Saturday, January 16, 2010


I call them evangelical atheists, but it's the same thing.  Oh, and all those people who like to howl about the Catholic Church and it's scandals?  Your kid is safer in a Catholic church than he is in a public school.  Take that to the bank.

By the way, all you evangelical atheists who are puffing out your chest because you pushed for governmental aid to Haiti?  "Oh, look at us!  Aren't we so nice?  Aren't we so helpful?  We're so COMPASSIONATE!"  There were at least three local churches who had people in Haiti when the quake struck,  building schools and trying to help the people there.  They didn't wait for some natural disaster to advocate for spending other people's money in aid, they spent their own money, and used their own time and labor to help people out.

By the way, there's a book out there titled "How the Irish Saved Civilization" that correlates the spread of Christianity by the Irish to the spread of civilization in Europe.  It's well worth the money if you're into history like I am.  You don't have to be Christian to understand the effect it had on the world.

Another Movie I Refuse to See

Unless I can find a pirated copy so that anyone involved in making, producing and distributing this movie doesn't get a single fucking cent from me.  And the movie is Avatar, for those who don't want to hit that link, although it's to Geek w/a .45, so I don't know why you wouldn't want to hit it.  Anyway - the blood boiling hit for today?  Geek got a copy of the script:


TROOPERS issue automatic weapons and magazines to a long line of mine workers. The miners lock and load like the redblooded redneck NRA supporters they are.

BLASTING TECHS are setting radio-detonated primer charges into two-ton stacks of EXPLOSIVE COMPOUND. The stacks are band-strapped together on pallets.

TRACKING WITH SELFRIDGE, staring around him in growing dismay as he walks through the full-scale mobilization. He approaches Quaritch, who is barking orders amid a hive of activity around the ampsuits.

Fuck you, Jimmy Boy.  If the NRA and it's supporters were the villains that so many people like you claim, all you limp-wristed liberal pussies would be dead and gone by now.  But you're still here, and still insulting us, and nary a shot has been fired.  So really, what's that say about us vs. you?

Found via The Smallest Minority.

Friday, January 15, 2010

On second thought

I had a whole page-long rant due to this:

Haitians are using dead bodies to make roadblocks. And why? Get this - because they're upset about the level of help they're getting.


I deleted that rant because it was a bit over the top even for me. However, let me just give you the gist of it, shall I?

Haiti is a fourth-world, corrupt, thug-ridden shithole, and we need to let it sink. And that's harsh. Extremely harsh. But continuing to pump money and aid into Haiti is like keeping a terminal cancer patient alive but not doing anything about the cancer. You're only prolonging the agony. And to pull Haiti into the 20th Century (not even into the 21st Century) would require an output of time, money, effort and troops that America isn't willing to give.

So there it is. Turn the Navy ships around. The the rest of the world, who regularly castigates America is the great Satanic beast, show us just how compassionate they are by how they deal with Haiti.

I await the hate mail.

Crack smoker!

Newt Gingrich thinks he's a GOP front runner for 2012?

He's smoking crack.

Wait, wait, wait, let me back up a bit. I mean, there is a reason I call the GOP the Stupid Party, after all. There might just be a chance that he is indeed the GOP front runner for 2012. In which case, this country as we know it is dead, and we can count on a nice civil war for a few years after 2012, because there's no way in hell Gingrich can win the election.

Gah. I need more ammo.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Body Scanners

I don't get the big deal. I think they are great.

New Template

OK, ladies and gentleman. This might just be the new look for the blog. If you want to post a comment, click on the post title. What say you?

OK, well, maybe the comments thingy isn't working out so well. You can still comment, but you can't see how many comments a post has.

It's a work in progress, OK?

That's way too many "OK"s for one post. I'll work on that as well.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Random Thoughts

I now have more Army-issued cold weather gear in my house than I have ever had before in my entire Army career.

Good thing I live in Wisconsin.

Pete Carrol, USC and my Seahawks

I got back in time to find out that my Seattle Seahawks had hired Pete Carrol from USC.

Say what?

Hey, can someone tell me how Pete Carrol did in the NFL as coach of the NY Jets and New England Patriots? Oh, right. Mediocre at best, and fired from both teams. He might be a great collage coach, but he's a proven loser in the NFL. Oh, and how friggin' conVEENient that he's hired by Seattle just as more allegations of fraud and misconduct are arising at USC. Hey, that's exactly the kind of coach we need in Seattle!

Look, I don't think Jim Mora was the next coming of Bill Walsh, but between injuries and piss poor personnel decisions, he was handed an absolute ball of shit in the Seahawks, and he did the best he could with them. Firing him after one year was a stupid decision. Hiring Pete Carrol was another stupid decision. From what I can see, the Seahawks are doomed to be no more than an 8-8 team for the next decade. I don't see any improvement coming down the pike. although I'd be happy to be proven wrong on this one.

Gah. You know what? Sometimes, your team isn't worth supporting anymore. I think the Seahawks are going in reverse.

Dude, where are my comments?

Haloscan was updated, and the new Echo comment services are ten bucks a month or so. In the meantime all Haloscan comments have been disabled. So, I've turned on the Blogger comments. Yes, I am that damn cheap. Maybe I'll finally get off my lazy ass and upgrade the blog template one of these days.

UPDATE: OK, maybe the comments aren't coming on at all. Hmmmmmm...... maybe I'll need to upgrade that template sooner than I thought.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And I'm Back


Where was I? Afghanistan. So you'll understand why I couldn't exactly post on a regular basis. Any internet time I got was devoted to family and a few other emails.

Yes, I have pictures.

No, I'm not going to put them up right now.

I'm going to spend some time getting re-acquainted with my dear lady wife. I'll post again once I've had a chance to catch up on the news and sleep.