Friday, October 07, 2022

A little sore

 So the parents have a creek behind their house.  Over the years the creek has moved it's bed hither and yon depending on how much snow we get and how hard it melts.

As of late, the creek bed has been eroding more "hither" than "yon", so I've spent the past three days hauling chunks of concrete and stone from a neighbor's house (he had re-modeled and has a pile of concrete he removed from his basement) to the backyard and reenforcing the bank.  Several spots were in rough shape; there was one bend where the creek had eaten away underneath a rather large fir tree.  I filled that as well as I could, then lined it with chunks of concrete.  All in all, I took ten trips up to the concrete pile.  It's reduced in size quite a bit.

My back has let me know that it's not very happy.

More whiskey in my future.

Thursday, October 06, 2022

Well, THAT'S new!

 The wife took this picture outside my parents house this morning.

I can promise you that when I was a kid, those things didn't live around here.  So they either got pushed here from somewhere else, or the population has gone up quite a bit in Idaho.

Yes, THC causes psychosis

 When you're talking about modern marijuana or edibles, the stuff people are using now is a far cry from what people waxed poetic about decades ago.

While cannabis-induced psychosis won’t affect most people after they halt their use, for some, it can persist for weeks or months before things return to normal, Finn said. “So this is potentially a very dangerous product, particularly if there’s a young person that is exposed.”

There just aren’t enough placements available for the mental health care needed, he said.

“And in a very rare circumstance, sometimes [the psychosis] doesn’t reverse at all,” he added. “There’s a very strong correlation to cannabis use of high potency with schizophrenia, although it the link of a causal effect has not clearly been proven but it’s strongly suspected.”

Here's how I would explain it.

Way back in the foggy days of yore, the weed that people had access to was like a can of beer.  The weed people are getting now is that same can, only it's full of whiskey, not beer.  And people are still drinking the full can.

Soon it'll be full of Everclear.  And people will still drink the full can.  That ain't good for your mental health.

And as I've said previously, the increase in TCH does not have a corresponding increase in CBD.  TCH is the psychotic, CBD is the anti-psychotic.  People who get relief from marijuana (pain, cancer, etc) are getting relief from the CBD, not the THC.  So if all you're getting is a higher level of THC, then all you're getting is more of the psychotic agent.

That's not a good thing.  But in the end that almost doesn't matter, because most people today aren't using edibles or weed for pain relief, they're just wanting to get intoxicated.  I do know some people who use CBD for pain relief in my personal life.  They tend to grow their own, or they get a CBD compound that has small amounts of THC in it.

Anyway, this is just more of me saying "Don't let your kids think that smoking weed is harmless".  It's not.  Back in the day it just caused a bit of apathy.  Today?  The long-term effects are far worse.

Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Can't stop the signal, Mal

 Truth always finds a way to come out.  Of course, many of us knew we were being lied to, but too many people drank the kool-aide.

This year, we’ve also come to realize that Pfizer, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have all repeatedly lied about the safety and effectiveness of the shots, as Pfizer’s own trial data show they’re about as dangerous as they come.

The only reason we now know this is because the FDA was sued and forced by a judge to release the trial data they initially wanted to keep hidden for 75 years. Pfizer data is now being released at a pace of 55,000 pages per month,7 and these batches have proven to be a treasure trove of bad and worse news.

Pfizer hid serious injuries, falsely categorizing almost all of them as unrelated to the shot without investigation, and misrepresented data showing massive risks as being of no concern. Participants who suffered serious injuries were often simply withdrawn from the trial, and their data excluded from the results.8

Oh my gosh, Pfizer lied!  Who woulda thunk it?  I mean, other than myself and a whole host of other people who were called "conspiracy theorists".  What's the difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth?  About six months or so these days.

Oh, and just in case anyone is wondering, the government knew Pfizer was lying.  And the government lied as well.  And now we have millions upon millions of people who have this poison inside them.  We haven't begun to see the worst of the effects yet.  Count on that.

Remember, the government lied and people died

 Ivermectin can work.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) recently filed a motion and amicus brief Thursday evening with the federal district court in Galveston urging it to allow the lawsuit to proceed against the FDA for its misleading statements against ivermectin, a drug used to fight parasites and given to covid patients during the early stages of infection.

I have no doubt that there are plenty of other treatments that would also work against the Kung Flu.  Ivermectin is just the most well known.  The bottom line is that thousands of people would still be alive if those doctors were actually allowed to treat their patients rather than being forced into a choice of going along with the government line or losing their jobs.

The government lied about Ivermectin.  They deliberately suppressed information about it, and instead told you to get a jab that damages your immune system, causes only-God-knows long term health issues, and has no real effectiveness in stopping infection and transmission of the Kung Flu.

Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Processed carbohydrates are the devil!

 Well...  maybe not that bad, but still....

Eating lots of refined grains, such as white bread and white rice, is similar to consuming a diet full of sugars and oils, and linked to a higher risk of premature coronary artery disease, a new study says.

By contrast, eating whole grains, such as whole-grain bread, whole oats or quinoa, was associated with a reduced risk of premature coronary artery disease, according to the study.

Plenty of people have been making that point for quite some time now.  Processed carbs are broken down by your body into sugar within 15 minutes.  If you don't use that sugar as energy?  It turns into fat.  You're far better off eating a burger than the fries that come with it.  You're better off eating steak and a salad than you are eating tons of carbs.  

On top of that, expeller-pressed seed oils?  Pretty much toxic.  Use oils like olive, avocado, butter, and sesame.

And you can pretty much ignore anything the FDA puts out.  They're worthless to the point that finding the nuggets of actual truth in their bullshit isn't worth the effort.

Another explanation of why Nordstream went kablooey

And it could have military roots, just not recent ones.

Not only the US Navy (together with its NATO allies) but also the Russian Navy conduct naval exercises in the Baltic Sea and many believe either the Russians or Americans are clandestinely responsible for the two blasts. Predictably enough, the two sides have blamed each other in loud and emphatic terms – without corroborating or credible evidence.

Unmentioned amid the incendiary speculation is the explosive condition of the Baltic seabed, which is loaded with dumped artillery shells, chemical weapons including Tabun nerve gas and mines. Under an agreement reached at the Potsdam Conference in 1945, Britain and the Soviet Union dumped approximately 69,000 tons of Germany’s chemical weapons stockpile into the Baltic Sea in 1947-48.

A second dumping in the same area took place in 1959. Moreover, during World War I and II, Germany laid some 80,000 sea mines including moored contact mines and constructor mines in the Baltic Sea, including around Bornholm. There are known to be Russian moored contact mines in the same area. 

Old munitions have a tendency to blow up rather easily.  It's why unexploded ordinance (UXO for short) is such a problem after a conflict.  And it's why you never ever ever wander into an impact area on an Army base.  Not everything goes off when it lands and the longer it sits there the more likely it is to go off if you trip over it.

Now, I think it's still a possibility that Drooling Joe the Chinese Hand Puppet and his puppet masters blew it up.  But there are far more plausible reasons as to why the pipelines blew.  Such as this one.

Monday, October 03, 2022

True story


Just a reminder that this country is being run by perverted, corrupt, evil people.

Sunday, October 02, 2022

To say that I have little to no faith in the medical practice right now....

 Would be an understatement.

Cresto describes in more detail multiple incidents of neglect that he said left Christy despondent on the FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation’s (FFFF) COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project, for which Cresto became the director of information technology.

Between my own personal experiences and the stories that are now coming out about how badly the medical "experts" fucked up during the Covidiacy, combined with how quickly much of those medical experts regurgitated the government propaganda....  I'd trust the average doctor about as far as I could throw them.

The fact that there are still doctors out there yammering about the jab despite clear evidence that it doesn't work?  Inexcusable.  

Before they were done debating the safety, efficacy, and basic logic of taking a vaccine that had only been out for a few months, Hardison said the obstetrician pointed to his wife and told him, “My job here is to keep the incubator oxygenated until the baby comes.”

“I was blown away,” Hardison said.

I would have left and found a different hospital, even if I had to drive to another state.  Of course, that comes with a whole lot of hind-sight on my part.  But if any medical "professional" called my wife an incubator?  Done.  They're not touching my wife or anyone in my family.  Get the fuck out.

Anyways, just add all this to the tally of why the medical profession has tumbled almost as quickly as the FBI.  Because they fucked up monumentally with their Kung Flu response and because of crap like this.

The CDC dropped masking requirements for health care settings, and the move was largely ignored by the news media and public health officials. It got a modest amount of coverage, mostly days after the announcement, but the dramatic change in guidance was met with little fanfare.

And that is how the CDC wanted it, apparently. They dropped the news late last Friday. Not yesterday, but a week ago Friday.

I have followed COVID news pretty closely, and my Twitter feed is filled with COVID-related accounts because I was involved in anti-lockdown activism back in 2020. Today was the first time I even heard of the rather shocking news. It’s a huge shift in policy–not only did their policy stance shift, but they also specifically referred to the benefits of infection-acquired immunity in the same sentence as vaccines. This explicit acknowledgment of a fact that they disputed for years is in itself quite noteworthy.

"Oh hey, you know all that bullshit we blathered on about for a couple of years?  Yeah, ignore that why don't ya?"

So the CDC was in a bind, and rather than being honest, straightforward, and even declaring a modest victory in suppressing the pandemic, they punted. They changed the guidance, but very very quietly. They clearly spread the word to the media that they didn’t want much coverage, and they got what they wanted. Near silence.

Still the COVID fanatics are unhappy. Any loosening of the rules or deviation in the message threatens their power.

It was never about health care, and it was never about helping people.  It was about taking control.  Which they did, and which a huge amount of Americans not only allowed but encouraged.