Saturday, February 05, 2011

This is my pre-arranged Saturday Post

If you ever get me to sing Karaeoke, this is the song I'm singing. Just so ya know.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Off the net

Busy all weekend. See you on Monday. In the meantime, toss out a few suggestions for the blog name. We already have a couple courtesy of Headhunter Nation.

Bonus points for any latin phrase that, when translated, is roughly comparable to a quote from Gunny Hartman.

Busy today

I've had five minutes to sit down.  Even less time to surf the web.  Sorry.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Donk Senators scream "OBAMA ACKBAR!" once again

Obamacare repeal fails in the Senate.  Women, Children most hurt.

We need to use those Donk's votes against them like a club for the next two years.  Just beat the hell out of them with it.

Does the name fit?

Had someone email me about the new blog name.  He's not in favor of it.

Audentes Fortuna Juvat
or Fortune Favors the Bold. 
The current unofficial slogan used in the Headhunter Nation, however is even better.
What Is Best?
From Conan the Barbarian:
Mongol General: Conan! What is best in life? 
Conan: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

Personally,  in my humble opinion , I think that attitude matches your blog’s philosophy better than ‘Sword and Plow’, but that’s just me.  And as philosophies go, it’s a better match for the times in which we live.

Thoughts?  Advice?  Suggestions?  I have to admit that "Ense et Aratro" doesn't quite have the pissed-off ring that I'm looking for, but I don't know what the latin phrase is for "I will gouge out your commie eyeballs and skullfuck you", and even if I did know that I doubt it would make a good blog title.

Oh, and consider this the official shout-out to the 80th Fighter Squadron in Kunsan, Korea.  I've actually been there.  When I was stationed in 2ID, I had a friend who was stationed in Kunsan at the same time.  I took a pass and went down to visit.  That was my first experience with the Army vs. Air Force dichotomy.  I believe I became temporarily famous when I blurted out "You have your own BATHROOM?" in front of a bunch of Air Force folks.  Their response was "Don't you?"

Arrogance personified

Or maybe Valerie Jarrett is just that fucking dumb.  It could be both.

According to our tipster, Jarrett was seated at the head table along with several other big-name politicians and a handful of high-ranking military officials. As an officer sporting several stars walked past Jarrett, she signaled for his attention and said, “I’d like another glass of wine.”
White House economic adviser Austan Goolsbee, who was seated next to Jarret, began “cracking up nervously,” our tipster said, but no one pointed out to Jarrett that the man sporting a chestful of medals was not her waiter.
Sadly, I have no problem believing that it happened.  And the Soldier did the right thing - didn't make a fuss, acted politely.  What makes me puke is the fact that no civilian there corrected Jarrett and signaled for an actual waiter.

When I call the Left and this administration in particular "Anti-Military", I'm not joking.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


This is the third day in a row I've been shoveling snow.  Joy.  I've got no time to blog, sorry.  So instead, enjoy the Love Master.  Kinda not-safe-for-work-ish, if you work in an uptight, stuffy place.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

From my mail

And it may piss some people off, especially the non-religious variety.  But it's still worth reading.

The recently disenfranchised lame duck Left pulled off its most extreme legislative coup thus far, by homosexualizing the United States military-using their own version of the admittedly lame Don't Ask, Don't Tell Clinton legislation.

DON'T ASK (Awkward Questions):

They did not ask, in a Pentagon poll, if repeal was morally appropriate.  They asked whether, in practice, the implementation plan would work. By  including those with "mixed feelings," they manufactured a 70% majority, although all but one of the leading generals were opposed and 75-85% of those fighting and dying for us (Marine and Army Combat Arms) said the repeal would have "negative, very negative, or mixed impact." By not really asking, the ideological politicians prevailed.

The real questions were neither asked nor debated in Congress. Few right wing pundits reacted and even the Church was strangely silent. Everyone is suffering from Don't Ask cultural lockjaw-except the Gays, who did not wait to be asked. They welcomed the vote as an "historic step," "ushering in a new era," "for the world," according to Toni Reis, president of the Brazilian Association for the Rights of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transvestites.

I agree with Reis: something of immense importance occurred on Saturday, December 18, 2010. America will never be the same. Radically altered was the United States Military, the iconic symbol of American patriotism, committed to maintaining goodness and justice in the world, which is doubtless why so many Christians down the years have filled its ranks. I once led a Bible study in the Pentagon with thirty generals!

Patrick Buchanan describes the repeal as a "Christian Rout in the Culture War-a victory.for the new morality of the social revolution of the 1960s and a defeat for traditional Judeo-Christian values." Enacted on the verge of the winter solstice, this law ushers in a cultural winter: the new, pan-sexual spiritual society which declares homosexuality to be "the sacrament of monism." St. Paul's prophecy now also indicts many in the church who are or will be drawn into compromise on this issue: "they not only do them [things which are not fitting] but give approval to those who practice them" (Romans 1:32).

DON'T TELL (The Long-Term Consequences):

By not asking the right questions, our leaders also refused to tell the inevitable consequences of full homosexual acceptance:

*      how disputes over sexual trysts will be adjudged in situations comparable to forced cohabitation of men with women;
*      how the health of our troops will be affected (due to high rates of syphilis and other STDs, current U.S. health regulations prohibit men who have sex with men from donating blood);
*      how recruitment will be affected , since over a half million soldiers have said they will quit the Armed Forces, and parents may refuse to send their teenage boys into situations of moral compromise;
*      how soldiers with religious convictions against homosexuality will fare when exposed to re-education  (indoctrination) and "sensitivity training" programs. (The hearings stated that there will be "zero tolerance of anyone who disagrees for any reason, including 'moral or religious beliefs.'") The rule will be: DON'T ASK AWKWARD QUESTIONS!
*      how chaplains will survive. Will they be silenced or ejected? Their treatment will serve as a clear prophecy of how all Christian ministers will fare in tomorrow's gay-endorsing public square.
*      how the future Armed Forces will function, once "cleansed" of biblically faithful chaplains and morally strong Christians soldiers. The Military will be handed over to moral and spiritual relativists ready to enforce the peace-loving pan-sexual, pan-religious agenda of a coming One-ist utopia, with no place for truth-telling.

GO TELL (The Two-ist Truth)

We cannot be silent. Truth must be spoken. "Go tell it on the mountain," says the hymn we sang at Christmas, "that Jesus Christ is born." A heavenly army of angelic warriors, glistening in holiness, crashed into our gray One-ist, homocosmological world from the outside. Our world is still rumbling with the aftershocks. An external saving truth that we could never imagine is available to rescue us from the false promises of the Lie. The Truth concerns the Creator, who differs from us creatures. He created a beautiful world of difference, a world that fell into idolatrous sameness.  That Creator then condescended to save us sinners, gay or straight. Only the glorious Gospel of Two-ism explains the uncontainable joy evoked by the "random act of culture," at Philadelphia Macy's 

Play it and weep tears of joy as, in the public square, Handel tells us, with exquisite beauty, the truth about Jesus.

Another German Christian, Martin Luther, extols our spiritual champion:

"Dost ASK who that may be?"

Luther TELLS us the name of the great soldier of faith:

Christ Jesus, it is He, Lord Sabaoth His name,
From age to age the same-And He must win the battle.


Christos Kurios: Christ is Lord

Peter Jones

One of my biggest hang-ups with the repeal of DADT was that when people like myself asked questions or objected, we were shut down with "Be quiet you homophobe!"  Hell, I had that response from some people on the Right, who should know better.

And now the deed is done, there's no putting the cat back in the bag, and those questions are still unanswered.  Don't expect me to just meekly walk along and accept that flaming bag of crap.  Repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell was nothing more than political kabuki theater.  It had nothing to do with improving the military.

Ense et Aratro

"With Sword and Plow"

I like it.  Although it doesn't quite have that "All-consuming fires of hell will burn my enemies to dust" ring to it, but still.......

Monday, January 31, 2011

El Baradei

Wait, hold on - the guy who allowed Iran to get nuclear weapons started when it was his specific job to prevent that is now trying to become the leader of Egypt?

Yeah, that'll work out great, won't it?  He's already a fucking stooge for the Muslim Brotherhood.  This guy was giving Amadinijahd's nutsack a tongue-bath every time he went to Iran.  Let's put him in charge!  If that happens, Egypt is fucked.  And anything that goes through the Suez Canal doubles in price within a year.  Count on it.

My newest earworm

And it's been in my head, playing over and over and over for the past few days.

If you can sit there without this song making you move some part of your body, you need to check your pulse.  You might be dead.  The saxophone hook just grabs you and makes you MOVE.

Oh yeah, Brian Setzer did a pretty good remake of it in the 90's.

Time for a name change?

Since there aren't four of us wackos, and haven't been for some time, I've been thinking about changing the name of the blog.  Or just creating a whole new blog, but I don't want to lose all the posts on this one.  I dunno.

Would any of my three readers care to chime in?

Possible bonus - if I create another blog, maybe the comments will finally work properly, instead of forcing people to click on the post's title just to see if there ARE any comments!

So, about that school that Obama touted

In his state of the union speech.....


Bruce Randolph School in Denver is an example of just how much you can succeed when you get rid of teachers unions and federal oversight.  In short, it's proof that we need to completely demolish the American publik skool sistim and rebuild it.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Overheard on the News

As I went about my business, was the question that made me grit my teeth - "Do you think this is Obama's 3 AM call?"

No, it is not.

Obama's 3 AM call came a year and a half ago, when 1.5 million Iranians cried out for freedom.  And Obama let that call go to voicemail.  Because that's what a gutless, spineless, nutless little bitch like Obama does.  Just as he voted "present" for the majority of his Congressional career.  Because that's waht a gutless, spineless, nutless little bitch does.

Anyone in the world hoping that America will actually help them in their quest for freedom is going to be disappointed as long as Obama the gutless, spineless, nutless little bitch is in office.  The man doesn't give a flying fuck about freedom in THIS country.  What makes you think he has any will to help YOU out?

Obama - as incompetent as Jimmy Carter, but twice as corrupt!