Saturday, August 20, 2022

Gonna have to agree here

 And since they don't want to call it "Monkeypox", let's call it "Pride Pox" for the duration.

But its not spread by buttfucking, it's not "fair" to say that and we can't honestly tell people how its easily and in fact almost-exclusively spread.


Because if we did that we'd have to ask some very inconvenient questions.

Like how a handful of kids got it.

Or some dogs.

Especially when both have the boils in and around...... their anus.

And he also points out that this satanic government shut down CHURCHES.  They shut down PRAYER GATHERINGS.  But they refuse to shut down GAY ORGIES THAT SPREAD THE PRIDE POX.

I think it's obvious who and what is in control of this country.

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