Saturday, December 29, 2012

Friday, December 28, 2012

Ragin' Dave's Quote of the Day, 2A edition

From an old post at The Smallest Minority:

Being armed goes far beyond simple self-protection against thugs or even tyrants -- it's an unequivocal and unmatched lesson that you are politically and morally sovereign; that you, and not the state, are responsible for your life and your fate. This absolute personal sovereignty is the founding stone of the Republic. "A well-regulated militia" (where the militia is "the whole people") isn't just "necessary to the security of a free state" because it provides a backup to (and defense against) the police and the army. More importantly, keeping and bearing arms trains sovereign citizens in the art of freedom, and accustoms us to our authority and duty.

Emphasis mine.  It's not quite an uber-post.  Go read it all.  But that one paragraph says more than I could put out in an entire essay.


Help keep me sane.

Actually, it's the time alone that a cigar gives me that helps keep me sane.  It's not very often I get someone who actually wants to smoke a cigar with me.  So most of the time it's just me, a cigar, and my thoughts, which I can sift through, clean up and store away for a later date.

You'd be amazed at how much that helps.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The past few days

Have been spent in Arizona, with the in-laws, and I have had a good time.

I smoked many a cigar outside next to a firepit.

I have drank way too much bourbon.

I have caroled at a nursing home with the rest of the in-laws.  We managed three-part harmony, or four part if one person wandered off the melody a little too far.

I have enjoyed a feast that most people would give their eyeteeth for.  Crown roast of pork, sweet potatoes, stuffing made from scratch with all kinds of good ingredients, green bean casserole from scratch, asparagus, home-made bread, brandied yam soup, home-made panetone,  and plenty of good wine to wash it down.

I have managed to relax a bit in the past few days, and yet, in the space of less than half a day, I drove back into a state that I loathe, a city I cannot stand, to return to a job that I detest.  And all that relaxation has vanished.

It's going to be a long few years.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Hell yes, prosecute the bastard!

So David Gregory of NBC violated Washington D.C. gun laws when he waved around a 30-round clip for an AR-15.  He probably did not violate any laws intentionally.  He certainly was not threatening anyone's life.  But he broke the law, and people are wondering if he should get prosecuted for what he did.


Lock that fuckwit up and throw the book at him!  He is the one saying that there should be MORE gun laws and MORE gun control, isn't he?  Then let's make damn sure that he gets to feel the full effect of the gun laws that are already on the books!  Because if he isn't prosecuted, then he's proving exactly what the 2A people are saying:  More gun laws wouldn't do a thing.  If some fuck-witted asshat like David Gregory can violate the gun laws with impunity, then exactly how will MORE laws change anything?

Let the people screaming for more laws feel just what the law is like NOW.  PROSECUTE DAVID GREGORY FOR VIOLATING THE GUN LAWS OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.

Seahawks roll

So, three weeks ago, the Seahawks stomped on Arizona.  And I said 'Yay!  But it's only the Cardinals."

Last week, they laid the hammer down on Buffalo.  And I said "WOO HOO!  But it's only Buffalo."

Last night, the Seahawks punched San Francisco right in the mouth and spit in their faces.  And I said "YEE HAW!  But it's only....  no, wait...  wow!"

See you in the playoffs!  BOOYAH, BABY!