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Friday, August 14, 2020

The Government KNOWS Hydroxychloroquine works. And the refuse to admit it.

I think that Dr. Risch is being generous in his estimation of the government's actions:

If Dr. Risch’s assessment is correct, approximately 80,000 people in the United States would still be alive had they been prescribed HCQ in the early stages of the disease. He calls the FDA’s actions unconscionable. I would assert that if wrongdoing is uncovered, it should be prosecuted. 
The bureaucrats at the FDA, CDC, and NIH are supposed to be guardians of the public health. If they are failing in this mission due to conflicts of interest, their scope should be reviewed, and their agencies must be reformed. 

At this point, the US Government should be considered a hostile actor working against US citizens.  Hydroxychloroquine works, if administered early and with zinc.  But nobody can make money from HCQ, so they're not going to push it.

The lockdowns were wrong.  Massively wrong.  The continuing lockdowns are even worse.  The destruction of the economy is a deliberate action taken by the Left against Trump.  The thousands of deaths from the Chinese Chest Cold could have been massively lessened if idiots and morons didn't shove infected patients into nursing homes, or if they had actually used the medicine they had on hand rather than banning it a la Whitmer in Michigan because ORANGE MAN BAD or some stupid fucking commie bullshit like that.

I am sick of the panic pornography.  I am tired of the destruction of our country over a chest cold that could be treated with cheap, generic drugs if the politicians and bureaucrats didn't prevent it.  I am tired of watching business after business shutter for good.  And I'm sick of knowing that all of this didn't have to happen.

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Anonymous said...

That shitstain Fauci has financial interest in vaccines and this alone should disqualify all he says. I have grown to hate this pos.