Saturday, July 12, 2003

Check this out. The Tennessean dates this article from June 25. Have I been in a cave or has this story not penetrated the mainstream media yet? I guess it does not fit well with the Bush Lied steamroller. Has FoxNews even picked this up?

Document links Saddam, bin Laden - Wednesday, 06/25/03

I have no idea who Judge Gilbert S. Merritt is but Glenn Reynolds at instapundit says he is a lifelong democrat and a man of unimpeachable integrity. He better watch it; the Fedayeen Left does not take kindly to heretics.
Now I'm all confused!

I always thought that the Left used their tin-foil hats to keep their brainwaves from being read by "The Man" in their black silent helicopters. Now I find out that they're also used to get much needed energy to their brains.

Well, they got the "much needed energy" part right, no matter what else.

Friday, July 11, 2003

Remember those who were discredited during the war? Remember those screeching howls coming from Hollywood, many in the Democratic Party and their house organs the New York Times, LA Times, et al. warning us that we were trapped in a quagmire, that over 100,000 civilians would perish, that the war was just for oil, that going to war with Iraq would harm the War on Terror? Well they Fedayeen Left is now yet again staking what little credibility they have on discrediting the war in an attempt to salvage their tarnished reputations. Clifford May makes a good case that the Fedayeen Left is again making a grave mistake.

Remember also back in 2002, seems so long ago, that these same Cassandras tried to get the scandal ball rolling that Bush knew, or had reason to know, that al Qaida was going to fly airplanes into the WTC. They claimed there was sufficient intelligence for him to know the fate of those who died that day and he decided to do nothing. Their desperate attempt failed when everyone realized that even though there was some intelligence that something was going to happen, it was not clear or certain enough for President Bush or anyone else to come to the conclusion that we would be attacked in the second week of September, 2001. But the point was that President Bush had the benefit of ambiguous intelligence and did nothing.

Jump ahead to 2003 and now look at the accusations of the discredited Left. The accusation now is that in 2003 when President Bush had the benefit of ambiguous intelligence, he had the temerity to act upon it by including it in his SOTU address. As usual, the Francophiles on the left want to have it both ways. They want to accuse President Bush of doing nothing to prevent 9/11 when he had intelligence that was neither specific nor certain and now accuse him of taking that same kind of ambiguous and uncertain intelligence and informing the American public of it during his SOTU address. This gets to the real point, and that is that President Bush cannot possibly win with these people. The nature of intelligence is that it is always prone to being inaccurate and ambiguous. With much of it, if we wait until it has been verified using a standard as vigorous as that used in a court of law (Bubba notwithstanding) it is too late to act upon it.

At this point, my only hope is that when the fate of Saddam's WMD has been determined, the egg on the face of the Fedayeen Left is commensurate with the frenzy they have invoked now. Only then will their timorous whining be relegated to where it belongs, the category of meaningless background chatter.
People are fleeing San Francisco

I left my forwarding address in San Francisco. The foggy city by the bay, which has lost jobs and income in the technology industry bust, saw the largest population decline of any major city in the United States last year, according to U.S. Census data. San Francisco's population declined by 1.5 percent or nearly 12,000 between July 2001 and July 2002, making it the biggest loser among 242 U.S. cities with more than 100,000 people, a report released on Thursday showed

San Francisco Becomes Fastest-Shrinking U.S. City
Yeah. Go Get 'Im, Kofi.

Aaron at Free Will found that the Left's Anti-Tobacco Jihad is in full swing at the United Nations. While you're there, tell Aaron to get off his Conservative duff and blogroll Four Right Wing Wackos.

Rewriting History To Attack Bush On Iraq

John Hawkins DESTROYS the Left at Right Wing News.

"Of course, that wasn't how it actually happened. While the Bush administration certainly talked extensively about weapons of mass destruction, they also continuously discussed Iraq's breaking of UN Resolutions, freedom for the Iraqi people, and Iraq's ties to Al Qaeda & terrorism. But I'm sure many of Bush's critics were too busy screaming about a 'war for oil' & 'US imperialism' to pay attention to what the Bush administration was actually saying; so we'll have to forgive them. "

Rewriting History To Attack Bush On Iraq
Those Poor Dems: They Just Can't Stop Lying

From Lee at Right-Thinking: Halliburton: The Bush/Iraq Scandal that Wasn’t

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Thursday, July 10, 2003

Happy Thursday, everyone.

Now that I actually have a break from working, I can post a little bit. I've been pulling at least one overtime shift a week, due to the fact that we have no people. Literally. One person is out with a pulled hamstring, one person just retired, and we're covering a 24/7 duty with five people. Not good times, BAAAAAAAAD times. Tired times.

Anyways, on my daily rounds, I found a few articles from that I'd like to bring up. One article is by Alan Reynolds, and is about state tax rates. The other is by Bruce Bartlett, and it pertains to "the rich", that mythical class of people who get blamed for every revenue problem. You've heard the mantra "tax breaks for the rich!" Well, the rich pay the most taxes. Specificly, the top 25% of taxpayers shoulder most of the tax burden. But the left seems to have a problem with letting those people keep the money they make.

Another article, by Suzanne Fields, exposes (yet again!) the hypocricy, ignorance, and intolerance of our nations liberal universities. I could write for days about this, but I'll just let you read the article.

Unless you've been living in a hole for the past few days, you know about the Mississippi shootings. A Lockheed-Martin employee walked into work and blasted five of his co-workers into the great beyond, and injured several more. Now, at a memorial, this man's girlfriend stands up and says "Don't criticize this man. He was human too ... don't exclude him. He was a victim, too. ... He was a kind and loving human being."

Victim? Kind and loving? I'm sorry, but kind, loving victims DO NOT walk into work and start shooting! Kind, loving victims do not threaten other co-workers, as this man had done in the past! Anyone who starts randomly shooting their co-workers falls into the "definately NOT a kind loving victim" catagory, OK?

Maybe if someone had pulled him aside earlier in life and said "Cut the crap, OK? Life sucks. You have to make the best of it, and not blame other people." he wouldn't have flipped his wig when he did.

That's enough for today. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Washington State Wackos

I love to read newpapers from America's Leftist Cities. They're so, errr, sobering.

Here's a good excerpt:

The board postponed a vote on extending Coca-Cola's exclusive contract with Seattle's public middle and high schools. But a decision must be made sometime and it ought to be made with a nod toward healthier fare in schools.

No one is suggesting in tough economic times the district walk away from $400,000 in commissions and payments.

No one is suggesting the school district not sell their students out for money. No no no!

The Seattle Times: More ammo in junk-food wars

How do these Loonie Lefties face themselves in the mirror?
Protesting the Constitition

I then wandered over to the International ANSWER booth. They had a petition calling for the impeachment of George Bush. I asked the young lady there why should Bush be impeached.

“Because he lied.” she replied earnestly.

“About what?” I asked.

“ The reason for war in Iraq. He lied about the WMD’s. There are none, “ she said fervidly.

“You mean that is a fact. There are no WMD's, “ I asked innocently.

“Well as far as I know there aren’t,” she said.

“So there may be WMD’s,” I replied.

“ Well it’s possible,” she concluded. But she's impeaching a Republican. Who cares? Sign the petition....

Clueless at the Constitution Center
Jesse Watch - Redux

Aaron at Free Will has something worth a quick peek:

"...According to Timmerman, members of the Congressional Black Cacaus, and, quite possibly, Jesse Jackson himself, were bribed with blood diamonds..."
Those Loonie Lefties - Playing Fast and Loose with the Facts. AGAIN!

Oh dear! You know that guy who claimed to have been at a meeting where President Bush heard that the Iraqi nuclear material buy memos were forged? You know, the guy the Soviet Left has been lionizing as a whistleblower extraordinaire?

Uhhhh - he wasn't there.

Today, a White House source I know and trust said visitor logs don't have any record of anyone named Terrance J. Wilkinson ever being present at a meeting with the President. Then a CIA source I trust said the agency had no record of a contract consultant with that name. "Nobody, and I mean nobody, has ever heard of this guy," my source said.

Capitol Hill Blue

Credit: Instapundit

This guy is one of my favorite cartoonists.

Courtesy of Instapundit:

Iraqi With Alleged Links to Atta Arrested
The two-faced dawgs on the Liberal Left are at it again with their free speech ravings:

Trent Lott said something bad? Punish him!


Susan Sarandon? She loves America!

Rick Santorum? BIGOT!

And then there is Michael Savage.
Drumwaster raves a bit about the things we do for business, how we oftentimes feel the need to bite our tongues just to make a buck. Howdy, y'all...
How blogging loosens the Left's stranglehold on media:

You don't have to be an intelligence analyst to connect the dots: in each of these cases, the mistakes, misquoting and misreporting had the effect of sowing doubt about U.S. intentions, President Bush's veracity, and our military. Even if there was no conscious effort behind any of this, the net effect is that media consumers received a distorted view of reality, one that carries with it a definite political slant to the left.

Fortunately, the left's monopoly on the news media is crumbling, and Fox News and The Washington Times aren't the only ones wielding the pick-axes. During the last five years, a new form of media emerged online, one that provides an important check against bias and sloppy reporting in the traditional media. Some are calling this movement open-source media, because it is revolutionizing the news business in much the same way that open-source software is revolutionizing the software industry.

The Great Media Meltdown
Fast Eddie Rendell was once the Chair of the DNC. He left to concentrate on destroying Philadelphia. Now he's trying to buy Pennsylvania a seat on the Board of US Airways.

He's quite a bargainer, that Ed Rendell - the seat will only cost Pennsylvanians $263,900,000.
Need a laugh? Visit Eschaton. It's the home of many a Liberal Loonie.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Good evening, everyone!

I hope you all had a great 4th. I spent Saturday in a suit of armor, bashing the crap out of anything that came my way. Got quite a few good bruises, too. It's called the SCA, or in long form, the Society for Creative Anachronisms. The ultimate in stress relief. And in a few small circles, it's also been called the Society for Consenting Adults, which when I was a young Army boy fit my bill. Now, the girlfriend and I pass on the wild parties and find better ways to spend our time. But boy, when I was younger....

Anywho, I'm back in (mostly) one piece, and ready to continue. Here's a few links, courtesy of Emporer Misha I, the Anti Idiotarian Rottweiler.

First of all, just to get it out of the way, the British Parliment has found that Tony Blair did not lie about WMD. I hold no hope that the Donks will look at this and drop the subject, but it's nice to know that our ally isn't getting reamed because of it. I don't like Blair's domestic policy. In fact, his domestic policy reminds me of my worst "Democrats take over the country" nightmare. That being said, when faced with the Iraq problem he was the best we could have had at our side. That's got to be worth something.

Come to think of it, I'm not growing fond of some of Bush's domestic policy, but that's a post for a later date.

Next up, Iran! No, we're not going to bomb it. Yet. But the UN has asked Iran to be allowed to maybe pretty please have a little peek at the nuclear plants. Iran, to nobody's suprise, told the UN to piss up a rope.

Now, I'm not a betting man, but you would think that the turbaned twits would take a look left..... and then a look right.... figure out what it's between, and then figure out what the USA does to countries that it considers a serious threat. My guess is that the US is helping out the Iranian students as we speak, but that's just my opinion. If we can take down Iran without firing a shot, I would be jumping for joy. As much as I'm a warmonger, I have no doubts about the cost of war. My buddy Hodge is sitting in Iraq right now, sweating out his last drop of sweat, and wondering when he's coming home. I wouldn't wish his duty to be extended for almost anything, but if we can topple another terrorist-supporting theocracy without a battle, I think he would be willing to stay a little longer.

And the newest thing for those who haven't heard of it yet (and if you haven't where have you been?) the EU is still staining their pants over their new top dog, Italy's Silvio Berlusconi. For those who haven't heard, Berlusconi responded to an insult with a few choice words of his own. Not the smartest thing to be sure, but this is a man who has been grating under the snide remarks, condesending tone and imperial demands of France and Germany, the self appointed masters of the EU. From the tone of his words, I'd say he's had just about enough. And from what I've read, people think he's called a German politician a Nazi. Not so. From everything I've been able to read about, (and trust me, when someone sticks a bee into France's bonnet, I'm going to gleefully read about it), Berlusconi stated that this German politician would make a great Nazi Prison Guard in a new film being made in Italy.

If you were to just take that on face value, it's pretty crappy. Petty, vile, and not really a worth insult from a leader of Italy, hmmmm? But lets look at what isn't in the major newspapers, shall we?

Found from the NZoom - One News website, we find a much more complete record of what was said. Berlusconi didn't call this German a Nazi, he stated that this German would be perfect for the part of a Kapo in an Italian film about a WWII concentration camp.

What's a Kapo, you ask? Why, a Kapo was a prisoner, usually a petty criminal, used by the Nazis to enforce discipline. They were known for being toadys and bootlickers to the Nazis as long as they lived and made other camp prisoners miserable.

Let's take this insult in a new light then, shall we? Because I think what Berlusconi said is damn near perfect.

Berlusconi is the Left's worst nightmare. He's a self-made billionare, a driven man who rose to the top on his own, and who refuses to play by their rules. Even worse in their eyes, he's in POWER and WON'T LISTEN TO THEIR ORDERS! He's unapologetic, harsh, curt, abrupt, and everything else you need to be in order to make billions of dollars in Europe. He can also be witty and humorous, leading one British MP to remark about his "Jekyll and Hyde nature". (scroll down, the quote's at the bottom) But it's the fact that he doesn't kowtow to the Franco-Prussion hegimony that scares the EU the most. Here's one dog who won't be whipped, and it's driving them nuts. I'd look for the EU Left to do anything they can to make Berlusconi's life miserable. And I'd also look for Berlusconi to toss everything in their face and laugh. That's what he's been doing for years, and I don't think he's going to stop now.

In other news, I've just had an illusion shattered. I don't know how to go on.... (snort, chuckle, wheeze) I don't know about you, but I predict that this girl is going to be a centerfold for Playboy in the "maybe if I show my body naked I can sell one more album" bid in... say... five years. Any takers?

For news across the pond, we have this Samizdata, go. Read. The man has the goods on what's happening in the UK, and he updates us daily. Good stuff, if you like to keep abreast of the news.

That's all for tonight. Gotta get some sleep. I'll see you all tomorrow.

Monday, July 07, 2003

For all their talk talk talk talk talk in Hollywood, if you are a woman and you want a big role in a hot film, you gotta take it off.
I saw this fellow Norman Solomon from the self-titled "Institute for Public Accuracy" on C-SPAN this weekend. He repeated the oft-asserted but now-discredited claim that American sanctions killed Iraqi children.

Can you imagine that? CNN sends back pictures of American GIs taking dumps on Saddam Hussein 24 carat gold toilets at one of his dozen palaces, and some people STILL blame America for the suffering of Iraqi children.

Institute for Public Accuracy

U.S. and U.N. officials claim Saddam Hussein might use his presidential compounds to hide weapons of mass destruction. These aren't, after all, just stately mansions. There are scores of official residences, and some are sprawling complexes that cover several square miles, with as many as 90 buildings. Amid waterfalls and man-made lakes in Saddam's assorted Xanadus, there's reportedly a factory for building pleasure boats and a prison for torturing dissidents.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

Hello to my fellow RWW. I apologize for the infrequency of my additions to the blog. Perhaps this will make up for it a bit:

Have you heard this rant by the Dims. They know G.W. has a good relationship with the men and women of the millitary, so they resort to one of their favorite tactics - Calling an increase in spending (be it slightly less than those big spendin' Donks want) a "cut". Here are a couple of articles that lay to rest their current pack of lies on the subject:

By Armstrong Williams

House Budget Committee FACT SHEET

Hope you had a happy 4th