The lawmakers shot that idea down, and now the press is crapping out purple twinkies in self-righteous indignation. There's a round-up of the media reaction. To me, it's just more proof that the media is nothing more than a whore for the Democratic Party.

Of course, the media doesn't like to mention that the people of Ohio are in favor of concealed carry.

Cooper has a list of the top ten terrorist friendly cities. These aren't the biggest targets, but the cities most likely to inadvertently aid and abet terrorists.

Seattle is number one. I am not surprised.

And last but not least, the Thin Blue Line just got a little thinner.

A Milwaukee police captain who was reassigned after he directed his officers to turn up the heat on "thugs" in the Metcalfe Park area on Friday filed a claim against the city seeking $400,000 and to restore his reputation.

In the 15-page claim, Glenn Frankovis said he was effectively fired by Police Chief Nan Hegerty with help from Acting Mayor Marvin Pratt and alderman Willie Hines Jr. and Fred Gordon. He also said his reassignment to what he called a do-nothing job, and the public way in which it was announced, destroyed the reputation he built over 28 years in the department.

There is a reason I got out of Law Enforcement after five years, and occurrences like this are one of them. The top brass don't support you, the judges cut you off at the knees, and the public can't stand you. Maybe one day I'll write a piece on it. I have the utmost respect for the men in blue, because I know what they go through.

Frankovis, 55, issued the memo Dec. 15 after Hegerty moved Officer Michael Lutz out of District 3 following threats on his life.

On Aug. 4, Lutz shot and paralyzed Timothy Nabors in the 2500 block of N. 27th St. Nabors later admitted to detectives that he had a gun in his hand. The district attorney cleared Lutz. Nabors was convicted of disorderly conduct.

The day Lutz was moved, Frankovis issued a roll-call memorandum that said, in part, "This transfer should serve as incentive for every police officer who works at District 3 to send a clear and convincing signal to the thugs that the only thing they accomplished was to give us cause to make their lives even more miserable than before."

The memo also urged officers to show, "The dog wags the tail; the tail doesn't wag the dog."

The memo was leaked to the media, and on Dec. 20 the chief held a press conference announcing Frankovis would move downtown because she had "lost confidence in his ability to command." She called his comments in the memo "inappropriate and intolerable."

Right, because calling criminals who threaten a cop's life "thugs" might hurt their feelings. GIVE ME A F**KING BREAK!

You know what I want to see? I want to see every cop in that city take a day off, all on the same day. Let's see how well the city gets along without it's best and bravest.

I don't think they would get along at all.

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