Monday, December 28, 2009

Homeland security is just doing a swell job!

I fail to find humor or reason to say we are doing well when this happens.

When the father of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab reported to the Abuja Embassy that his son had formed radical views, disappeared and might have traveled to Yemen, he gave us all the tools we needed to prevent what happened Christmas day on flight Northwest 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit. Unfortunately our officials did not see fit to add him to the "do not fly" list or revoke his visa. They merely red flagged his file so that there would be investigation if he applied for a new visa. This meant no flags were raised when he used cash to buy a ticket to the United States and boarded a plane, checking no bags.

I am not surprised that the Obama administration is trying to pass this off as "a test that the air safety system passed."

What I find astounding is that passengers out of Amsterdam that are bound to the U.S. A. are not only not required, but not allowed the same security precautions as passengers bound to other countries due to "privacy issues".

But counterterrorism experts and members of Congress were hardly willing to praise what they said was a security system that had proved to be not nimble enough to respond to the ever-creative techniques devised by would-be terrorists.
I think they are giving terrorist too much credit and not using their own brain cells. These terrorists are not using new technology or modes of operation, they are still doing the same things that we are not allowed to profile them on. It feels a bit like our government wants another 9/11, but that would be silly, wouldn't it????