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Monday, June 14, 2021

Getting ready for the day

I never though the Army would put me on a desk job.  The bastards.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Going Riding

 Might post something later tonight, but for right now the Mrs and I need some wind therapy.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Yes, I've had to take the military's "extremism" training

 And yes, it's a gigantic load of shit, written by people who are obviously leftists and who only see boogymen from the Right.

On Thursday, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) revealed the reports of many whistleblowers inside the armed forces who have complained that the military’s training to combat “extremism” has enabled superiors to push critical race theory (CRT) on them. This has set members of the military against one another and led some soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and guardians to resign.

Cotton pressed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on these issues, asking Austin to explicitly condemn some of the conclusions of critical race theory, such as the idea that the military itself is “fundamentally racist.” Austin begrudgingly rejected that idea, but his responses suggest an unwillingness to actually combat CRT in the military.

They don't just use Critical Race Theory.  They talked about "abortion-related extremis" and "violent INCEL extremists".  I shit you not.  Part of the training stated that at least eleven people have been murdered by "violent anti-abortion extremists" since 1999.

Not one single word about Buy Large Mansions or Antifa.  Not a statement, not a codicil, nothing.  Not one single word about the violent riots, murders, looting and arson that happened all last year.

Welcome to the Leftist paradise, comrade.  The only good thing I can say about the entire episode is that every single person I talked to, no matter the rank, knew that the entire training was a load of bullshit.  From Private to Colonel, no one thought this training was worth the time, effort or electrons.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

We all know the Democrat-Media Complex won't report on this

 Which is why it came from across the pond.

Imagine that being found on one of Don Jr's phones.  You and I both know that the media would be all over it like white on rice.  But it's Hunter Biden, the crack-smoking, stripper-impregnating, illegal-gun purchasing, Chinese money-sucking son of Joe Biden, and the Democrat-Media complex is going to ignore it for all they are worth.  

And let's be blunt, at this point, all they are worth is maybe a couple bucks and some coupons for a free car wash.  The media whores covered up Biden's laptop and deplatformed anyone who talked about it leading up to the election.  They cover up Joe Biden's dementia.  They ask nothing but softball questions to Commie-la Harris (and she still can't answer them).  I'd love to see almost every media company fail, and all their "reporters" laid off.  It's a dream I have....

So anyways, go read it all, if you're of a mind.  I doubt it will be anything you didn't already kinda know if you were following along and actually paying attention for the last year.

"Outtayerdaminde" by Five Times August (2021) Lyric & Music Video

You want a real scare?  These are the people that are effectively running the country right now.

We don't know who exactly is in charge,

 But we do know that it ain't Drooling Joe the Chinese Hand Puppet.

Many have speculated that Joe Biden isn’t really running things. His mental fitness has come into question numerous times over the years and even in the past six months, but a photo posted by Jill Biden has added fuel to the fire, reigniting questions about who’s really running the country, and if perhaps the First Lady is taking on responsibilities she shouldn’t be.

The photo in question features Jill Biden sitting at a desk on Air Force One with the caption “Prepping for the G7.”

You don't have to go back very far to see just how drastically Joe Biden has declined mentally.  Between the mumbling, the slurring, the forgetting, his physical slowness, he's been in decline for a while now and even when his handlers allow him out in a tightly controlled setting they can't hide it.  I wonder just what cocktail of drugs is being pumped into his system to give him even the slight fa├žade of coherence that he has.

So yeah, DOCTOR Jill Biden is sitting at the desk on AF1 doing Drooling Joe's job.  If you paid attention during the "campaign", she was at his side doing his job and making sure he didn't stray off into a rambling diatribe about Corn Pop and his hairy legs again.  It's not that the situation has changed, is that they can't hide it like they could during the campaign.  Joe Biden isn't capable of doing the job, and everybody knows it.

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

And how many times have I said:

Democrats hate you and want you to die. 

It was true when I first said it, and it still true today.

I need this sometimes

 Especially after the 1700 mile four-day trips...

I'm not too proud to say just how fucked up I am physically.  But what the hell.  This body is meant to be worn out by the end.

Monday, June 07, 2021


 Sarah Hoyt's feeling a little peppy, and I can't blame her

First, and because I didn’t promise not to do this: I TOLD YOU SOI TOLD YOU SO, I F*CKING TOLD YOU SO.

For everyone who came here to lecture me, that the China Coff was going to depopulate the world, and I was being irresponsible for saying it was like the flu with a lot of stupid number games added; for every one who flounced because I told them the masks were a f*cking stupid idea that did nothing (including, yes, the gentleman who knew that masks would work against a VIRUS because when he was six someone made him put on a mask to go see his dying father); for everyone who mask-Karened with “just put on the mask”; for every raging asshole (including Sprouts grocery store manager) who told me that if I had a mask issue, I could get delivery, making asthma a crime worthy of house arrest; for every insane, stupid governor — Polis might be the dumbest of the lot — who made us wear masks outside, thereby making escape to the zoo or the botanic gardens impossible; to the f*cking airlines whose f*cking stupid rules made it impossible for me to be at my dad’s 90th birthday.

Come closer so I can whisper in your ear: I TOLD YOU SO. After which I’m going to knee you in the groin so hard you’ll taste next Wednesday. Yes, even if you’re a woman.

The more information that comes out, the more I have my position confirmed that the Kung Flu scamdemic was the greatest scam in history, run by so-called "experts" who's only expertise was in attaining and abusing government power.  Not that me being right is going to fix anything now that Dr. Demento and Drooling Joe the Chinese Hand Puppet are in charge.  As Kurt Schlichter says....

There’s a cure for this plague of experts, and it’s called “accountability.” Accountability is the bane of experts, so our ruling caste has dispensed with it.

Oh, and wearing masks is bullshit, and we all know it.  

Veganism is child abuse

 Want your kids to grow up stunted and weak?  Just go vegan!

Putting your children on a trendy vegan diet makes them grow up short and with weaker bones, a study has found.

Researchers found that children aged five to ten who eat plant-based diets are on average three centimetres shorter than those who eat meat.

Their bones were also smaller and less strong, putting the children at risk of fractures or osteoporosis in later life.

The study, by University College London's Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, said parents must be aware of the risks of vegan diets.

The authors said vegan children should be given vitamin B12 and vitamin D supplements to reduce potentially long-term health consequences of being raised on plants only.

Or, I dunno, just eat a damn burger?  Eat the chicken?  Have the bacon?

I swear, the more I see of society, the more I'm certain that we're backsliding out of civilization.

Stealing a riff from Ace of Spades' place

If there's an upright bass in the band, the music has to be good.

I gotta find me some of this guy's stuff.