Saturday, December 18, 2021

While I hope that the NFL goes bankrupt, the real story here is....

 That an organization with damn near 100% jab rates is undergoing a spike in the Rona.

A couple of days ago, we detailed how the rapidly ascending number of athletes testing positive for COVID despite most being vaccinated is once again proving that the jab is jive in terms of effectiveness. Now the NFL, the unquestioned high roller of sports, is postponing games.

But how can this be when almost every player, coach and staff has gotten the jab?  Why, it's almost as if the jab doesn't work at all!

The vaccine doesn't work.  It doesn't prevent infection, and it doesn't prevent transmission.  Anyone wanna bet that it was a vaccinated person who got my wife sick, and thus got me sick?


Friday, December 17, 2021

Tying in with "Our Military Is Fucked" from a few days ago

 Exactly how many people did we abandon in Afghanistan while we hauled tens of thousands of un-vetted Afghanis here to the USA?

We found out about the 14,000 abandoned Americans almost two months ago, of whom the State Department only shows 900 exfiltrated thus far. We also knew that the US had abandoned tens of thousands of Afghan allies in Joe Biden’s haste to retreat from Afghanistan in August, but we didn’t have an exact count. The Wall Street Journal reported last night that State now estimates that number to be 62,000 (via Andrew Malcolm and John Ondrasik):

This isn't just Biden's disgrace.  Biden is a rotting head of cabbage wandering around the West Wing wondering who shit in his pants.  He's a puppet.  This disgrace goes on to the military leadership who allowed this to happen.  Lloyd Austin, that walking pathetic lump of shit, and Thoroughly Modern Milley, that backstabbing fuckstain, could have insisted on actually rescuing people before pulling out.  Or they could have done the honorable thing and resigned rather than leave people behind.

There's a part of the Soldier's Creed, right in the middle, that's the Warrior Ethos.  It's four lines.

I will always place the mission first.

I will never accept defeat.

I will never quit.

I will never leave a fallen comrade.

These used to be things that the Army believed in.  But I guess Thoroughly Modern Milley cares more about understanding "White Rage" than he does about the Warrior Ethos, or even winning a war against 7th century barbarians.  And Lloyd Austin never gave a shit about the Warrior Ethos either, not when he was in uniform and certainly not now when he's nothing but a butt-boy for Biden's puppet masters.

We're going to lose the next war we fight, because we are being "led" by craven cowards, pathetic bull shit artists, grifters and politicians.  We don't have any warriors in charge, and we don't have anyone who believes in the Warrior Ethos at the top.

Keven Clinesmith, who is a felon and a liar

 Still gets protected because he's got the right politics.

A former senior FBI lawyer who falsified a surveillance document in the Trump-Russia investigation has been restored as a member in "good standing" by the District of Columbia Bar Association even though he has yet to finish serving out his probation as a convicted felon, according to disciplinary records obtained by RealClearInvestigations.

This criminal, who falsified documents on behalf of the Clinton and Obama junta, gets to remain a lawyer in good standing in the District of Criminals.

Is anyone surprised?  Is anyone shocked?  The sheer level of corruption in D.C. means that all the swamp creatures protect their own.  They don't think they did anything wrong.  Lie, cheat, steal, destroy people's lives, trash the US Constitution, undermine the very foundations of US law, hey it's all good!  You still get your cushy job and your bonus and your cocktail party circuit!

I say burn it all down.

Thursday, December 16, 2021


 This virus is just sapping me of any energy.  I slept for twelve hours last night, and all I've managed to do today is take the dogs walking and take care of the Mrs.  Any actual thought takes too much effort.  Maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Hey. Feel like doing a good deed?

 Go here.  Read about Mike Hendrix.  And then donate.  This dude has been an absolute balls-to-the-wall fighter for truth, justice and the American Way, and he needs some help.

Think of it as tithing.  It's a good, Godly thing to do.

At this point, I'm publicly willing to state that Bill Gates is satanic

 Completely and utterly satanic.

Hill affirmed that the rate of death at that time was 15,000 people per day. At the 80 percent recovery rate using the drug, which Hill and Lawrie discussed earlier in the call, the number of preventable deaths incurred by such a delay would be staggering — as many as 504,000.

Lawrie was unable to persuade Hill, who instead of joining her team as lead author, went ahead and published his manipulated findings.

Four days before publication, Hill’s sponsor Unitaid gave the University of Liverpool, Hill’s employer $40 million. Unitaid, it turns out, was also an author of the conclusions of Hill’s study.

In the call, Lawrie berated Hill’s study as “flawed,” “rushed,“ “not properly put together,” and “bad research . . . bad research,” which Hill appears not to have denied.

Instead, when pressed he admitted his sponsor, Unitaid, was an unacknowledged author of conclusions.

“Unitaid has a say in the conclusions of the paper. Yeah,” he told Lawrie.

Kennedy explained: “Unitaid is a quasi-governmental advocacy organization funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and several countries . . . to lobby governments to finance the purchase of medicines from pharmaceutical multinationals” for distribution in Africa.

Bill Gates spent $40 million to keep Ivermectin from being used to treat the Kung Flu, even though studies showed that it worked.  So half a million people could have been saved, but Bill Gates didn't want that.  What do you think Bill Gates wants?

There was no good reason for burying the results of that study.  The widespread use of Ivermectin could have saved countless lives.  But Bill Gates didn't want that.

He's satantic.

Our military is pretty much fucked

 We do not have serious military leadership.  Instead, we have woke idiots and clueless puppets.

President Joe Biden’s nominee for the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told the Senate “gender advisers” for combat troops are critical to the United States’ success, a position some veterans say is nothing more than a left-wing initiative that distracts from the military’s core duties.

The revelation came during a Dec. 8 exchange with Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D., N.H.), who asked how Adm. Christopher Grady intends to implement “women, peace, and security” legislation within the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“The role of a gender adviser is a way to attack a very significant issue, and if confirmed, I look forward to leveraging those advisers who can make me think better and smarter about the issues that you raise,” Grady said. “So I look forward to, if confirmed, understanding that ecosystem and helping advance that cause going forward again.”

There is no better fighting man than a US military man.  But our leadership is pathetic, broken, woke and stupid.  And this will lead to our troops being mauled in any serious combat, because the military leadership cares more about gender advisers and tranny training than they do about winning wars.  Any war we got into at this point would end up looking like Afghanistan, only worse.  Americans abandoned, our allies discarded, our enemies dancing in the streets with our military equipment while the Stunning and Brave military leadership refused to accept any blame and simply shifted the topic.  I know it.  You know it.  Kurt Schlichter knows it.

That includes our current military leadership, who have given us no reason to believe they could competently execute large-scale combat operations against a peer competitor like Russia. People talk like we would win this fight walking away. Why would they think that? If you go to the Army War College today and you ask the aspiring generals, “What is America’s greatest strategic threat today?," half of these colonels will obediently answer “Climate change.” An officer corps that thinks the weather is more dangerous than the People’s Liberation Army is not leading a serious military. A military where a ruined billion-dollar ship’s crew did not have firefighting training, but which you can say with 100% certainly that each crewman had trans awareness training, is not a serious military. 

It's going to take a bloodbath to clear out the political bitches and woke fuckstains, and that's still no guarantee of success.  I don't know what the next conflict is.  I just know that with this leadership, we're going to lose.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Did ya think I was going to quit talking about the bullshit jabs?

 Not a fucking chance.

The National Felons League, if you recall, mandated *******s.

Having done so they now have more cases of ***** -- confirmed, with people out -- than they did last year when there were no *******s.

If that's not hard evidence that the jabs do not work then what is?

Damn near 100% compliance on the jab, and they have more cases now.  Don't tell me the jab works.  It doesn't work.  

Monday, December 13, 2021

And it's confirmed

 Both the Mrs. and I have tested positive for the Peking Pox.  The Mandarin Muck.  The Beijing Bug.  The Wuhan Bat Blather.  The Fauci Fix.

So we're in isolation.  I'm doing better than she is, as my fever is gone and hers is still hanging on.

And oh golly gee gosh, I don't have my work computer with me.  It's that too bad?  I'm about to put a new definition for the word "lazy" into the dictionary.  Watch me be lazy.  I ain't doing shit that I don't want to do.  I might hire someone to take a shit for me so that I don't have to.

Omicron! Omicron! Omicron!


Gonna go get the brain poke today

 My fever broke, but the Mrs. has not.  So we're going to go get tested.  If it is the Kung Flu?  Well, there go my Christmas plans.  Which would suck.

Once the Mrs. got sick I started hitting up the zinc.  We also started dosing with Ivermectin on Friday.  I don't know why I'm doing better than her, other than I spend a lot more time outside.  Fresh air and sunshine make it almost impossible to stay sick.  

So at some point today I'll find out whether or not I've got a case of the Peking Pox.  If I do?  Well...  at least I'll have natural immunity from here on out.  Ain't going home for Christmas though.  Hell, even if it's not the Bejing Barf, I don't want my parents getting this.  The cramps and body aches are bad enough for me, there's no chance in hell that Dad would be able to deal with it.

On the other hand, the military is shrieking for me to stay home and never come to the office again until nobody dies of anything ever, so there's that.  Yeah, I'll milk the ever-living fuck out of that if I can.  Plus with the Mrs. still running a fever I have no idea how contagious I am or will be.

Luckily we're all stocked up on food so I don't have to go shopping for a good long while.  Lots of soups and stews and good stuff like that.  Plenty of onion and garlic.  And pepper.  Lots of pepper.

Honestly, I'm shocked I haven't had a brush with it prior to now.  I've been exposed to it multiple times, and never had an issue.  

Blah.  Onward!

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Here's a phrase you need to understand: Lymphocyte Riot

 Because it's coming to a vaccinated person near you.

The pathologists pinpoint the occurrence of a “lymphocyte riot” among the ten autopsied bodies. The pathologists found an obscene number of lymphocytes in several tissues, including the liver, kidneys, spleen, and the uterus. The lymphocytes aggressively attacked the tissue in these organs, causing organ damage.

This autoimmune nightmare is more than likely a life-threatening consequence of the Covid-19 vaccination. Burkhardt and two other pathologists confirmed that vaccines initiated this pathogenesis for five of the ten cases studied. In two of the cases, the vaccination was ruled a “probable” cause of death. One case is yet to be evaluated, and the other two deaths are “rather coincident” or “possibly” caused by the vaccine.

I'm rather scared of what's going to happen in five or ten years when the real damage caused by the vaccines starts to rear its ugly head.  You CANNOT fuck around with the human body with impunity.  Forcing the human body to manufacture a spike protein that mimics a virus?  There WILL be negative consequences.  

And we're now seeing those.  It's only going to get worse from here.

I like this Santa