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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Is what you would need if you had four kids who wanted to go to college.  The cost of college tuition crosses $260,000.  That's insane.

How 'bout this:  No.  There is nothing in college worth putting yourself a quarter of a million dollars into debt.  Especially since half of what gets "taught" in college is nothing more than Marxist indoctrination.  With the exception of the hard sciences, I'm willing to bet that you could get the same level of education off of watching YouTube videos, especially when I read things like this:

First thing I did was I gave my staff preemptive raises so I didn’t lose them. And we’re hiring. Which means I’m reading resumes and honors-thesis writing samples from major universities riddled with grammar and spelling errors….

Emphasis mine.  One of the things I have to do in my job is read essays written by people with Masters degrees.  Graduate level education.  And half of them seem incapable of following basic English grammar that I, in my uneducated state, can manage to piece together.  They are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt in order to get that Masters degree, and they can't write a one page essay better than me with my self-taught writing style.

No.  Just no.  The more I see coming out of the hallowed halls of higher education, the more I'm convinced that the entire system is a scam.

Update:  Yeah, it's a scam.  Can you imagine paying a quarter mil just to sit in class and have this happen?

Finally, on November 14, 2013, the class’s five “students of color,” accompanied by “students of color” from elsewhere at UCLA, as well as by reporters and photographers from the campus newspaper, made their surprise entrance into Rust’s class as a “collective statement of Resistance by Graduate Students of Color.” The protesters formed a circle around Rust and the remaining five students (one American, two Europeans, and two Asian nationals) and read aloud their “Day of Action Statement.” That statement suggests that Rust’s modest efforts to help students with their writing faced obstacles too great to overcome.

Rust is pretty much a liberal moonbat, but his heinous crime was correcting his student's grammar.  Of course he must be punished!

A few weeks later, a town hall convened to discuss the Day of Action’s charge of a “hostile and toxic environment for students of Color.” Professor Solórzano presented his typology of microaggressions to explain the school’s racial tensions. Protest organizer Kenjus Watson read a long bill of particulars justifying the Day of Action. Another black student argued that no reconciliation in the school was possible because Rust had not apologized for his transgressions. Several of Rust’s faculty colleagues in the Division of Social Sciences and Comparative Education attended; none publicly defended him.

Lunatics eating their own.  And people pay money to sit there in this toxic stew of Marxism and idiocy?  Hell no.  That's like paying for people to keep you stupid, ignorant, uninformed and abused.

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