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Friday, August 14, 2020

Donald Trump does what professional politicians failed at for decades

Hey, why'd we elect an OUTSIDER, eh?

While it is not unusual in political circles to describe something as a historic breakthrough, it is unusual when the term is justified. Yet that is the right way to describe the three-way agreement announced Thursday by the Trump White House, Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

Donald Trump has actually accomplished the things that "peace-makers" have failed to do.  All the professional diplomats and UN flunkies either could not get it done, or they didn't want it done.  Trump got it done.  Barry Hussein O'Bumblefuck, the jug-eared fuckstain on the bedsheets of America, was handed a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE for merely not being Bushitler, but he left the Middle East in flames.  Literally in flames.  Trump is stabilizing the region in ways that the professional government class could only dream of doing.  And doing it without firing a shot.

Four more years, folks.  At this point I'd crawl over a mile of broken glass to throw the lever for Trump.  Do you really think Joe "Stinky-Finger" Biden could broker that deal?  Hell no.  Joe Biden got to Washington D.C. in 1973.  That's before I was born.  Joe Biden has literally been in politics longer than I've been alive.  Joe Biden IS the problem.

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p2 said...

I dunno, man. There have been signed peace agreements in that region since I was in high school. Not a lot of "peace" to be had though. These yahoos have been fighting each other for millennia; I can't see it stopping between 2 countries just because someone signed something. It's why our military has been there since my first trip in Aug 1990.

Joe couldn't have gotten that done, I agree, and I'm probably voting for the Donald as well. But I'm seeing this as a good thing being touted as a great thing. If, and it's a big if, the shooting stops then I'll buy in.