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Friday, December 16, 2016


So there'a a video out of Oklahoma U running back Joe Mixon punching a woman.

Horrible, right?  Like, let's lynch the guy, right?

Well, the video shows the woman lunging at Mixon and pushing him in the chest.  Mixon does a little lunge at the girl, and then steps back, whereupon the woman slaps him, and he cold-cocks her.  Twitchy has a link about the Twitter aftermath that includes the actual video.  The action is at 32 seconds.

Ladies and Gents....  here is where Ragin' Dave puts on his cold-hearted thinking hat and pisses people off.

If you put your hands on a man in a violent manner, be prepared for a violent response.  Period.

"OH BUT DAVE, IT'S WRONG TO HIT A WOMAN!"  Incorrect.  It USED to be wrong to hit a woman.  But I'm at the point where I cannot apply old traditions to the new generation.  Women are JUST LIKE MEN, remember?  If I refuse to treat a woman like I would treat a man, that's MISOGYNY!  SEXISM!  ABLEISM!

And let's not forget that chivalry was a code of honor followed by BOTH genders.  It was based on mutual respect for the other.  Please show me where chivalry, or just old-fashioned manners holds sway on a college campus these days?  Modern Feminists are all about how us old white men need to die off, and how they're so much better than us, and how we're a cancer on the world.  And I'm supposed to dip my hat and pretend that they're ladies worthy of respect?  Nah, no thanks.  Not until they prove that they deserve it, and Amelia Molitor has proven the exact opposite.

So I'm just going to lay it out there:  If a woman feels like she's strong enough to assault a man, then she should expect a violent response back.  Mixon didn't stand there and beat her while she was down.  She assaulted Mixon, he took one swing, she went to sleep, and he left.  If I was on the jury, I wouldn't convict him of a damn thing.  It was a justified response.  And maybe the next time little Miss Molitor feels like assaulting someone, she'll think again and keep her hands to herself.

Welcome to EQUALITY, baby.  Welcome to being treated JUST LIKE A MAN would be treated in this situation.  You like that?  No?  Deal with it.

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