Friday, January 07, 2005

Donnie McNabb Serenades Terrell Owens

See it all at Bangahaha's Cartoons

They say you can't take it with you

But you can still vote. Don't be surprised if James A. Baker winds up in Raging Dave's neck of the woods sometime soon.

Okay. This is odd.

Hours later, the same car was stopped by Legere for travelling at 148 km/h, but this time it was going westbound.

Caught speeding on same day, with same car

Ohhh whoa whoa...

...Barbie's crying!

Guide for the Mexican Immigrant has an uproariously funny photoshop parody of the migration handbook made by the Mexican government. Note: this link is borderline work safe and not for the easily offended!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

OK, This Is Frigging ENOUGH!

File this under "Let's finally get off our ass and bring the hammer down!"

LOS ANGELES — Mexican immigrants hoping to cross the Mexico-U.S. border can use an illustrated guide to help them break U.S. immigration laws and live in the United States illegally.

The 32-page booklet, free with popular comic books and advertised at bus stations and government offices south of the border, comes courtesy of the Mexican government.

The Mexican government is pretty much worthless, no matter how much people try to convince themselves otherwise. I should know. I was one of those people for a while. But after watching their actions for a decade or so, I learned that Mexico is pretty much a third-world country BECAUSE of it's government. And instead of trying to fix the problems in that country, the Mexican government pretty much wants to shuffle their poverty-stricken citizens across the border.

The book's main focus seems to be instructing people on how to cross the border safely. For example, it warns Mexicans that when crossing the border, "thick clothing increases your weight when wet and makes it difficult to swim or float" and "if you cross in the desert, try to walk when the heat is not as intense."

Gee, isn't it nice when a government gives out pamphlets to it's citizens instructing them how to survive while breaking the law? Nothing like live, healthy criminals to make your day go smoothly!

"At end of the day, this is about the survival of individuals who we know unfortunately are perishing in desert," said Angelica Salas of the Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights

Stop. Full stop.

The Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights?

Let's make this very, very clear for anyone out there who might have a question or two. You do NOT have the right to immigrate to this country! THERE ARE NO IMMIGRATION RIGHTS! We can kick you out if we have just cause, we can prevent you from entering this country, we can prevent you from gaining citizenship. If you are hear illegally, YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS!

It's the Constitution of the UNITED STATES, not the world. In order to have rights guaranteed by it, you must first be a US citizen. Plain and simple. But there's more to this pamphlet than just survival tactics!

The guide also gives advice on how to live unobtrusively in the United States, advising illegals not to beat their wives or go to loud parties because either action may attract the attention of police.

Oh, isn't that lovely? If you don't beat your wife, then the cops won't notice you! Of course, the fact that you can't get a legal job may just hinder you a bit, but not much.

While some studies claim illegal immigrants help the U.S. economy by providing cheap labor, others complain they cost taxpayers billions in welfare and education costs. Good or bad, they are breaking U.S. law, and the Mexican government seems to be helping them.

Cheap labor? Maybe in a few select industries, but not nationwide. And the cost they put on society blasts away any good they might do with their cheap labor. There's a reason why Arizona voted in Proposition 200 in the last election. For those who don't know, Prop. 200 would bar non-citizens from recieving public services that are not federally mandated. So, you could walk into an emergency room, but non-emergency healthcare would be barred. Welfare would be barred. In short, the things guaranteed to a US Citizen would be unavailable to non-citizens. THE WAY IT SHOULD BE! But the Democrats are going nuts over it, and have taken it to court to try to get it overturned. The judge presiding over the case properly tossed it in the circular file.

Think about that for just a second. The people of Arizona said what they wanted. They voted for this proposition, and the Democrats TOOK IT TOO COURT! Can you think of a more egotistical, overbearing, arrogant way to do business? "Oh, we know what you said, and now we're going to do what WE want to do."

More sins to toss on the Democrats ever growing list.

Anyway, to get back on target - Shut the border down. Do it now. Halt all immigration that isn't tightly monitored, and by that I mean we make sure they are who they say they are. We ensure that criminals aren't walking into America every place there's a hole in the fence. Because Mexico seems to be doing everything it can in order to push their people into our country.

It needs to stop.

If President Bush goes through with his "amnesty" plan, the Republicans will be out of power again, because there is no amount of political ass-kissing that could make the Republican base forgive Bush, or their party for letting it happen. Michelle Malkin has been making the case for closing our borders, and doing a damn fine job of it. We need to shut down the illegal immigration right frigging now, before our immigration laws become even more of a joke than they already are.

Mexico doesn't take them seriously. That needs to change.

Total destruction in one click

Holy Jesus.

Tsunami - Banda Aceh Shore, Indonesia

\cd: DANEgerus

The Seattle Virus

There's gotta be one, because every time I leave Seattle and then come back, I end up getting sick. I don't know if it's just the stress of returning to this hell hole, or if there actually is a virus around here that attacks me every time I return.


In any case, my recent absence has been due to me being laid up yet again by some damn virus. I'm not 100% healthy as of yet, but I'm doing much better. A note of more cheer - I'll be out of here within a week. I'm going to my drill this weekend, and I won't be coming back here. The wife will be joining me at the end of January, when I'll hopefully have a house ready for her to walk in to. Coeur d'Alene, here we come!

By the way, did ya hear about the dumb-ass police chief who broke several cardinal rules of responsible gun ownership? Yep, this Darwin runner-up left his personal weapon (a Glock 26 9mm)in a city-issued unmarked Ford Crown Victoria in Downtown Seattle for several hours the day after Christmas. When he returned.... OOOPS! No gun! Ah, the joys of living in Seattle, where Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske provides just the example of why I'm getting the hell out. And from what I heard on the news last night, there was no evidence of a forced entry into the car.

That means that the idiot left the damn thing unlocked. With a loaded weapon inside.

The only bright note is that since it was his personal weapon, not his issue piece, the city won't have to spend my tax dollars on buying him a new gun. And I'll be laughing at this mudpit of a town as I drive away from it. GOOD BYE, SEATTLE! I knew ye too well.

Anywho, I'm going to surf around a bit and try to get caught up on the news. Hopefull I'll post more today.

Rush To War

Chappelle lampoons the justification for war: "Black Bush".

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Action Vs. Talk In Indonesia

I was pondering today about how individuals are motivated to action by different flavors of stimuli (I have some problem employees). I mention it here because I rarely find myself getting all agitated and ready to do battle based upon the things that American Leftists do. I don't feel like writing letters to the editor when I read about gun grabbing. Bans on Jesus songs in elementary schools don't move me to attend school board meetings. I just chuckle when i read about wind turbines.

The one thing that moves me to want to bleach the Liberal Stain on America is when the America they hate does good.

The US military has arrived and is clearly establishing its presence everywhere in Banda Aceh. They completely have taken over the military hospital, which was a mess until yesterday but is now completely up and running. They brought big stocks of medicines, materials for the operation room, teams of doctors, water and food. Most of the patients who were lying in the hospital untreated for a week have undergone medical treatment by the US teams by this afternoon. US military have unloaded lots of heavy vehicles and organize the logistics with Indonesian military near the airport. A big camp is being set up at a major square in the town. Huge generators are ready to provide electricity. US helicopters fly to places which haven't been reached for the whole week and drop food. The impression it makes on the people is also highly positive; finally something happens in the city of Banda Aceh and finally it seems some people are in control and are doing something.
The United States of America is the greatest invention in the history of mankind.

Power Line: Action Vs. Talk In Indonesia

Where did turkeys go?

If this weren't so pathetic, I'd be ROFLMAO. Turkeygate, in essence.

Where did turkeys go?

"You can imagine how we feel," Fernandes said. "They didn't pay anything. This was donations to them to help the needy. We get calls from different representatives who want to put together food baskets for their needy constituents and you have faith that these people are going to bring the food to the people it's intended to go to."

A Conyers staff member who asked not to be named for fear of reprisal told the Free Press that Grubbs and her cousin, Conyers' Detroit deputy chief of staff Marion Brown, along with a former Conyers aide, DeWayne Boyd, picked up the turkeys and later gave contradictory accounts of what happened to the birds.
This is one to stay tuned to.

Environmentalist Quandary

You know those wind turbines that look like oversized fans stuck into the ground? Well it turns out that they are actually oversized blenders.

Well, yeah...

...there is bias among the media brethren.

(See - only cutting edge breaking news here)


Lee at Right Thinking from the Left Coast nails Jimmy Carter with a savage line. First good belly laugh of the day.

Newly-elected sheriff fires 27 employees...

...and announces intent to fill the vacancies with men of a different color. Fricking Georgia. Fricking Racists. Fricking Red States.

Right Thinking from the Left Coast

Like Stupid to, Well, More Stupid

Nutty Oliver Willis has a neat little post about gun ownership. And right on cue, his wallowers pipe up with their tired yellow dogeared rhetoric. A must read -- if you need a good chuckle.

On tsunami's shore

Mark Steyn, who should appear here more often, lays a serious smackdown on the goofs at the UN and their sycophantic Eurolapdogs.

Jan Egeland, that Norwegian bloke who is the U.N. humanitarian honcho, got the ball rolling with a few general remarks about big countries' "stinginess." He particularly thinks U.S. tax rates too low. Got that? Those tightwad Yanks aren't doing enough.

But whoa, hang on. It turns out those pushy Yanks are doing way too much, at least according to Clare Short, formerly Britain's international development secretary (until she stormed out of Tony Blair's Cabinet to protest the Iraq war). President Bush roused her ire by announcing Washington would coordinate its disaster relief with Australia, India and Japan. To Miss Short that had a whiff of another "coalition of the willing." "I think this initiative from America to set up four countries claiming to coordinate sounds like yet another attempt to undermine the U.N.," she told the BBC. "Only really the U.N. can do that job. It is the only body that has the moral authority."
It can be confusing sometimes, can't it?

Hegemonic, Demonic Americans

Well now it seems the French see an ulterior motive in US aid to tsunami victims.

The Left were upset that President Bush didn't act quickly enough following the disaster. One need not have a vivid and wild imagination to posit that had he acted quickly, the Left would have started talking about "Bush Knew!" and digging into their rancid archives for stories about transIndonesian oil pipelines worked on by Poppy and Conoco.

Seen on Instapundit

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Look what we have here!

Check out what Reuters has to say about this picture

A suspected insurgent asks residents for mercy after they caught him planting explosives under civilian vehicles, at a busy area in Baghdad, January 3, 2005.

LOL! They caught him planting explosives....but he's just a "suspected insurgent".

Insurgents killed 17 Iraqi police and National Guards on Monday in another bloody spree of ambushes, bombings and suicide attacks aimed at wrecking Iraq's January 30 national election.

They won't succeed. Democrats were betting on the wrong horse and that piper is yet to be paid in full.

Tsunami aid: Who's giving what

Make sure you take note of the Muslim Nations.

Richard Gere speaks for the world

I guess I cannot criticize this too much but my the pomposity!

Monday, January 03, 2005

The UN is on the ground in Asia....

...and are making their five star best out of a bad situation. Meanwhile, the hegemonic murderers of the United States Navy are doing what they can despite the lack of suitable targets for their evil imperialism.

The New York Times...

...calls Democratic Underpants a "blog".


Seen on Instapundit

Good Stuff at Dissecting Leftism

These caught my eye:

A good comment from a reader: "If the rainfall on Los Angeles these past few days had landed on a third world country, thousands would have died and hundreds of thousands would have been homeless - and the same rains ten years later would have had the same results. A government that does not advance its people is unworthy of respect. Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach him to fish and he depletes your fisheries. Teach him to be a capitalist and he will sell you the fish".

Another interesting email just in: "A radio station in Sydney took the initiative and recruited celebrities to bolster support for the appeal to people to open up their wallets for the tsunami disaster. The "host" was Johnny Young, formerly of the "Young Talent Time" program. To everyone's surprise, he started raving and ranting about America and Iraq -- stating that all the money spent by America in arming itself in Iraq should be spent on the disaster. If America had started the war, you could understand some ill will. But that rich Arabs and some Leftoid psychopaths in other governments, supply billions of dollars to fund terrorists and arm them to the teeth to kill Israelis and Americans for the sake of killing was not mentioned. There was no suggestion that the Muslims ought to disband their idea and donate THEIR money to the appeal. Mr Young and his ilk obviously support genocide and not the people trying to end it."
Disasters involving water sure are common in that region.

Dissecting Leftism

Vigilantes in India

There has been local support for the women. "We have all waited for police to act, but nothing happens. The molestations and rapes go on, and nobody does anything," said Madam Chandra, a women's rights activist in Nagpur.
Seems slippery. The headline for this article is intriguing given its appearance in the far Left SFGATE.COM : When women kill for justice