Saturday, August 21, 2004

Time to go Shooting

I'm going to be spending the rest of the day at the Range with AK, and then going for a motorcycle ride with Ari.

I'll see you all later!

Oh, Wonderful!

You just KNEW this was going to happen, didn't you?

In a statement released to reporters, Kerry's campaign announced it had "filed a legal complaint against Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (SBVT) before the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for violating the law with inaccurate ads that are illegally coordinated with the Bush-Cheney presidential campaign."

So far the only rebuttles I've seen from the Kerry Team is slander and lies directed at SBVT, calling them drunks, addicts, liars, and crackpots. Not ONE SINGLE REFUTATION of their charges has been forthcoming. And now.... Kerry and Co. is simply trying to prevent them from having their say.

I guess the 1st Amendment is just as worthless as the 2nd for the Donks.

Found via Cap'n Jim.

Attention Texas Readers!

Cap'm Jim has an invitation to the West Houston Smoke and Powder Crawl VIII for you all.

9:00 Start - American Shooting Center, 16500 Westheimer, 77082 281)556-8086. Rifle/pistol at $7 per person, including a target and range officer (Not a target -- give him cigars if you like). For shotgunners, 25 Skeet or Trap ($7.39), Five Stand ($8.31) or 50 Sporting Clays ($22.17). The Shoot-out, at a one cigar buy-in, is slated.

12:30 - Lunch - Paul's Seafood & Oyster Boat, 1704 Highway 6 S, 77077-2804. 281)556-5086 As always, great fresh seafood and cigar-friendly people who (tho' under new management) actually invited us back.

3:00 - Caribe Tobacco, 14045 Memorial Drive, 77079. 281-293-9211 Kristofer's shop is new to the Houston cigar scene, but it (and the 3 zillion inch TV) is a must-stop with average to good prices and a very nice selection. 15% discount on cigars & accessories. Bayou City Smokers meets
(irregularly) at Caribe so some of them may join in.

4:15 - Cigar Vault, 1141 Uptown Park Blvd. @ Post Oak & 610. 713) 840-7612 CV sports overstuffed chairs and a nice selection of pipes and tobaccos as well as cigars. Great cigar selection, average to good prices and 10% discount for Crawlers.

5:30 - Croft's Pipe, Tobacco & Cigars 4722 Richmond, 77027. 713)785-4080 Great selection, average to very good prices improved by a 10% discount for Crawlers. Be sure to check out the house brand.

6:45 - Downing Street Ltd. 2549 Kirby Dr., 77019. (713) 523-2291 This is an opulent bar in what we would all like to believe is the classic English "club" style. Food runs to sandwiches and pub-type snacks but quality is excellent, the beverage selection is huge and this year they have "revamped" their scotches and whiskeys to feature the Best of the Best. The walk-in humidor is great though you will pay for the hard-to-find smokes. Manager Jeff Neal has dared us to find a cigar he can't match perfectly to a scotch. So come play stump the expert.

You lucky bastards. Kim du Toit is holding an Open House on Sept. 11th, (invitation only though) and then there's this Smoke and Powder Crawl. I swear, once I get out of Seattle, I'm going to go on as many trips as I can, just so I can experience half of what is available.

And if you don't enjoy a good cigar (hey, nobody is perfect) at least go to the range and meet some kick ass folks.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Beware the Outrage of an Anchor

Tom Brokaw is fuming.

"I am particularly outraged that the commission failed to choose anyone from NBC News personnel for a moderator's role."

Brokaw's parting shot: "For a commission that has assumed primary power in the exercise of the democratic process, you have a peculiarly autocratic style."


And now: on to the next ad

Human Events Exclusive: A Swift Boat Vets Joined by POWs in Criticism of Kerry

Seen on Instapundit

Swift Boat Vets and the Media

I just got to listen to NPR for a couple hours, and watched some CNN and MSNBC this week. They NEVER mention the Swift Vets without mentioning Republican money. I have NEVER heard anyone mention Mike Moore or MoveOn's donors. Amazing.

On NPR they had a debate between two leftists and of course last night on CNN the same thing and what is odd to me is that very few in the media seem interested in learning if what the vets state is true.

The two guys on NPR were allegedly media critics. They actually agreed on this point:

"The MoveOn [AWOL] ad is much less disturbing because, unlike the Swiftboat ad, while MoveOn cannot prove its claim that Bush went AWOL, Bush cannot *disprove* it either."

Simply and utterly astounding.

The Council Has Spoken!

The winning entries in the Watcher's Council vote for this week are Swift Boats vs. the Media by Alpha Patriot, and The Alston Story Goes Back Farther Than First Thought by Captain's Quarters. You can find all the results here.

Also, Ubique Patriam Reminisci has replaced Spiced Sass on the Watcher's Council. Take care Zee, I hope life goes well for you. Chadster, welcome to the party!

I really don't know how I managed to be included into this group. Their writing outmatches anything I put up for the most part.

Although I have gotten lucky once or twice.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11 and Its Impact on Military Morale

I hope that you are in a good mood and you're sitting down, because you probably won't be after reading This.

At what point can you start using the word "Treason"?

Calling all military folks

JimK needs some help.

I’m so thoroughly disgusted by Michael Moore’s new book of supposed letters from soldiers that I’ve decided to put my money...or more precisely, my time, where my mouth is.

I will assemble a counter to Moore’s book. Unedited, untouched except for the assemblage, a book of letters from soldiers that support the President and do not trust Mr. Moore.

If you are military and you are interested, or you have military family members who would like to participate, please send your letters to letters at moorewatch dot com. All hate mail will be deleted upon receipt, so save your energy, Moore-ons.

If you prefer to write old-fashioned snail mail letters, I will get a P.O. Box and make the address available. Email would be the best route though, since time is of the essence.

I will touch not a word of these letters. Not one. If you send a letter, you must be willing to allow me to publish it AND publish your name and branch of service, so independent people can verify that you are who you say you are and that you wrote what I say you wrote. EVERYTHING will be public and verifiable. I refuse to hide any aspect of this.

If we can’t get anyone interested in publishing it, we’ll publish it our damn selves. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Get them letters written, folks.

Found via Drumwaster.

Flipper And the 527s

Bryon Scott of Slings And Arrows guest blogs at Blogs for Bush about Flipper's accusations against The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth:

Over the last week or so, a group called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth has been attacking me. Of course, this group isn't interested in the truth -- and they're not telling the truth,'' Kerry said. ``Here's what you really need to know about them -- they're funded by hundreds of thousands of dollars from a Republican contributor out of Texas. They're a front for the Bush campaign.

HAW!!!!! Who isn't telling the truth? Yesterday one of our retard trolls decided to pipe off with an article citing "documents" that "contradict" Swift Vet Larry Thurlow. Problem? According to Thurlow (and now Kerry) Flipper himself authored the after action report that the troll's link attempted to use in discrediting the man.

Here's the dig! Flipper can't counter these accusations so he's trying to burry the group of Vets who took issue with his self-touted and primary selling point for his candidacy - his military service. He calls them liars. AND He says that because the 527 Swift Vets for Truth has received 100,000 dollars from Republican donors, that makes them a front for the Bush campaign! FAIR ENOUGH FLIPPER! Join President Bush in condemning ALL 527 and soft money advertising! No?! Why oh Why NOT? Because Leftists are dumping tons of cash into these 527s. How much? According to Bryon's research at, George Soros has provided 4.5 MILLION DOLLARS to The Joint Victory Campaign. He isn't even the largest donor! He is one of 33 who have contributed more to that leftist 527 than Bob Perry (evil Swift Vet for Truth donating Republican) has given to the Swift Vets. How much more? Bob gave the SV4T $100,000. 41 out of the top 49 best funded 527 organizations are pro-Democrat or Anti-Republican. By Kerry's "logic", they are a "front" for his campaign! What a crock of shit this attack by Flipper is! Additionally, Donk 527 funding totals 176 million compared to Republican 527 funding which totals 10.8 million. lists Bush as raising $228,743,338 and Kerry as raising $186,593,248. That brings the totals for both to: Donks $363 Million, Republicans $198 Million. Party of the little guy, huh donks!? Right! Click the link to Blogs For Bush above and read the whole thing! GREAT work Bryon! Remember fellow Elephants:

Swift Vets, Republican Donor, $100,000.
Joint Victory Fund, Donk Donor, $4,500,000.
Total Funding for Donks - $363 Million
Total Funding for Republicans - $198 Million.

Great Stuff

The Watcher of Weasel's council vote is up, and there's some great writing there. Go ahead and check it out. I've already voted, so if you want to leave any comments feel free.

Let's get the Band back Together!

It's time.

This Saturday. 1000 hrs. Sam's in Everett. (11714 Airport Rd. Everett, WA)

God knows I need the practice! Sam's is less expensive than Wade's, although they don't have nearly as large a rental section. That's OK, I'll bring my guns and you can borrow those. Come one, come all!

I hate to keep testing...

...but I want to learn if this alternate Blog methodology werks.

Does it?

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Random Thoughts

I was reading this Mark Steyn piece (which is a must read, as all of his are) and I suddenly remembered a quote from Lillian Hellman. At least, I think that's her proper name. Anyways, the part of Steyn's article that make me think of it was this:

As Stephens points out, European countries now have attitudes in inverse proportion to the likelihood of their acting upon them. They're like my hippy-dippy Vermont neighbours who drive around with "Free Tibet" bumper stickers. Every couple of years, they trade in the Volvo for a Subaru, and painstakingly paste a new "Free Tibet" sticker on the back.

What are they doing to free Tibet? Nothing. Tibet is as unfree now as it was when they started advertising their commitment to a free Tibet. And it will be just as unfree when they buy their next car and slap on the old sticker one mo' time. If Don Rumsfeld were to say, 'Free Tibet'? That's a great idea! The Third Infantry Division go in on Thursday', all the 'Free Tibet' crowd would be driving around with 'War is not the answer' stickers. When entire nations embrace self-congratulatory holier-than-thou moral poseurdom as a way of life, it's even less attractive. The Belgians weren't half as insufferable when they were the German army's preferred shortcut to France.

The quote, by the way is "There are those people who eat the world. And then there are others who just stand around and watch them eat it."

I think that's the perfect analogy for today's modern liberals. They wail and gnash their teeth at the thought of genocide in Sudan, but should Bush send in the 101st Airborn Division to stop it, you can bet your bottom dollar there would be protests held nationwide. They do nothing but complain, but when someone else actually steps up and DOES something about, they screech and cry foul. They talk about women's rights, but when Bush removed the Taliban and their oppressive regime, which regularly enslaved women, killed them for appearing in public without a male family member, and prevented them from working or going to school, Michael Moore was out there denouncing Bush with his chins all a-quiver. They talk about world peace, but when Bush removed the dictator responsible for over ONE MILLION DEAD ARABS, he's called Hitler.

Liberals don't want to actually DO anything, they just want to whine and snivel about it. They want to preen in their own supposed superiority, but when they're shown to be the cowardly, spineless oxygen thieves that they are, they scream and protest and break things. They'll demand action in grand terms, but when someone ACTS they throw a temper tantrum.

They'll watch others eat the world, and do nothing to stop it.

I Coulda Told You That

Seattle is the #1 Overpriced City to live in America.


Let's see, high taxes, socialist politicians, stifling regulations on business, and a population too strung out on Prozac to care. Is it any wonder I want to get the hell out of here?

Found via DANEgerus.

By the way, Portland is #4. And New Jersey has THREE cities in the top ten! How the hell did that happen?

Oh, wait, nevermind. Just look at who they vote into office.

Movin' On Flipper Style

Matt at Blogs for Bush directs our attention to a new add from Moveon.never that both:

Attacks the President's military service.
Asks the President to condemn an attack on Kerry's military service.


"George Bush used his father to get into the National Guard, was grounded and then went missing. Now he's allowing false advertising that attacks John Kerry, a man who asked to go to Vietnam and who served with dignity and heroism.

Once you stop laughing your ass off at that preview of the imminent donk implosion, you can take a peep at Flipper's "condemnation":

"I agree with Senator McCain that the ad is inappropriate," Kerry said in a statement released by his campaign. "This should be a campaign of issues, not insults."

Guess what? Kerry was for this particular "insult" before he was against it:

Saying he would defend Bush's decision to enlist in the Guard, Kerry rattled off a long list of Vietnam-era options that lumped Guard service in with draft-dodging.

"I've never made any judgments about any choice somebody made about avoiding the draft, about going to Canada, going to jail, being a conscientious objector [or] going into the National Guard," he told Sean Hannity. "Those are choices people make."

That's right. Kerry thinks going to jail or fleeing the country is the same as joining the National Guard. I wonder where Moveon.never got their spin?

Bush isn't behind the Swift Vets for Truth. Their advertisements aren't "false". They aren't pro-Bush. They are exclusively Anti-Kerry, and from what I've seen thus far *cough* Christmas in Cambodia *cough* "seared" *cough* "inaccurate" *cough*, rightly so. Kerry's condemnation is a flip flop on the issue of "insulting" one's military record. Bush also wasn't "missing".

This, however, has been a particularly flipity flop filled day or so for Flipper:

Troop Realignment? You guessed it! Kerry was foragainst that as well

Kerry today:

Finally, I want to say something about the plan that the President announced on Monday to withdraw 70,000 troops from Asia and Europe. Nobody wants to bring troops home more than those of us who have fought in foreign wars. But it needs to be done at the right time and in a sensible way. This is not that time or that way.

Kerry on August 1, seventeen days ago:

I think we can significantly change the deployment of troops, not just there but elsewhere in the world. In the Korean Peninsula perhaps, in Europe perhaps. There are great possibilities open to us.

*flip* How did Kerry get his first Purple Heart? That depends on whether you believe his recent recounting of events or perhaps the one in his friggin' Diary used for his authorized Biography!*flop*

Waffles anyone?

This has GOT to be a Rove plant!

So Sen. Tom Harkin is calling VP Cheney a coward for not serving in Viet Nam.

Vice President Dick Cheney's questioning of John Kerry's war record and his ability to protect America is "cowardly," Sen. Tom Harkin said Monday.

"It just outrages me that someone who got five deferments during Vietnam and said he had 'other priorities' at that time would say that," said the Iowa Democrat, a former Navy fighter pilot.

Harkin said he had seen clips of the vice president saying in Iowa last week that Kerry lacks a basic understanding of the war on terrorism.

He accused President Bush and his vice president of "resorting to dirty attacks on John Kerry's war record."

"They're running scared because John Kerry has a war record and they don't," said Harkin. "What he (Cheney) is doing and what he is saying is cowardly. The actions are cowardly."

OK, first of all is this: What part of "Kerry lacks a basic understanding of the war on terrorism" attacks Kerry's Viet Nam record? Can someone tell me how those two things are connected?

(crickets chirping)

Second of all, the very fact that the person attacking Cheney just happenes to have lied through his teeth about his own service is just too damn much.

That clearly is not an accurate picture of his Navy service. Though Mr. Harkin stresses he is proud of his Navy record -- "I put my ass on the line day after day" -- he concedes now he never flew combat air patrols in Vietnam. . . .

Mr. Harkin's Navy record shows his only decoration is the National Defense Service Medal, awarded to everyone on active service during those years. He did not receive either the Vietnam Service medal or the Vietnam Campaign medal, the decorations given to everyone who served in the Southeast Asia theater. "We didn't get them for what we did," Mr. Harkin says. "It's never bothered me."

Do the Donks have ANYONE who won't lie like a rug in order to regain power? Is there any Donks out there who won't toss their values or beliefs aside like bad habits in order to control this country? The very people castigating Cheney over his lack of Viet Nam service were the same people screaming "MILITARY SERVICE DOESN'T MATTER" when they had a draft dodging dope smoker running against two different war heros. Which is it, dipsticks? Does military service matter or not? Where was the outrage when Howard "I Got Out Of The Draft Because Of A Back Injury But I Can Still Go On A Ski Trip" Dean was trying to win the nomination? I guess military service didn't matter then either. Only when you run a candidate who is so worthless, weak, spineless, and completely without convictions that he has no political record of note does his four months of war service matter, I guess.

By the way, for those who care, George W. Bush spent more time on active duty learning how to fly figher jet planes than John Fonda Kerry spent in the military at all.

Found via (who else?) Instapundit.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Late posting today

In case you were wondering where we went to, Blogger took a dump on us today.

Just so ya know.

This is my test.

This is only a test.

Olympic Gripes

So, I want to know who the wise guy at NBC is who decided that the Olympic Games would be best watched if they only put them on late at night. Honestly, coverage doesn't start until 8:00 PM, and the actual competition doesn't end until around 11:30 to midnight. WHAT THE HELL?????

Gee, I wonder why more people aren't watching the games! Maybe it's because when you have to get up at the buttcrack of dawn, you're in no mood to sacrifice several hours of sleep! But I guess the braindead, slackjawed, half-wit drooling morons at NBC think that EVERYBODY stays up till midnight, even when they have to wake up way to damn early in order to get to work on time. And the COMMERCIALS! Every five minutes, and they make sure to put them in the most inopportune places. I'm personally boycotting each and every company I see a commercial for on NBC when I'm trying to watch the games. GEICO? No go. Nexium? Alka-seltzer, bitch! I got yer little purple pill right here, only it's not purple it's more of a tan-peach color, has five fingers, and is about to wrap itself around your scrawny neck!

Ya know what? Maybe I should just follow Steve's example and forgo the games entirely. I'm tired of pretending that women with more facial hair than me and voices that make Barry White sound positively sproano-ish aren't using performance enhancing drugs. It used to be the Eastern Bloc, because the Soviets were desperate to prove that they were better than America. East German females were shaving more often than my dad, and had voices that attracted such animals as bull moose and grizzly bears with their deep, delicate basso tones. "No, I do not use steroids. Now excuse, I must go wax my back." They'd give interviews where you could practically see the marks of the horseneedles they used to juice up. Now it's the Asian communists, and every one else out there who wanted to use the secret "drink". Do you think those Eastern Bloc coaches just left the sport? Hell no, they got hired by every other country looking to take a Tall Dog down, and they brought their magic bags of goodies with them. Training and nutrition can only go so far. Modern science is helping with the rest.

I'm not even going to mention Olympic "security".

There are a few sports I'd like to watch. Gymnastics, both women's and men's. I don't care what drugs are out there, I have yet to see a drug that turns people into a human Rubiks Snake. Equestrian. The shooting events. I mean, I can find any number of replays of the swimming, the diving, the syncronized diving (WTF??? Who came up with THAT?), but try to find the 100m air rifle competition and you're SOL. Same with archery, skeet shooting, and anything that might have to do with firearms or other tools that make the GFW's poop their pants. ("EEEK! BOW AND ARROWS! REGULATE! REGULATE!") And even if they DID show those events it would probably be at 1:30 in the morning while I'm sleeping.

Screw it, maybe I should just wait for the Winter Olympics. They haven't been as tainted as the Summer Olympics, except for Ice Skating, which has always been as crooked as the Mafia during Prohibition, and I never watch that anyways. I'm into the Biathalon.

(Cross-Country skiing and shooting, for those who don't know. Maybe an American will actually win it next time.)

Monday, August 16, 2004

The Liberal What???

Check this "News" piece out. It's from the AP. Dear me.

Bush Camp Controlling Admission to Events


"But first, his audience at "Ask President Bush" heard a 21-minute speech from Bush."

"This was no town hall appearance before a cross-section of citizens."

"By contrast, most of Kerry's events are open to the public."

"But Kerry spokesman David Wade said that any member of the public can get a ticket..."

"Such dissent is never a problem for Bush."

"Bush's admission policy can leave the impression that the president has strong support wherever he goes."

"The crowd roared its approval throughout the speech. Some tickets were also given to union members. A few of them sat silently in the back rows."

Glenn Reynolds used to talk about this Scott Lindlaw chap now and again. That this story is filed under "News" by Yahoo! is telling.

Check out the URL to the story, even:


Thank an Aussie

For those who don't know, Iraq is still currently undergoing warfare in certain areas. There are insurgents from Iran and Syria who would love nothing more than for Iraq to fall on it's face. And most CERTAINLY they don't want the world to see a free and prosperous Iraq, in the form of it's finest atheletes, competing on the world stage in Athens.

So it would stand to reason that these insurgets would try to kill Iraq's Olympians before they got out of the country. However, as you may have noticed, Iraq's Olympians not only made it to Athens, but their soccer team is whumping up on it's opponents.

Because the Royal Australian Air Force made sure they got there safe.

Good on ya, mates!

Found at Dean's World.

More lies from the Kerry Camp

David Alston, a Kerry supporter and former member of Kerry's swiftboat crew, talks about the time Kerry won his Silver Star.

Alston recalled: "I know when John Kerry told Del to beach that damn boat, this was a brand-new ball game. We wasn't running. We took it to Charlie."

Gosh! A war hero! Alston proves it! Uh....


"In addition to Kerry's Silver Star PCF-94's performance on February 28 also earned Bronze Stars for Tommy Belodeau and Mike Medeiros and Navy Commendation Medals with Combat V Devices for Del Sandusky, Fred Short, and Gene Thorson." - Douglas Brinkley
All of the crew, it seems, were decorated for their actions that day, noticeably absent was David Alston.

Alston, contrary to his story, was nowhere near the swiftboat when Kerry beached it. He had been wounded two weeks prior and was replaced by Gunner's mate Fred Short.

Alston wasn't there. Alston was never there. Alston was recouperating in a hospital when the incident happened. And Captain Ed even has a photo to prove it.

More lies from the Kerry team. *sigh* Is anyone even surprised? I didn't think so.

Hat tip to DANEgerous.

About. Damn. Time!

This should have been done about two years ago, at the latest.

The United States reportedly plans to pull 70,000 troops from Europe and Asia in the largest restructuring of its global military presence since World War II.

Two-thirds of the reductions will be made in Europe, most of them military personnel stationed in Germany who will be sent back to U.S. bases, the Financial Times reported Saturday.

The only reason we had that many troops in Germany was to counter the Soviet threat. That threat died in the early 90's. Ergo, the reason to keep troops in Europe was gone. But as usual, politics kept them there, which may or may not have been a bad thing. I know that a lot of troops enjoyed being stationed in Germany, some met their wives there, some extended tours of duty there. But it was high time we pulled most of our forces out of there. All we really need is a skeleton crew on important bases, just to keep them operational and ready to recieve troops should the need arise. We do NOT need two divisions stationed there.

And just to make this clear - part of my relief over this is a bit more vengeful in nature. We've been funding European defense for too long, it's time they either walked on their own or fell flat on their faces. Part of the money being spent is going to fund an anti-American administration in Germany, and seeing Schroder get blamed for the loss of US dollars would make me smile. It's well past time that Europe realised they cannot treat the USA like their own private piggybanks.

Bring troops home, saving money, and backhanding an anti-American asshole? That's a trifecta.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Band of What?

Kerry has been trying to brush his Senate record under the carpet during his whole campaign, relying instead on his four months in Viet Nam. At every stop, if he's not kissing babies he's talking about his "war record", and bring out a small group of men who he calls his "Band Of Brothers".

Well, first it was Viet Nam Vets Against John Kerry speaking out. The DNC smear machine cranked up, calling them "crackpots", "drug addicts", what have you. Anything to shut these guys up, it was fine and dandy with the Kerry team.

Then came SwiftVets for Truth. The feces-slingers on Team Kerry went into overdrive, throwing more crap than a sewage treatment plant, bringing lawsuits, yelling, namecalling, anything they could. Of course, none of Kerry's team ever tried to refute the charges. They only threatened to sue. It continues to this day, the lies, the slander, the abuse, and the intimidation. Luckily, the Donk's smear machine isn't working as well as they would hope. Millions have seen the SwiftVet's commercial.

Then out came Viet Nam Special Forces Against Kerry. Are we detecting a trend, here? It seems that every veteran's group wouldn't trust John Fonda Kerry as far as they could throw him. Him AND his Swiftboat combined.

And now we have POW/MIA Family Members Against John Kerry.

I think that this paints a damn clear picture. 99.9999999% of people who were involved in Viet Nam wouldn't piss on Kerry to save his life. That's all I need to know about John Fonda Kerry's "service". Of course, any questions about Kerry's service could be cleared up IF he would release his military records as Bush has already done. But Kerry is refusing to do that. Gee, I wonder why?

I'm willing to hazard a guess.... it's because Kerry isn't fit to salute a Private much less be CinC. And all the Viet Nam vets I've spoken to confirm that fact.

Open Seat on the Council

As you might have figured out, this blog is part of the Watcher of Weasel's Council. The Council gets together once a week to submit, then vote on blog entries from the previous week as well as blog entries nominated by council members. It's a good way to get some exposure to your blog, as well as a way to recognise some truly great writing. If you'd like to be a part of it, here's your chance.

There's an opening on the council. Head on over, check out the rules, and put your name in the hat.

The Council Has Spoken!

This weeks winners in the Watcher of Weasel's council are The Black Widow Women: Female Terrorists by Terrorism Unveiled, and Someday, Some Way by Cold Fury. You can find all the results here.